Soccer Superstars (Various F/Fs, Parts 1-2)

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Soccer Superstars (Various F/Fs, Parts 1-2)

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Title Of Story: Soccer Superstars

Author: N9292

Gender Roles: Various Versions of F/F, beginning with FFFF/F

Content Rating: 13+


Link: Soccer Superstars

Synopsis: In the same vein of stories like Tale of Two Camps and Smelly Sock War, this is a soccer competition and coming of age story at its finest, centered around four Queen bees of a legendary soccer camp trying to hold control over new up and coming stars, like Rory, the main character and the first character met in the story, stuck in a rather... tight and smelly situation BUT you'll have to read to find out more. Everything from heartwarming moments to incredibly smelly moments are (or will!) be in here and I promise, you will not be making a mistake reading it. You'll in fact be making a great choice.

Tags: Forced shoe smelling, F/F, LGBTQ+, soccer, feet smelling, bondage, coming of age, facesitting, feet, gags, torture, teens, slave, romance, sock smelling, sockgag, pantyhood, teen girls, domination, feet fetish, bondage fetish, revenge, sweat, tickling, kidnapping, socks