How would you tie me up?

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How would you tie me up?

Post by Sockgaggedman »

So picture this. We are just friends hanging out at your apartment. We are quite bored so we decide to play some video games with the bet that the loser get tied up by the winner.

I lose, knowing the bet maybe I wanted to, maybe I didn't ;)

Your job is to tie me up tight so that I can't escape for the night. You can use whatever you want : tape, rope etc. And you can ție me up however you want : hogtied, tied to a chiar, spread ankle, I am practicly at your mercy.

If you want to, you can gag me too. I mean, we don't want the neighbors to hear us, so it's a win win! :lol:

I would be more than grateful to hear your answers
The slave
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Post by The slave »

you will be tied up in a super tight hogtie but in two parts first of all the ropes and I also make sure that your elbows touch each other, I tie your big toes, and even a tight rope at the level of your crotch, here is now the second part i cover your hogtie with duct tape and i mummify you completely, now you start begging me to free you because you know you won't be able to free yourself on your own i take a bondage hood with an inflatable gag integrated that I really inflate to the maximum and I finish mummifying you and as a final little surprise I lock you in a dog cage, and I tell you that I will leave you there until your little brothers find you. even leave a dog collar and leash in case they feel like having fun with you lol

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