How would you gag me?

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How would you gag me?

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So picture this, we are just two friends hanging out at your house. We are on summer break from collage.
We get home after a whole day at the gym, I go and take a shower, but you don't. I didn't mind it at the time, but it was something that will maybe haunt me later.

So we go to your room to do something. We play some video games but suddently you come up with an ideea : you want us to do the escaping challenge, like we always did when we were kids.

I go first and tie you up modestly with no gag. You easily escape and prepare for what will be my demise.

You tie me up in a really tight hogtie, and you don't go easy with the rope. Just layers, after layers, after layers of rope! Every new layer takes my ability to move even more and puts me more at your mercy.

After you are done you take a moment to admire your work and go to take a shower. I scream in protest, as we agreed that after we are tied up, if we can't escape we will free eatchoder. But you don't seem to play by the rules.
You tightly handgag me but you use a single layer of tape to shut me up as you leave the room.

I thought that was it, but then you come back with a huge pile of used socks and underware. I know what is coming so I scream in my gag and manage to get the tape off my mouth.

Right than I see you reach în the pile and get a sock, what would it be?

Here it is your turn to use your imagination, you can practicly choose what ever you want as none of the socks are described here. Your options are infinite, it can be your worn out pair of gym socks that you wear since the beginning of the story , or an older pair of yours. It can be your dad's socks. It can be whatever!

All I ask for you is that, if you would be so kind to reply, to specify the sock you choose, for exemple :

- your dad's socks
- he is a constructor
- he wears them 15 hours a day
- 5 days of a week
- they are big, white and thick wool socks

That's all you have to do, and the story will continue on the path that you choose.

As always, I would be more than grateful to hear your answers :)
The slave
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Post by The slave »

do not worry above all about that my friend you will remain silent for a very very long time lol, for that I take the pair of black socks that I have been wearing for 8 days now especially for you you try to call for help and begging me but I am determined to show you absolutely no mercy for that I push my 2 socks in your huge mouth plus the boxers that I have also been wearing for 8 days also ends in your huge mouth, then let's continue with a huge ball gag to push all this deeper into your mouth and I squeeze everything as much as possible taking care to block everything with a good padlock and to finish I take a huge roll of super sticky and ultra resistant duct tape I look at you and say sorry my friend but i don't mean to spare your pathetic little hair lol, and i'm doing 40 laps one way and 40 laps from the top of your head to below your chin and it would be silly not to s finishing the roll isn't it so I grab your head and connect it to your ankles with the rest of the roll so that your head is fully mummified and by the time I finish I tell you guess what my friend if you don't can't free you i will make you my new little dog and that whether you like it or not

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