Taking Revenge on me

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Taking Revenge on me

Post by gugan »

I'm a 20 year old boy who tied you up tightly and left you all alone yesterday night.
So, you decide to take revenge on me and teach me a lesson.
So, how will you do it?

Warning: If I escape out, I'll come to take revenge back on you. So, good luck.
I'm new here. Hope to make some good friends.
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Post by Drake4 »

After you open the door of your house to enter , i came suddenly from behind pushing you in , you fall on the flor , i close the door and jump on you , pinning you. As you start to yell i put a cloth or a sock in your mouth "be quiet, is better you don't split it" , i remove your clothes leaving you in underwear and socks, and i start to tie your hands behind back . Then i wrap some tape around your mouth , take you from soacked feet and drag you to another room were i tie your back to a pole , while sit on the flor . "So who is now the helpless poor boy ? You make a great mistake yesterday " with a sweet sadic voice , and i start tickling/teasing your whole body . "Maybe next time you will be more lucky" as i pat your head and cheek , i kiss your taped lips "good night my dear" as i walk out putting a finger over my lips "shhhh" as i close the light and the door leaving you in darkness (but maybe the knots are not so strong, i'm curious about your moves and revenge ;) )
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