Escape - by Kyle(?)

If you are having trouble finding an old story and remember the title, author, and/or a description someone might be able to help track it down!

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Escape - by Kyle(?)

Post by DesertFox »

Hey y’all,

Looking for an old story that originally was on this forum, several years ago. It catalyzed my whole “well damn, I’m actually a switch” realization.

It’s a short, one-shot story written in first person where the kidnapped individual (whose gender/description is never specified) is tied to a chair in a warehouse, or some kind of hideout for the “bad guys” who are keeping him tied up. He manages to escape his bonds by getting into some drawers and cutting the rope on his wrists, then removing his stuffed tape gag and creeping to the door, past a sleeping guard. However, when he is ALMOST out of the front door, the other kidnappers/people holding him catch him and drag him back to the original room, where they tie him (or her) much tighter and more throughly so that they won’t escape again.

A big draw was it was genderless - it was written as though the person who was kidnapped and almost escaped was the 1st person character but allowed a reader to put themselves in that place.

I’d love it if I could find it. Thanks!
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Post by Monty »

Hope this surfaces, sounds really interesting
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