Looking for "Hailey's Surprise (FFFFF/FFF)"

If you are having trouble finding an old story and remember the title, author, and/or a description someone might be able to help track it down!

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Looking for "Hailey's Surprise (FFFFF/FFF)"

Post by Eegor »

No leads on the Author, name and related search terms have pulled absolutely nothing. I remember reading it sometime between 2016-2018 on a site similar to TUG. Might've been the old version. Had a lot of strange things going on near the quotation marks which caused them (and apostrophes) to display as little white question marks inside of black diamonds, like the web viewer didn't know how to display the requested symbol.

A lot of the details are lost on me, but I know this much: There's a girl named Hailey who acts as our protagonist, and she is sound asleep in the beginning. If I'm not mistaken, she might have been some popular girl or even a cheerleader. She wakes up to a handgag by a female captor, who tries to negotiate with her to not scream. I believe the deal was, if she didn't scream, the captor wouldn't press her pillow over her face to cut off her airflow. Evidently Hailey screams for help and is temporarily suffocated. The other captors then help to tie her up with duct tape, and they cart her off into her mother's room, flopping her onto the bed. I don't quite recall whether she'd already been wrapped in a blanket before being taken into her mother's bedroom, or if that happened after they do the next part.
I also recall her parents (and a couple of the neighbors, maybe?) had gone on a trip, leaving Hailey behind.
They fish around in her mother's hamper, as if they knew something was going to be inside, and pull out a worn cashmere sock. Hailey begs them not to gag her with it, but they do regardless. They said they weren't going to gag her with it initially, but they needed an apt punishment for her disobedience.
I remember they then either have a scene of her trying to break out and getting caught, or if they just start to cart her downstairs, but I do remember distinctly they struggle not to drop her while carrying her outside.
Once outside they toss her into the back of their van, and my favorite scene starts. There's two other girls bound in a similar fashion (wrapped in blankets) in the van, kidnapped due to a similar vendetta held by the captors, though Hailey doesn't recognize them. One of them is hooded, if I'm not mistaken, while the other one isn't. They then ungag both the unhooded one and Hailey and allow them a sip of water from a plastic water bottle (I recall that bit distinctly) and then they start to beg. Not liking their shared disobedience, they strip off Hailey's socks and dangle them in front of the other girl's face much to her horror and Hailey's embarrassment, as she'd been wearing them all day, and they were unbelievably sweaty. She's gagged, and then Hailey is gagged with the girls.
They're then both rolled up in another blanket, feet-to-face, and sealed inside a big sleeping bag (or hooded, or wrapped in another blanket, I forget) and then they drive off.

If anyone, anyone at all knows where this one went/is, I have many thanks to give. It was probably one of, if not the most formative stories I read that now informs much of my kinks today.
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Post by Zek_ »

This story can be found from the old forum, but here it is:

Hailey's Surprise (FFF/FF) Second part added

Postby fuzzysockgagged » Sat Feb 18, 2012 6:31 pm

Hailey woke up to a hand being pressed forcefully against her mouth. She screamed into the palm of her captor and tried to squirm, but found she her arms were pinned to her bed by the intruder's knees. She mewed as loud as she could, but it did not help. After calming herself down, she remembered why no one had come to her rescue: her mother and sister were out of town for the weekend- she was home alone.
The darkness of the room (along with Hailey's still blurred vision) prevented her from identifying anything about her captor besides the fact that their face was disguised with several silk scarves. The shape of the body and the texture and size of the hand gagging her led Hailey to believe it was a girl, but for the time being she couldn't be sure.
"I'm going to be very clear with you, brat. If you do not calm down and behave, you will be sorry. Understand?" The voice was indeed female, and Hailey guessed by the tone that she was about her own age, 18. For a moment Hailey considered listening to the girl, but instead she took a sharp inhale, and screamed at the top of her lungs, squealing and swearing through the girl's palm.
The hand was removed just long enough for Hailey to let out a quick plead for release, then she was again silenced; this time by a pink and white striped pillow, that the intruder pressed against Hailey's protesting mouth. The pillow covered the bottom half of her face, silencing her moans and making it difficult to breath, but her eyes were still uncovered.
"Tape," the girl said.
At first Hailey was confused, but quickly learned that the word was an order, and that there was more than one captor.
Another girl, also concealed with silk scarves, brought over a roll of leopard-print tape and presented it to the girl straddling Hailey.
"Good. Now grab me some packing."
The second girl searched around the floor, and presented a balled up wad to the first girl. Removing the pillow from Hailey's face, the girl forced the ball into her mouth. When inserted, Hailey immediately realized the gag was one of her fuzzy socks. She recalled that she had worn it all day long, then worn them overnight as well. She could definitely tell, it tasted extremely used.
The girl wrapped Hailey's head with the tape, preventing her from spitting her dirty sock gag out. Luckily, her hair was tied up in a bun, so the tape wasn't wrapped in her hair.
Summoning the second girl to help her, the first slid down off Hailey's torso and together they forced her black north face fleece onto her body. Once the jacket was put on, they wrapped her chest with more tape, this time hot pink. They bound her wrists and just below her elbows, and above and below her breasts. The tape was very tight and wasn't flexible at all, so it restricted her breathing and forced her to stop squirming because if she continued, she would need to breath heavier. The second girl retrieved Hailey's UGG boots and forced them onto her feet, and the two finished the tape job with more of the pink tape, wrapped around her calves, thighs, and ankles.
They pulled Hailey from her bed, one holding her under her armpits, and the other grasping her ankles. They led her out of her room, down the hall, and began down the stairs. After a few steps, one of the girls (Hailey couldn't tell which) told the other,
"Wait, bring her back upstairs. She needs to be punished for screaming so much."
The other girl agreed, and they carried her back upstairs and into her mother's bedroom. Throwing her face down onto her mother's white fur comforter, the two girls ran into Hailey's mother's adjoined bathroom, and she saw them rifling through her hamper. They returned with a grey cashmere sock, and flipped it inside-out. Grabbing a cotton scarf hanging from the bedpost, the girls secured the sock over Hailey's mouth and nose by tying the scarf around her head, forcing her to smell her mother's dirty sock. She whined in displeasure.
Finished, the girls picked Hailey back up and continued to take her down the stairs. They navigated through the pitch-black house and found their way out the side door, throwing Hailey into the trunk of a minivan.
A third girl sat in the car, guarding another bound captive. This girl did not have silk scarves covering her features, and as the other two stepped into the van, they too removed their scarves. One was blonde, and two were brunettes. The blonde wore brown cowgirl-like boots, torn jeans, a golden cashmere sweater, and a black scarf. The first brunette, with straight brown hair, wore a pair of Toms, light blue jeans, and a baby blue cotton tee. The second brunette had wavy hair, slightly lighter than the first girl, and was more like a hazel. She, being the girl who had waited in the car, was wearing furry mukluk boots, white jeans, a plain white long sleeve shirt, and a brown jacket with fur on the collar. All three were very slender.
The captive, also a girl, was bound from head to toe with white cotton rope. She wore UGG slippers and pink socks, Victoria's Secret yoga pants, a neon green cami-top, and a navy blue Sherpa-lined hoodie from Hollister. The girls face was obscured because she had a fur-lined canvas purse pulled over her head. Each arm had been pulled through one of the cloth straps of the purse, so the bag could not be removed from her head unless her arms were untied first. She writhed and shook her head helplessly, and Hailey could tell by the muffled whines that underneath the bag, the girl was gagged.
The blonde climbed over the backseat and into the trunk with the girls, and plopped down onto Hailey's chest.
"Hi. My name is Meghan, and we're here to kidnap you." Meghan smiled, pecked Hailey on the cheek, and flashed a devilish grin before tossing a fur jacket over Hailey's face.


As Meghan slowly peeled the tape from Hailey's lips, Hailey opened her mouth as wide as she could and forced the sweaty sock from her throat. Panting from the thick gag, Hailey mouthed the word "˜water' to her captor. Meghan presented a cool water bottle with a straw in it, and stuck the straw in Hailey's mouth, who proceeded to suck down half the bottle.
Meghan retrieved a small black rectangular apparatus from her back pocket and held it in front of Hailey. At first Hailey was confused as to what exactly it was, but her curiosity ceased when Meghan clicked a small button on the side, and a thin line of electricity appeared between two prongs jutting from the top of the piece; it was a tranquilizer.
"This is just in case you decide to do anything out of line. Do we understand each other?" Meghan asked.
Hailey nodded, nervous.
"Good. Now, let's start with a few rules. Rule number one, when you aren't gagged, you will not speak unless you are told to. You will address me as master, and will speak respectfully. If I hear even the slightest bit of a nasty tone, I will be forced to use this-" she motioned to the taser. "Needless to say, these rules won't apply very often, because for the most part you will be gagged. The second rule is that when bound and gagged, you will behave properly. You will not squirm, you will not whimper, and you definitely will not scream. If you follow both of these rules, we will get along just fine."
The girl lying next to Hailey began to kick and shake her head wildly, angrily grunting into her gag for release. Meghan responded by rolling the girl onto her stomach and spanking her repeatedly. With every slap, the girl let out an indignant whine, and after Meghan stopped, Hailey could hear the girl sobbing into her gag. Hailey could barely make out the girl trying to form audible words, what sounded like "˜please, master, stop!', although she wasn't entirely sure. Mounting herself on the girl's sore butt, Meghan leaned her head down and pressed her cheek against the purse obscuring the girls face.
"What's that, slave? For some reason, I just can't hear you!"
The girl continued begging through her tightly gagged mouth, but Hailey couldn't understand what it was the girl was trying to say.
Meghan began unbinding the girl's wrists, who had now become docile and cooperative, either from exhaustion or grateful that she was being released. When they were untied, Meghan slid the girl's hands back out the loops of the purse and yanked the bag from the girl's head.
She was a brunette with blonde streaks running through her hair, now damp from sweat. Her cheeks were bright pink and her face glistened with perspiration, no doubt from the heat of being trapped in the purse for however long. A faux fur headband was pulled over her mouth. It looked like it was a few sizes too small for her, as it was extremely tight and provided no slack for her to shake it off or force if away with her tongue. The girl looked at Hailey with pleading eyes, and let out a sweet, innocent moan. Meghan rolled the girl onto her stomach, and sat on the girl's tummy. The girl reached up towards her gag, but Meghan smacked them away.
"Naughty girl. I didn't say you could take your gag off."
Meghan reached down and yanked the band from the girl's mouth and let it hang at her neck. The girl spat out two soggy cotton socks, and began panting just as Hailey had. She too was given water, and when she was finished, Meghan turned her on her side, facing Hailey.
Hailey and the girl both looked up at her, confused.
"Kiss each other. You're both mature girls, a kiss isn't a big deal."
Reluctantly, Hailey leaned forward and pecked the girl on the lips.
"Nuh-uh, you're not getting off that easy. Give her a real kiss, missy."
Sighing, Hailey planted her lips on the girls, and held it there for a long moment. She broke it off, and was immediately smooched by Meghan.
"Good girl, Hailey! I just needed to make sure you both understood that what I say goes. You both will do just fine."
Feeling relieved that her kidnapper seemed satisfied, Hailey let out a calmed breath. She was caught off guard when Meghan lifted her up and flipped her around, so her head was at the other girl's feet. Meghan pulled off the girl's UGG slippers, then peeled the girl's sweaty socks off. She carelessly stuffed one into Hailey's mouth, making her gag. The sock was warm and tasted like feet. Meghan moved up the girl, and presented the sock to her. The girl shook her head and sealed her lips shut, refusing to bite on the sock.
"Open, Adrianna. I've let your bad behavior slide for the most part, but this is the last straw. Open your mouth or I'm gonna chloroform you."
Adrianna opened her mouth obediently, and unenthusiastically let Meghan force her own sweaty sock into her mouth.
Next, she pulled long pink ribbons between each of the girls' mouths, cleave gagging both of them and locking the socks in. She finished by tying a rope around each girls necks, and binding them to the feet of the other's, forcing them to smell each other's feet. Meghan removed Hailey's UGGs and fuzzy socks, and pressed her bare soles up to Adrianna's nose.
Adrianna made a loud gagging noise from the smell of Hailey's feet.
"What's wrong Adrianna? Don't like the smell of stinky feet? Well I've got a surprise for you!" Meghan squealed.
Meghan grabbed one of Hailey's UGG boots and stuffed it between her face and Hailey's feet. Now she was smelling a mixture of Hailey's feet and matted down fur that smelled of sweat. Adrianna groaned. Meghan put the other in front of Hailey's face, forcing her to endure the same torture.
Meghan finished the job by reaching over into the backseat and retrieving a thick, soft faux fur blanket, and two fleece ones. The fur she wrapped around the two girls' bodies, securing it with packaging tape, leaving the girls' heads and feet free. Meghan took one of the fleece blankets and wrapped it tightly around Hailey's face, encasing her in a blanket of feet and boots. She used the other on Adrianna, and wrapped both closed with a long strip of tape. She placed a pillow under each girls head, and told each that they should get used to the smell of stinky feet, because they were going to be that way for the rest of the night.
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Post by Eegor »

Man I hallucinated a lot of details :lol:
In any case, thank you, it would've taken me a little while to adjust to searching for it in the archives. I actually made my search post while I was away from my desktop, which would've definitely expedited the process, but still. I'm glad it's been reuploaded to the Internet proper in all its glory.
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