Aunt Mary's Summer Job (fm/f, f/fm)

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Aunt Mary's Summer Job (fm/f, f/fm)

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Based on an idea by [mention]AuntMary[/mention] shared credit.

At the age of 34, newly divorced, no where to live, no income, Mary was surprised to be thrown a look feline by her brother. After 25 years marriage he and his wife were taking a second honeymoon. 6weeks globetrotting summer holiday. The only problem was Paul, their 18 year-old son. Sure he was an adult and old enough to look afterburner legally but left to his own devices they knew he would not cook for himself, wash clothes, and probably would he or wild parties so they were looking for a house sitter companion; and Mary fit the bill. Her brother and his wife would left her stay rent free in their house, weekly cash transfers to pay household bills and have some left to socialise and relax, she would have to clean and make Sure Paul was OK but there would be plenty of time to look for her own house / job. So it was with some trepidation but an equal sense of relief that for the first-time since she left university Mary started a summer job.

Paul drove his parents to the airport and Aunt Mary came to wave goodbye. Driving back home they shared barely a word. Back too late to go out Paul went strait to bed whilst Mary relaxed with a glass of wine wondering how the next 6 weeks would turn out.
The next morning was a hot summer's day. Paul was Sitting on his bed crosslegged wearing a red vest top and khaki shorts playing on his x-box whilst fuming that his parents had left him with a babysitter! Mary was in the kitchen doing some domestic chores: washing clothes, checking food cupboard. She was wearing a bright pink sleeveless summer dress which was too small in many ways for a woman of her age and build. The top was so tight as to make it quite clear that she was not wearing a bra. The skirt itself barely reached her thighs and anyone who cared to would have a clear view of her lacy red thong whenever she bent down to the bottom shelf. Mary had never been self confident about her body and people had to take her for what she was. Except for one thing. Her feet were sweaty. They smelled. They would positively stink after a day walking around town in shoes and tights. Which was why she had moved in with no socks, no tights or stockings, no boots and only a single pair of flip-flop style sandals. But she was now as unintended to spend as much of the summer as practical: barefoot. As she walked around the house, especially the kitchen, her soles took on a thin layer of dirt and grime, but she thought ventilation could deal with the sweat and subsequent problems.

As the 500th terrorist exploded in a shower of blood and body parts and Paul was awarded the site k over star, his phone Ann o unwed a message from Sophie his sometimes girlfriend. "Wear woz u last nite hun? :( "

Paul textured back explaining the situation and how terrible it was for him. After several exchanges Sophie said she'd be round to cheer him up. At about 1130 the doorbell rang. Mary answered it to see an 18 year-old girl with raven black strait hair past her shoulders sporting one pink stripe, an Iron Maiden t-shirt, a denim skirt shorter than Mary's pink number, black fishnet tights and Doc Marten boots. She exchanged a few pleasantries with Mary before making her way upstairs and noting Paul for a couple of large scale slaughter games. As they played Paul bemoaned his position until Sophie said "Well why don't we just keep your auntout of the way?"
"What do you mean?"
"Tie her up and lock Her in a cupboard."
"You serious?"
Sophie opened her shoulder bag to reveal several coils of rope, two rolls.of tape and lots of cable ties.

Mary was boiling some pasta for lunch when Sophie and Paul entered the kitchen. "Hi you guys. Ready for some lunch?"
"Oh don't bother about lunch. We think you should have a long rest somewhere dark and quiet." Said Paul.
"What do you mean?" Mary puzzled, not taking in that Sophie was now behind her. She grabbed the older woman's arms and wrestled her hands behind her back before securing them with a cable tie, clinching this with a second between her wrists. Twisting the shocked woman's arms she wrestled her out of the kitchen, into the lounge and onto the floor. There she fastened a tie around both Mary's arms above the elbows and joined there with a third pulling her shoulders back and arms together.
"What the shell do you two brats think you are doing?"
"Oh isn't it obvious." Sophie replied sarcastically."We're tying you up you fat old bird."
"Whanmmppph." Sophie pushed her captives face down into the sheepskin rug on the floor.
Meanwhile Paul was busy with the rope binding his aunt's ankles together with five turns round her legs and two clinching loops. Next he tied her above and below her knees and her mid thighs, welding her legs together with the same 5:2 method.
Sophie flipped Mary over and held up a role of black wide .tape; reaching into her bag she produced two pairs of black tights. Pinching Mary's nose with one hand Sophie began to push the tights into her mouth with the other.
"This is the pair of tights I wore all last week. I think I even slept in them once. And this pair is my mother's. She wore them two days running at work, on her feet all day then she wore them to her Irish Dance club."
Mary was positively gagging on her gag as Sophie wrapped tape around her head. Next Sophie grabbed some lengths of rope and began to wrap Mary's upper body, pinning her arms to her back and slides. When the woman was completely trusses up to Sophie and Paul's liking Sophie began undying her boots. She pulled one of the places out and tossed it to Paul. "Tie her toes together for good measure." She then placed one nylon foot over Mary's gagged mouth and nose.
"Do you like my tights. I've worn them for the past three days. All day long in those thick leather boots, in this hot weather. Last night I was dancing till 2am in them two. How do they smell?"
Mary screamed? Into her gag and tried unsuccessfully to turn her head away.
"Oh god. Then her feet can't be worse than yours aunty. your feet reek to high heaven. And they're filthy." Paul began to tickle his aunt's feet, scraping his nails over her soles. She twisted and struggled, screaming /laughing/ crying into her gag, each nasal gasp for air making her draw in more of the foul stench of Sophie's sweaty tights.
"These feet are so dirty they need a good clean." Said Paul with an evil grin on his face. He left whilst Sophie continued to torture Mary with her nylon covered feet when Paul returned with a scrubbing brush. He began to scrub his aunt's bare feet supposedly to get them clean but everyone present knew cruelty was his true motive and he simply wanted to see his aunt squirm and suffer.
This tratment went on for nearly an hour, with Mary nearly passing out from pure exhaustion, laughing without being able to breathe properly and the truly foul stink of Sophie's feet. Sophie picked up the tape again and this time wrapped it round Mary's head covering her eyes. She and Paul then began to make out on the sofa taking care that one or other always had their feet on Mary's face. Sophie rubbing her sweaty soles over Mary's nose, Paul gripping her nose between his toes until she was nearly passing out.
After another hour or so Sophie adjusted her clothes and said to Paul "Come on. Let's split and get some beer inside us."
"What?" Cried Paul.
"Let's get out of here , enjoy the day, now aunty''s out of the way."
"But we can't leave her like this."
"Why not?"
"She could have an accident."
"Well hottie her. Tie her to the table. Make sure she can't move."
"But what if there's a fire, a break in. We can't leave her."
Sophie was enraged. She squeezed Mary's chest, raising a whimper of pain, rolled her over over, lifted her skirt and slapped her bottom. "You mean you'd rather stay home with your fat tart of an aunt than go out with me!"
"Well. Erik. Mmmpphhoofff." It was too late for Paul to answer. Sophie pivoted on one foot, spun round catching Paul behind his knees with the other sending him crumbling to the floor. She quickly grabbed her bondage kit and cable tied his hands behind him just as she had his aunt. Next were his feet, knees, calves, thighs. She bound his elbows together with rope , forcing them to touch then bound his upper body tightly fusing his arms to his back. Taking the lace from her boot she tied his big toes together then noticed him tightly and even tied his thumbs to his toes.
Finally she spun him round so he was facing Mary's feet. She sat behind him and began to rake her nails over his bare soles. With her right foot she foRced he's head down so his mouth went over Mary's toes, using his aunt's feet to gag him. With her other foot she hooked her sweaty roles under his nose and continued to tickle, making him draw in lung fills of stinky air. "Eat your fat aunt's fat feet looser." She shouted.
Despite his earlier work with the scrubbing brush Mary's feet were still dirty, sweaty and tasted foul. Between the tickling, and the two pair of feet assaulting him he was in absolute agony. Mary feeling teeth biting her feet whilst a wet tongue tickled her toes was similarly suffering. Sophie despite her anger actually seemed to be enjoying herself.
All three shared one thought. This was going to be a long hot summer.
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Brilliant work. Loved it!
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Nice story! I know it was for a contest but a continuation of this would be great :)

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Really b good story, loved the tickling and them both being tied up in the end.
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