Hotel bound (M/M)

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Hotel bound (M/M)

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He was nervous, this was not something he did everyday, but once a year he would indulge in his fantasy, and it was that time of year again. The elevator took him to the 31st floor of a downtown Toronto hotel, on a cold winter night. The doors opened, he got out and looked at the numbers on the wall sign to locate room 3127. The hallway was deserted, which was just as well, as he might have turned around otherwise. Room 3127 is on the left at the end of the hallway. As the instructions said, the room key was in the door lock. He slowly opens the door and nervously enters the well-lit hotel room.

The room is a standard hotel room, a king size bed, a work desk with a chair, storage and a bathroom. It has a nice view of downtown Toronto, but with the curtains closed he does not see it. There is a large collection of rope lying on the bed and a few Scouting neckers. He does not recognize the colors, as he was never in scouting, but they look nice and his fingers touch the material. Now that he is inside, he can take of his coat and hang it on a coat hanger in the cupboard, closing the door after him. A smile appears on his face when he sees the boy scout in the mirror that is fixed on the wall.

Reading the instructions for the 200th time, he locates the black full-face mask with build in blindfold. The material is nice and soft, and he can see that he can easily breath through the material. He reconsiders one more time, is he really going to do this? Then his curiosity gets the upper hand. He had been communicating with the person he was going to meet for a few months. They discussed his likes and dislikes and finally had set up a meet. Both understood that trust was important, but they also knew that at a certain moment they needed to make the next step. And for both, this was something they did not often do.

Grabbing the mask, he sits on the bed next to the ropes and pulls the mask over his head, effectively blocking out the light. Testing the feel for a moment, he finds that breathing is indeed easy and that the blindfold does do its job. He pulls the mask up, so that he can see his phone and sends a message. Then he walks over to the built-in safe, sets a code and places his phone and other personal items in it. He locks the safe, knowing that only he can get to it. After walking back to the bed, he pulls the mask over his face again and waits.

The older man receives the message while in a Tim Hortons near the hotel. He finishes his coffee and walks over to the hotel, nodding to the person at the reception and taking the elevator to the 31st floor. He already knew where room 3127 was, as he had put the ropes and other materials in it and had left the key in the door. He entered with his own key and sees the young man sitting on the bed, the black mask covering his face.

“Good evening.” He says to the young man on the bed.

“Euh… evening.”

The young man sounds nervous, which the older man can understand. He is nervous too. It is the first time he meets up with a stranger he only communicated with on the internet. He might have a bit more life experience, it is still not the easiest thing to do, but he trusts his instinct that the communication they had was real and that both came here for what they talked about.

“Stand up please and turn around.”

The younger man gets up from the bed and slowly turns around, fidgeting a little. The older man grabs one of the ropes, all were new and specially bought for today's meeting, and locates the middle of the rope. He places it at the back of the neck and then wraps it around the upper arms of the younger man, all the way to his wrists. He gently grabs the wrists and brings them together behind the man’s back, circling the rope around them three times. This effectively creates six loops around both wrists, as both ropes are being used. He runs the rope to the middle of the rope at the neck and pulls a little, pulling the wrists a little towards the shoulders. Nothing extreme, just enough to put a little tension on the rope. Running the rope back to the wrists, the rope is wrapped to the left upper arm and then between arms and back to the right upper arm. The rope is more than long enough to run it back to the left arm, this time on top of the wrists. This is repeated three more times, fixing the arms in place.

The young man visually relaxes now that his arms are tied. Now that the ropes are being wrapped around him, he knows there is not much he can do anymore. If he had second thoughts, it was too late now. He feels hands turning him and pushing him down, sitting on the bed again. His feet are brought together by the older man and tied with lots of rope at his ankles and knees. They feel snug, but not overly tight.

Looking at the younger man, he can see him test his bonds, but he knows that he has enough experience to tie somebody up, without the person getting out. He picks up another rope and ties it to the ankle bonds.

“Lean back and roll over to your left.” The older man tells the younger one.

He does what is being asked and feels how he gets moved so he is in the middle of the bed. The rope that was attached to his ankles is picked up and he feels the other end being tied to the wrist bonds, the rope is pulled snug and his feet move to the hogtie position. Next, he feels a rope being run from his ankles around his upper legs and back to his ankles. This helps in keeping pressure of the rope to his wrists, as that is always a point where things get sore in a hogtie.

The older man picks up more ropes and ties two to the knee rope and pulls it to both sides of the bed and ties it off. He does the same with two more ropes that he attaches to the ropes around the younger man’s arms and fixes these also to the bed frame, leaving the young man completely immobile.

“Open up.” The older man says, grabbing a necker from the pile.

The young man opens his mouth underneath the mask and a necker is pulled tight between his lips, forcing the mask into the young man’s mouth. It gets tied off at the back of his head. Not a very effective gag, but that was not the goal.

“You’re all done. I’ll be back in an hour.”

The young man stays quiet and hears the older man leave the hotel room. He is all alone, tied up on a bed in a hotel room by a person he never met, with very little chance that he could escape the ropes that encircled his body. But he will try, and he knows he has 60 minutes to do it in.

Exactly 60 minutes later the door opens. The young man is still on the bed, still tied up as the older man left him. The man had never left the room but stayed and watched over the prisoner on the bed, as safety is the most important factor in this meet. He walks over to the bed and removes the ropes holding the younger man to the bed. Then he removes the ropes around the arms, so that he can move his hands again, making sure he has enough play to undo the rest of the ropes himself.

“Nice meeting you.” The older man says, before leaving the room, closing the door behind him.

After 5 minutes the younger man pulls the mask of his face, after undoing the necker that served as a gag. It takes 15 more minutes before he finally has the last rope undone. Other than the ropes, mask and the necker used as a gag, which he was told he could both keep, the room is empty.

After opening the safe, grabbing his coat and packing up the ropes, mask and necker into a plastic bag he brought, he leaves the room and heads to the elevator. There is nobody waiting on the floor or anybody in the elevator and even the reception is empty, except for the staff member who smiles at him.

“Good night, sir.” She says, as he walks out of the door into the Toronto night.

He knows it will be another year before it is that time again.
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Very interesting scene, do you have more like this?
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