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Post by AlexUSA3 »

Cool to see so many new members joining us! Welcome to TUGstories!
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Post by 0Kay »

Hey all !

I'm Kayla (Kay for short), 20F, switch but usually sub. I've been lurking on here for quite some time and finally decided to sign up now. I'm especially into F/F, but M/F and the occasional F/M are great too. I'll still mostly be reading stories for now, but in the future I might contribute some of my own :)
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Post by BearPlants »

Hi Y'all.

I've been into bondage for quite a while, now. I'm a mid 30s male in New York City with a somewhat public life, so y'all can just call me Bear. I also like houseplants and have many - hence the username. I'm straight and enjoy mostly M/F and F/F but like a good F/M story, as well.

I've been reading and lurking for years on different sites and finally feel like I want to share my own. I've started writing several down that really stick out in my memory and am looking forward to sharing. Happy to be here and see ya in the comments.
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Post by patrik »

i am partik 23M From Asia , i am into bondage from a very long time. i am a switch . I read a few stories and liked them, :) so i decided to sign up and interact with others. i am into F/M , F/F and M/F. English isn't my first language either so there might be some mistakes. apologies in advance.
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Post by bondagefreak »

@JayMoe Glad you decided to introduce yourself on here, buddy! Looking forward to seeing more posts from you.

Welcome onboard! Always happy to see another Québécois sign up!

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Post by yorkshiredude27 »

Hey everybody, posted here a few years ago so thought I’d make an updated post.

I’m a 30 year old guy from England with, of course, a love for tie ups. Definitely prefer to be the one to do the tying. I like to use rope, duct tape (definitely my favourite), handcuffs and cables ties.

My messages are always open if anyone wants to chat :)
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