The Amateur Kidnapper's Errors (FFF/F+) - Chapter 4

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The Amateur Kidnapper's Errors (FFF/F+) - Chapter 4

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Red Bandana Gang 1: The Amateur Kidnapper's Errors
Chapter 1
Saturday, April 15, 2017

“Is it a plan?” I ask Serafina Randaccio.
“I can do it,” the sweet girl responds, “But I am-a… still a-new to this.”
“Look, Serafina,” our third conspirator, Janie, speaks, “You've gotten good at tying people.”
“For real! You're awesome at this stuff! Just follow along with Janie’s lead, OK?”
“I don't a-know, but I try-a my best,” the native born Italian smiles, “We do this, OK?”
“That's the spirit! Red Bandana Gang rocks!” Janie, also known as Gangsta jock, cheers her on.
“I want to call my boy for a bit first,” Serafina excuses herself.

Serafina is new to TUGs, the newest member of The Cool Girls’ Club, the most awesome group of friends you've ever seen. Our pledge is simple: to love each other unconditionally. TUGs are an amazing way in which we express that love. Now, we have an Italian, a rower, who is also a first in the CGC’s incredible membership.

We're the Red Bandana Gang. I’m wearing my favorite bandana of all, my classic red paisley as a headband. Serafina, or Sera, and Janie have Western paisley bandanas. The former wears hers as a kerchief, but Janie has a headband. Janie, like me, has her hair in a braid. Both put effort to ensure the flower is visible and centered above the bridge of their nose.

What's a Bandana Gang? It's a game of sorts. A bunch of CGC members team up and wear the same color bandana like a criminal gang. The game is to kidnap an agreed set of girls! On this occasion, the goal is to kidnap all of Janie's roommates and all of mine!

Red has always been my favorite color. Strawberries, cherries, flowers, maple leaves, Christmas lights, and so many more things are wonderful red. I’ll wear red shorts, shirts, socks, bandanas, and even underwear. I’m blessed with Janie and Sera, who also love my favorite color as one of their favorites.

It's with cause. I suffer from a colorblindness called tritanopia. I see the world as shades going from bright blue to bright pink with no greens, yellows, oranges, etc. Is it any wonder red would be my favorite color? My own eyes, a very Danish blue as my surname Kristensen suggests, are distorted ever so slightly, so I know not what people see when they admire my irises.

Why kidnapping our roommates? Because TUGs are the best game in the world? I love to play no game more with my friends. I love the feelings of being tied up and tying up people and how it builds trust. They're fun to play with my friends, but it's a bonding experience, LOL, when I play with my closest friends. We build more than trust; we're sharing our time together. During a game, we even help each other to burn of energy or stress or just to explore ourselves more.

Meet me, Jenny Danielle Kristensen. I’m what they call petite. I’m sooooo short! I stand at just 5’1” and have Scandinavian blonde brown hair that I love keeping in a braid. I’m in a Bandana Gang for sure because I’m wearing all red except for my sneakers, which are canvas black ones. My shirt is a tank top.

Meet my friend, Janie Patterson. Janie is huuuggggeeee! She's over 6 feet tall! I feel so small next to her. Her heart is so much bigger though. Janie suffers a lot from her own mind, and we implore her to seek counseling even though she refuses to do so out of embarrassment. It's all red with her, even the socks and sneakers. She's wearing a plain t-shirt. Barrettes help hold her bandana in place any time she wears one. Is it any wonder she’s the softball team’s star player?

Meet my new friend, Serafina Randaccio, who came to America from Italy several years ago. A mother, the first to join the CGC, Sera struggled to accept that mistakes can become blessings. I tell her to revel in the thrills of motherhood, and she seems to be listening. There is some trauma of some sort, but she hasn't discussed it with me. All I know is that she loves her son! Her shirt is a t-shirt with a V neck.

“Shall we go a-kidnapping?” Sera sheepishly asks.
“Sure!” I bounce like a bunny and turn away.
“How are you so freaking happy all the time?” Janie asks me, stopping me dead in my tracks.
“Ummmmm,” I pause, “I just… am?”
“Oh, there must be more to it,” the Italian uses her most endearing voice.
“I’d have to think about it. If I don't have an adequate answer after this, you may tie me up.”


Sera lives alone in a single dorm. Upstairs from her is the triple dorm shared by our first three targets: Joy, Hannah, and Joyce. What different personalities these three can be! We're trying to cheer up Joyce, in part, because she recently went through the worst seven months possibly. Last June, her father did in a car accident; in November, her boyfriend kidnapped her and attacked her when she tried to end their relationship; then, in January, her mother was killed by a drunk driver. She had lost so much: her parents and her humanity.

Joyce is a large portion of our motive. Janie and Sera in particular love Joyce as a best friend. I suggested the kidnapping game as a way for them to dote on her. As risky as it sounds, we plan to tie up these three; go back to the apartment I share with Janie and kidnap those roommates; then Janie will return to the dorm to be with Joyce, Joy, and Hannah. It wouldn't be a story if those plan's didn't fail!

I bounce up the stairs. Janie takes them 4 at a time. Sera takes them normally but with a spring in her step. It's nice because our friends have the first dorm, right next to the elevator and the stairwell. I joyfully knock on the door. I can tell Joyce opened the door because no one can be seen when she does so because she stands behind the door and keeps the slide lock in place.

“Who's there?” her sullen voice asks.
“It's us!” I bounce some more.
“Your friends!” Sera reaches in to slide the chain.
“Let's go!” Janie pushes the door open.
“Whoa!” Joyce gets pushed out of the way.
“And shut it!” Janie shuts and blocks it, “This is a Red Bandana Gang. We're in charge.”
“But where's Hannah?” I notice that particular girl is absent.
“We're not telling,” my friend Joy smirks.
“Screw you!” Joyce defies us, and I see a western paisley Pink Bandana Gang was in the works.

Joy is inspirational despite her spiritual struggles. The pink kerchief on her head is more than an ordinary bandana; it's her head covering. Joy covers her hair in the old style to remind herself to pray and to help herself resist temptation because she has strong sexual desires for girls and men alike and has fornicated with many over the years. This is why she wears an ankle-length skirt in a matching pink hue and a brown t-shirt. Her sneakers are a cute purple (as I see purple), and her hair is long and ashen blonde, darker than mine but blonde. I love the Gangsta Girl so much!

Joyce has a rare pink bandana headband, held by hairpins. A pink t-shirt and a short denim skirt are her clothes, and her shoulder length hair is a similar hue to Joy’s. There is loneliness in her eyes despite the meek soul that inhabits the body. She is scared because we are her world now. Her mother and father are dead, and her half siblings both have children older than her. Life is never fair. Sadly, God leaves the world to operate in accordance to laws He ordained; when He intervenes, it's called a miracle. My four-eyed friend is in need of some love.

“Look at how happy Jenny is,” Joyce interrupts and starts crying, “I need a hug.”
“Awwww, Joyce,” I am more than happy to oblige, “Having a bad day?”
“Yeah… Joy thought a little adventure would cheer me up.”
“Then it's perfect that we came here to tie you up and take you away in suitcases,” I said to her.
“Mmmmmph!” I hand gagged her.
“Janie and Sera, get the Joy-ous girl!” I order my colleagues.
“Mmmmm!” the glow of love shines in Joyce's eyes.

I am not too strong because of my size, but because I am fit and active Joyce is one of the few I can actually out wrestle without too much trouble. The thrill of kidnapping is less than the thrill of being kidnapped, but there is much for me to gain from being the kidnapper. I want to see my friend be happy because I care about her. I sound shallow right now, but…

I know what it's like to be sad. It was just after Thanksgiving in 1999 when my big brother died. I wasn't even four, but I remember watching him go from a happy boy to a deathly ill pale thing without any hair. Cancer took my brother away, and that was the toughest life lesson I learned. I realized even then that God must have moved me to bless me with so many good memories of a time in life that most forget. Like Janie here barely remembers anything from before she was 6. I can reach back into 1999 like it was yesterday. I miss Daniel.

I cross Joyce's wrists and tie them tightly and cinch them well. I love tight ropes and tie them in a similar fashion; cinching makes it harder for Joyce to escape. I tie her ankles second to ensure I don't lose her by mistake. I prepare a traditional Cool Girls’ Club gag, a gag taught to us by the TUG sorority of which Hannah, Joyce, and Joy are all active members. It's a blue rubber ball for use as a dog toy, 2 inches in diameter; the ball is hollow with holes on the sides. Through both holes I have pushed a green bandana, and I push the ball into Joyce’s mouth. I tightly crank the knot of the bandana. She was a girl scout who played TUGs with her troop; I take no chances.

“Gmmphhh” Joyce groans and relaxes in what she considers to be a loving captivity.
“How you doing, Sera?”
“Pretty good!” my friend beams.
“She's doing a fine job of taking out the Pink Bandana Gangster,” Janie continues holding Joy.
“Mmmmmm!” Joy has a similar gag, but with a black bandana.
“I’m glad you're having fun!”

I keep it simple for the moment with how I am tying up my friend. I tie her thighs together and add a tight breast harness. She and Joy are tied similarly at this point, and we agree to continue to add more bonds. Sorority girls like their double waist and crotch ropes. Another rope ties up their thighs below their waist. One last rope goes below their knees. It's pretty good.

I love a tight bondage best of all though. Tight gags are included. Tape gags are the best way to add tightness to a gag, like 8 layers of it. I love it! Cranking on the tape is so much fun, and Joy gets it worse because hers comes from Janie. With minimal effort, the girls are jammed into the suitcases, and we casually wheel them out of the dorm as has been done to them, me, and others dozens of times over the years. It's a fun secret we keep.

The adventure is just beginning. In the next chapter, I’ll talk more about the present quest, why I love bondage, and introduce you to more friends.

UP NEXT: We kidnap some more sorority girls.
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I have to say an excellent entry! It sets the Stage nicely!
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Caesar73 wrote: 1 month ago I have to say an excellent entry! It sets the Stage nicely!
Thank you kindly! :D

The TUG Court crowd should enjoy this tale as well.

Red Bandana Gang 1: The Amateur Kidnapper's Errors
Chapter 2
Saturday, April 15, 2017

I forgave Hannah within 24 hours of what happened at Joy's house just over three years ago. She hadn't forgiven herself, though. That led her down a bad path to becoming a drug user and dealer with the net result of her spending 14 months in a female youth prison in our hometown. I knew the same day because my dad works for the prison system and drove the truck that brought her to the prison from the police precinct. After a long journey, Hannah came back into the fold of the CGC with a lot of baggage but a renewed attitude. It's a blessing to witness her transformation to a better, happier her. The baggage is there, but it doesn't affect the present events.

Joyce, Cassie, and Emilia became important parts of Hannah’s life in a backwards way. I met all of them here at college, but Hannah met them through her side job of being a bondage model. It is not the best job, but it's legal at least. God had a great thing in the wings for Hannah, and I am so glad she accepted His offer. Even better was getting to be a witness to Hannah's baptism. She is close to my heart also indirectly. My closest cousin was unfortunately one of Hannah's regular customers, and they ended up locked up in the same wing of the prison.

Hannah's story is a perfect example of why I love TUGs. TUGs was the fun thing around which our young Club was formed. When Hannah was desperate, she turned to TUGs. Through TUGs she discovered herself and made new friends. Through TUGs, I met Serafina and began a great friendship with Janie and her older sister. When someone wants comfort, a great thing to do is to kidnap someone and give the captive to the sad girl to use to cuddle, which we call a stuffie. It's a game that builds trust and helps you to understand each other better.

I just love being kidnapped. Respect my needs, limits, and duties, and I’ll let you keep me tied up all day long. My friends and I joke that my Facebook profile should say “I’d rather be bound and gagged.” I like everything about it from the feel of the bonds to the stifling of the gag to the darkness of a tight blindfold. But, about 10% of the time, I want to be the kidnapper.

I text Cassie's roommate in advance to make sure we are safe to do this. The sorority house is a safe destination for our friends in the suitcases. We wheel them behind us while giggling a lot in the private knowledge of our secret. To others around us, we're just transporting heavy materials from one residence to another. Suitcase transport is an incredible thrill, especially for the victim who is jammed in the suitcase and unable to escape.

There are five goals to my kidnapping quest:
(1) To cheer up Joyce, who has been emotionally distraught lately and needs a dose of my love
(2) To cheer up Hannah, who has been in a deep blue funk lately
(3) To dote on Nichole, my best friend, and Bridget, my roommate
(4) To bond with Janie and Sera, two ladies who lack self-confidence but have beautiful souls
(5) To help Sera practice her kidnapping skills

“Be good,” I whisper to Joyce while we wheel them into the living room out of the sight of the giggling girls upstairs in Cassie’s bedroom.
“Who gets who?” Janie asks, “Should I get Hannah?”
“Hannah's a beast. If I take her, I’ll 100% lose,” I say with a jump.
“You take Cassie. I’ll take Hannah. Sera, you get Emilia.”
“Who are Cassie and Emilia?” Sera asks Janie with concern.
“Emilia is the dark-haired girl with a thick Spanish accent. Sturdy as a sheet of paper.”
“Sera,” I take a roll of duct tape and a bag of zip ties from the bag, “Emilia loves zips.”
“Oh, I know how to use these. Ziptie challenge for my YouTube five years ago.”

This is going to be quick, so let me introduce you to our next batch of victims. Hannah is strong because in prison she had daily mandatory exercises and also spent extra time in the gym on top of that. She has long true blonde hair and identifiable muscle mass even though she isn't ripped like some of her friends. Her eyes are a gorgeous shade of blue. When she smiles in happiness, her face is the most expressive and genuine of anyone I know!

Cassie is a graduate student now, and she was a co-founder of the TUG Sorority. She's Hannah's height, but the similarities end there. She has an unnatural bust and a massive frame. Brownish hair with a hint of a blonde tone only comes down to her shoulders, and her eyes are brown. Her face is what people profanely call a “resting b¡+©# face.” Despite her appearance, she has only a little extra weight, which is well-distributed. She's perfect for me to kidnap!

Then the Spaniard, Emilia Magdalena Alejandra Albuquerque y Hernández, I love saying all of that, is so typical with dark black hair that comes down to her boobs and dark eyes. Not one bit of excess fat is on her slim frame; in fact, she needs a little because she looks unhealthy. What a trooper this girl is, though. You’ll see in a minute what I mean. She's perfect for an amateur to kidnap, hence why we chose her for Serafina to take down.

“OK,” I get up off the floor and push my gangsters into Emilia's bedroom, “Hannah and Emilia are wearing socks; Cassie has pantyhose. I want those socks and hose to come off.”

Hannah is unpredictable in her clothes. Shorts, pants, skirts of all lengths, and dresses are all in her rotation. Today, it's black jeans, a white t-shirt, a black bandana headband, white socks, and black canvas shoes. I can tell she was crying about 30 minutes ago; her eyes are red but her face is dry. Indeed, this kidnapping is just what she needs to snap out of things. We’re going to tie her up and gag her and bring her to my apartment and give her as many mugs of hot chocolate and as many cookies as she wants.

The fashionable Cassie is now addicted to the style in which she appears in her modeling scenes. Pantyhose, short skirts, and blouses are her standard fare, but perhaps they were standard before I got to really know her! It's a pastel yellow mini-skirt, brown pantyhose, and a pastel purple shirt. Yes, despite my colorblindness, I have learned how to mostly distinguish shades. To tell you the truth, it's possible her skirt is purple and her shirt is yellow in my eyes, but Serafina tells me that the former is correct.

Emilia is classic: jean shorts and a black tank-top. White socks and pink boat shoes accompany her outfit. No bandanas or headbands or scrunchies are ever found on her except for TUGs with the CGC where it's appropriate, like as part of a Gang or for team identification. Her accessories are limited to a series of silly rubber and string bracelets on her left wrist. I inform Serafina of Emilia’s strong love of blindfolds.

“Are we ready?” I ask my fellow Red Bandana Gang members, “Go!”
“What the f-ck are you doing?!” Cassie immediately yells, not knowing she’s been betrayed.
“Red Bandana Gang rides again!” Janie declares loudly.
“Get off me!” Hannah naturally puts up a stiff front and fights Janie.
“At least hold her off long enough that we can help,” I encourage Janie.
“Ooh, zippers!” Emilia giggles when her wrists are tied behind her.

Serafina has no trouble zipping Emilia’s wrists, elbows, ankles, and thighs. She also puts a zip below the Spaniard’s boobs, and then she stops. She takes off the girl’s socks and shoes before jamming yet another rubber ball gag, this one an orange ball with a camouflage bandana, into the damsel’s mouth. A blue bandana blindfolds this victim of our quest.

Cassie fights me crossing her wrists together behind her back, but I am able to get them taped. I am a scholarship athlete; I’d better be able to overpower this girl. I snap that and move to taping her arms down to her trunk. You have to give it your best! I do three strips of the gray duct tape for her waist, her chest, and above her boobs. Taping her legs is easy to wrap her ankles, below her knees, above her knees, and her thighs below her waist. Of course, I made sure I took off her “yummy” pantyhose. I’m not done tying her up, though, and have plans for all three friends!

“A little help here,” Janie said with her elbows roped behind her back just as I finished.
“Hannah!” I dropped Cassie, “Sera, mayday!”
“Heh!” the former delinquent laughs knowing she’s outnumbered, “I love your smile, Jenny!”
“I’ll hold her off,” Sera begins grappling Hannah knowing her defeat is a matter of time.
“Let’s get you free, Janie,” I quickly untie my friend’s elbows, “Man, she is good!”
“Tell me about it!” Janie turns her attention back to Hannah.
“Seriously,” Hannah cackles at the triple team, “How do you do it, Jenny?”

Despite being only a few inches taller than me, Hannah can kidnap Janie's sister who is almost as tall as Janie and even has taken on Janie in wrestling matches and won! Today is one such day. I would have been on the scene even faster if Hannah had been at her own place instead of here. It is an unfair fight now with me holding the victim’s legs and Sera holding the torso while Janie is tying her elbows with the same rope.

Janie can be brutal as a kidnapper, and now she has her playful sights on sweet Hannah Bandana with a binding of her elbows and wrists so tightly that it makes me wish I were the one being tied up instead. I have a mission, though, and I intend to complete it. With her arms bound, Hannah is ready for me to stuff Cassie’s pantyhose and Emilia’s socks into her mouth, followed by these awesome fake retching sounds. A bright blue bandana cleave gag and duct tape seal her lips in a most satisfying manner, and she gazes at us with love in her eyes. I kiss her on the forehead.

“Help’s on the way.”

Hannah’s journey took her from an upbringing in which she was taught that religion was only for the uneducated and superstitious to becoming, of all things, a baptized Roman Catholic who was also on track to being confirmed, likely next year. Of all things, she adopted one of the branches of Christianity that was most maligned for being “superstitious.” Now, she asked me about how I kept so happy as well.

I was raised in a devoutly Protestant Christian household. My mother said prayers with me as a baby to teach me how to pray, but it was when Daniel was sick and dying that I really manifested my own desire to pray in my own way. Every night, especially once Daniel was in what I realize was a hybrid of hospitalization for treatment and children’s hospice, I begged God to cure my big brother and bring him home. God didn’t answer my prayers the way I wanted. Daniel was cured and went home to Jesus.

Over the next 5 years, I grew in faith while being a worry wart. You see, my family is very large and tightly knit. A group of Danish people inhabited the southern part of what became Mudville, intermingled, and formed a clique while slowly mixing in with the Norwegians and Swedes who also lived around them. I have over 100 second cousins and over 50 first cousins due to a combo of prolific ancestors, early child-bearing, and longevity. I knew some great-great-grandparents, and each of my great-grandparents are alive and in their 80s except for one.

There is a curse though. Having 27 great-aunts and great-uncles is great and all, but there used to be 31. Four of those aunts and uncles died before they were 25, one of them even having two children already. The next generation, my mom and dad’s cousins, especially my dad’s side but some on my mom’s due to unrelated aunts and uncles from Mom’s side marrying relations from Dad’s side and creating double-cousins to me in a sense, had a similar mortality rate. Of those 61 cousins, 12 died before they were 22, and the rest are alive. What was at work? Genetics. I carry this gene, too, it turns out, the tendency for brain tumors and leukemia. I’ve helped bury my second cousins, and even helped bury one second cousin’s baby. Modern medicine reduced the mortality rate to just 3 second cousins and 2 first cousins, but how I cried when they died.

I kept my faith throughout it all. I’m just a sinner like anyone else, but still my cousins to whom I am closest will call me for matters of faith. I get at least three texts a day from some relation. I feel unworthy of it; I make bad mistakes too. I’ve never given up. Answering the inquiries that my friends put to me isn’t easy. I don’t know.

There are two simple criteria I follow when doing things with or for my friends. The first is not to violate my beliefs, which is simple. The second is to make the other persona happy. I don’t care if they never thank me. I just want to see them happy. If my friend is happy, that makes me happy too. On a more personal level, I hope I’m getting my friends closer to God as well. It’s a trite thing to say, but I want to see my friends in heaven too! I’m a child of the King, and I have a duty to serve Him. I don’t know if TUGs are something He likes, but I think He sees all of us and understands that some of us have suffered and find it therapeutic and that others like me just enjoy it in general. If He hates the TUGs I like, then He hates my car racing video games too.

My best friend, Nichole, who we’ll meet in the next chapter, is a newbie to Christianity too. It’s amazing that the friend who entered my life within one month of my brother’s death is new to it all after being in my life for over 16 years. I remember the first Christmas after Daniel died. My mom asked me which Christmas present made me happiest, and I answered with “Nichole” and said it was because God sent her to be my best friend when I was sad from losing Daniel. Well, I said it in terms a girl who was one month shy of 4 would say it. I truly believe God was at work in sending me the suggestion to go play with that wavy haired brunette.

Since that day, I’ve always seen the blessings in life. I’m not one of those crass jerks who will go “Oh, God murdered everyone you love to prepare you for something special!” or “Oh, there is a blessing hidden in Daniel’s death.” God knows my faith isn’t strong enough for a miracle even if maybe it was then; He let nature take its course. It’s a difficult position for both my Christian and non-Christian friends alike to accept.

Daniel, buddy, your little sister is crying and clutching her beloved Hannah Bandana. Remember Mr. Rogers (yes, named for him), my stuffed rabbit. Hannah’s getting clutched like that now.

UP NEXT: We kidnap my roommates.
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Very effective and efficient kidnapping, I wonder how grabbing the roommates will go.
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My that's a big family!! I am loving where this is going!! I am also excited I get to see more of the love between these girls!!
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Red Bandana Gang 1: The Amateur Kidnapper's Errors
Chapter 3
Saturday, April 15, 2017

“Jenny, are you all right?” Janie asks me, “What’s wrong?”
“Sorry, I got lost in my thoughts and started thinking about Daniel,” I respond.
“Will you be OK?” Serafina puts a hand on my shoulder.
“It’s OK to miss your brother,” Cassie says with a heartwarming smile, “You loved him.”
“Yeah,” I clutch Hannah, “Just need a moment. Sera, put Hannah’s socks in Cassie’s mouth.”
“What?! Oh, you f-cking piece of sh-mph!” Cassie turns on me in an instant!

A purple bandana and duct tape of course combine to hold it all in her mouth. It’s the first CGC special gag and my favorite! It’s better when the socks in my mouth are my own. Yum! OK, I don’t think it’s yum, but it’s delightfully humiliating to be gagged with your own dirty laundry. I don’t retch like some do. I’m on the fence with other people's laundry for sanitary reasons, but I can take it.

I nuzzle Hannah’s head and give Serafina red electrical tape to use on Cassie’s big toes and a tan bandana to use as a blindfold on the girl. Hannah isn’t too fond of being transported while she’s blindfolded, so I have to wait on her. I take a piece of cotton twine and tie Hannah’s big toes to each other. We were midway through tying up the dangerously strong girl when I started crying, and we have a job to finish.

It’s similar to Joy and Joyce, really. We tie her up just the same with four ropes along her legs, a breast harness, and a dual waist and crotch rope. I just love people; it’s part of my personality. I am a very people-oriented person to the extent I sometimes frustrate friends who want to be left to themselves at times. I truly love my friends and want the best for them. I don’t know how to explain it without sounding sappy, naïve, or foolish. I believe in people; I believed in Hannah to many people’s eventual happiness.

“How do we get them to the apartment?” Janie asks me now.
“It’s dark out. We wait for a clear moment and hop them across by brute force.”
“How will that work though?” Sera sees the potential risks.
“We cross the street and then we’re right there. I can see the apartment from here,” I smile.
“They know the risks if we get caught by some fault of theirs,” Janie’s confident in my plan.
“Just a-know the moment a school cop shows I’m a-ghosting you two.”

In that knowledge, Sera hauls Joyce’s suitcase, and Janie tows Joy. Janie controls a cooperative and sweet Emilia, and I push the angry, defiant, but helpless Cassie and the belligerent Hannah. We’re having fun! Oh, they might be acting one way or another, but we’re having fun and loving each other in our own little mixed CGC-Sorority manner. College is fun when you have friends like these in your life!

I roughly push Hannah, who enjoys gag yelling at me as much, if not more, than she enjoys the dirty laundry in her mouth. Cassie is mostly talking as an expression of her disorientation from the blindfold and as a way of protesting my actions, and Emilia seems content with the situation with only an occasional grunt coming from her. Nevertheless, we arrive at the apartment where I am glad to find no surprises.

I know the joy, my friends, especially you, Cassandra. It's the joy of being tightly bound, gagged with dirty laundry, and blindfolded by people you trust. It is a lot of fun on both sides of it, but I freely admit I prefer yours to mine. Get in there! Come on! That's it! I’m having so much fun! I hope you girls are having as much fun as I am! We open the suitcases to show Joyce and Joy.

“Uh oh!” Nichole is sitting on the sofa with her legs up.

Nichole has been through a lot of leg pain as a result of two different incidents. In the first, she pushed me out of the way of a car that was speeding in a school parking lot, getting hit so badly she broke her left leg. Then, after a series of ominous threats from unknown Facebook accounts, she was savagely beaten by her younger brother and left to die, breaking both legs in the attack among other breaks and wounds. The former was a selfless act of love, sacrificing herself in my place; I don't know if I’d have bravely pushed her out of the way if the positions were flipped or if I would have frozen in panic. The latter was the last and worst in a series of senseless acts of violence by her father and brothers against the daughter and sister they hated for no reason other than that she was a girl. This incident led to her marrying her boyfriend even though she still is living in dorms like an unmarried woman.

She is the original and best though, my best friend and now, to my happiness, sister by adoption, the legendary Gangsta Queen! Yes, it was Nichole who gave rise to the official Cool Girls’ Club symbol, the bandana, with her adoption of the western paisley fabric squares as a part of her day to day style. Hardly a day goes by where she doesn't wear one, and she has a clear cut favorite, the color on her head, navy blue. The friendship locket I gave her is always on her neck.

There are horrible scars all over her body from the injuries, including tragic self-afflicted ones on her arms from when she was so depressed over her family situation that she took to slashing her arms in a bitter battle against self-hatred. I prayed her for her night and day during that fight; I’d hardly had an hour where I didn't pray for her and even had nights so sleepless I would kneel by my bed and beg God to help Nichole win the war. Yesterday, she celebrated 8 months without a single slash. Last summer, in the greatest moment of our sisterhood, Nichole accepted Jesus into her life, and a month later she was baptized in my home church by my own hands.

My sister from another mother had the navy bandana headband, navy gym shorts, and a pale blue t-shirt. On her feet are white socks and, you guessed it, black canvas sneakers! We share many things indeed, and my style comes from her although some say my choices in colors can be a bit dreadful. The headband keeps her wavy brown hair out of her eyes. In fact, that similarity both in color and texture is how Joy accidentally introduced Serafina to TUGs, kidnapping the rookie by tackling her from behind while thinking she was kidnapping Nichole!

“This is a kidnapping, isn't it?” my fourth roommate, Bridget, asks with a giggle.
“You know it is,” I smile widely, “Come on, Janie, let's show Serafina how it's done!”
“I love how happy you are and wish I knew your secret!” Nichole's eyes sparkle.

Bridget is a rower with a heart of gold. We’ve had a big fight, too. Our first day back at school for our second year, Bridget acted super grouchy and snapped when I tried asking her what was bothering her, breaking my rib in the process. The immediate forgiveness I showed her literally changed her life. It turned out that Bridget's mother had died that summer.

Quiet and private, the blue-eyed girl with long icy blonde hair is the greatest ally anyone had. In the aftermath of Nichole’s attack, Bridget was the first to volunteer both to nurse Nichole and to be her bodyguard. She might have been a Grinch the day she attacked me, but she learned from it and has become the most dependable Cool Girl. Yes, the rower is a strong girl even if not like Hannah despite having the same height and build to the extent they wear each other's clothes! A pair of jean shorts and a black t-shirt are on the barefoot girl.

With Bridget, I share the beauty of faith, a faith like my own. Her struggles are personal both in a physical and a spiritual sense. She has that temper that has boiled over, although she's learned to control it and instead verbally expresses her stress before it turns to anger. Despite that faith in God’s goodness, she is a person who over-analyzes things until she is brooding about them. I guess it's her nature to want explanations to things; when she can't explain it then she becomes a bit frustrated whereas I’m content with not knowing and just making the best of things. She still accepts that God wants her to seek Him in all things though.

“Jenny!” Nichole laughs so happily to see me rush her.

Janie zips the rower while I tape my sister. I choose the tape because, used properly, I needn't be too rough on Nichole to keep her captive. I wrap her up just like I wrapped up Cassie, except I might have wrapped more of the skin on Nichole than on Cassie. It's time for a real treat. These two love a dirty sock gag, especially Bridget, and whose socks would Nichole rather eat than mine and hers, right? With minimal resistance, the four socks go into her mouth with a groan. A white handkerchief holds the socks in her mouth, and of course I tape her mouth up. Different to kidnapping Nichole is that I sit with her, hug her, and kiss her on the cheek. My best friends will always get my best, and Nichole is the best of the best. That’s why I tape my shoe to her face.

“Mmmmm!” Nichole moans into our dirty laundry while I tape her toes.
“Awww, sis, what's wrong? Is that little wad of ankle socks too big for you?”
“Mmmmm!” Bridget is in a similar position with her own socks, but her cleave gag is more zips!
“That will hold you!” Janie zips Bridget’s big toes.
“Grrmmm!” the victim groans.
“Quit crying!” a red bandana blindfolds Bridget.

Bridget is zipped up quite well. I count 6 each on her legs and thighs. One's on her wrists, and a series of wider zips crush her arms against her torso. She is going nowhere fast especially once a final zip hogties her. Janie has done an excellent job. That gag is either painful or awesome.

Janie is like me, an extraordinary kidnapper who is 90% rope bunny. She, like me, enjoys long stretches of bondage, even spending an entire day in various bondage scenarios under the careful tender care of her older sister. I’ve done the same under Nichole's loving eye. Rope bunnies we are and shamelessly so at that!

Hannah, Nichole, Joy, and Janie have all posed that question though. Why am I so happy? How do I so readily love people? I’m naturally happy, but bringing happiness to others also makes me happy. Doing what I believe is the right thing makes me happy. I guess it's a mix of personality and faith. But what is the root of my faith?

Six years ago, when the Club was young, Hannah and Nichole would have said I was a Christian because of how my parents raised me. The answer is that I have read the Bible and believe it is true. I know, there I go being basic and naïve again, right? The basis of being a Christian is that you believe Jesus is God, that He died on the cross, that He rose on the third day, ascended into heaven, and is co-eternal with and equal to the Father and the Holy Spirit. If I believe that much, then I’d be a fool not to trust the Book He co-authored via His chosen author’s hands. I accept it from one cover to the other, that He made the world, that David killed Goliath, that his apostles suffered to preach the Good News.

And that's why I love people. He always loves us even if He hates our sins. He forgives our sins when we repent, and I forgive others with similar charity. I love others as He first loved me. It's a logical religion, one that has been heavily scrutinized for ages and whose seeming flaws were explained in the 100s, 200s, and ever since by many people much smarter than me. It might be true that I was raised Christian, but I choose to continue in that path because I believe it's true after my own analysis. When a sudden impulse tells me to reach out to a friend named Hannah who was recently released from prison, that's the Holy Spirit, but I chose to make the phone call.

“Mmmmmmm!” I hear a familiar squeak behind me, and I turn to see Sera getting tied up!
“What's going on?” I stand up to see Joy and Emilia are free!
“Sera didn't use enough zippers,” Emilia explains, “I escaped easily.”
“Mmmm mmmm mmmm!” the still violently gagged Joy agrees, “Mmm mm mmm!”
“Let her go. Come on!” Janie whines.
“She made amateur mistakes; we should get to tie her!” Emilia protests, “Then you can grab us.”
“Fine,” I concede, “Just respect her limits.”

Sera didn't tie them up well enough; I should have been checking her work along the way. That felt too condescending though! Ugh! Sometimes, being kind-hearted makes me a pushover, and now the Red Bandana Gang is down a girl. Sera receives a cozy rope boxtie that I wish I could also enjoy alongside her, and her gag is an orange rubber ball with a gray bandana. Her legs are tied in the same fashion as the other roped captives, two on each segment. Alas, Serafina, I was looking forward to seeing you spank and tickle people, but it will have to wait for another day! I can't forget the shoe sniffing and teasing either!

I look down and notice that Emilia's legs are still zipped, but Cassie, Hannah, and Joyce neither made any progress on their own bonds nor received help from the others. That makes her easy to recapture. I put the same rubber ball back in her mouth while Janie ropes Joy. Sera made a few mistakes indeed, and now she is paying the price, a heavy price. She is collected on the floor alongside Hannah and Cassie; Joyce never left the suitcase.

I take no chances. Emilia's elbows easily touch, like me! Fine, then, I will “zipper” her arms in 6 places! A well-deserved crushing of ber face in 8 layers of duct tape follows that. I zip along her legs 6 times total on each segment after tightening Sera’s work. Safety in numbers with zips, and 4 more between her boobs and waist and one above her boobs is a good amount. Since our other zipped captive is hog-zipped, I hog-zip Emilia as well and put her blindfold back.

Joy is getting tied up just like Serafina. As ye sow, so shall ye reap. Both girls even have a tight crotch rope; ah, sorority girls make a big deal about those crotch ropes and using them to do dirty deeds while I enjoy them as another restraint. Janie takes longer to rope Joy, so I go around the room making sure each girl is securely zipped, roped, or taped. Once Joy is tied up, there is one order of business left to do: mask ourselves with red bandanas, take videos and photos of each of our captives, and take selfies with them all!

“Ready?” I am masking myself with one of my red bandanas, “Sera’s missing the best part.”
“Am I ever ready!” Janie bounces like a rope bunny too, “Let's do this!”

UP NEXT: We torture and spoil our captives.
CGC Short Stories (F+f+/F+f+): viewtopic.php?f=8&t=20527
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I remember some of Nichole's story from Season's of love and she is an amazing person surviving what she did. Excellent update!!
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Red Bandana Gang 1: The Amateur Kidnapper's Errors
Chapter 4
Saturday, April 15, 2017

Joy, Joyce, Hannah, Cassie, Emilia, Nichole, Bridget, and Serafina. The Red Bandana Gang had a successful evening even if one of our own was captured through her own foolishness. Hannah, Joy, and I all learned the hard way. Not all of us are naturals like Janie and Nichole, scouts like Joyce, students of experts like Cassie and Emilia, or players from childhood like Bridget. Since Joy is more properly tied, we put her and Joyce back in the suitcases with confidence before we turn to Serafina. I sit down next to her; she’s apprehensive about being gagged and blindfolded at the same time. We have eight captives at our disposal! Revenge will be so sweet!

“Sera, would you be OK with me putting you in a suitcase as well since you’re also roped?”
“Ummmmm,” she looks at me and then slowly nods, “Mmm hmm.”
“You know if you need something just snap three times,” I demonstrate the motion.
“Mmm,” Sera nods again in a mature understanding of what she is doing.
“All right, Miss Randaccio, let’s go,” I push her into the suitcase that Janie has retrieved.
“-yyyyye!” she waves to me as I zip it shut.

There is only a brief whimper as we gently lay the suitcase on its side. Whatever fears she might have had were mollified by some combination of my confidence and Joyce also being stuffed in a suitcase. With a smile of confidence, I turn my attention towards the others, the zipped Emilia and Bridget, the duct taped Nichole and Cassie, and the roped Hannah. I don’t want to make the latter join the rest of the roped girls because she has a stuffed gag and because of the promises I made to her.

“You want that hot chocolate, cutie pie?” I look right at her, “I know you’re having a bad day.”
“Mmm hmm,” she nods but knows there’s a catch.
“OK, I’m going to torture you first, OK? Then it’s drink and cookie time for you.”
“Mmm hmm,” Hannah’s eyes sparkle a little.
“Before the attack, I looked under the door and saw you crying. Let’s make you happy.”
“Awwww!” that makes her eyes really light up!
“You’re such a sweet, considerate, bandana-loving, adorable, thoughtful, helpful, TUG-obsessed, Godly, inspirational, energetic, tight gagging, bouncy girl, Jenny!” Janie teases me.
“I’m just trying to be a good friend,” I blush at that statement and laugh at the silliness.

Hannah’s a tough cookie. Yes, I promised her hot chocolate and cookies first, so I’m going to do her first. Yes, I made that pun on purpose! There’s no breaking her without triggering her about her past, so the goal is just to have fun with throwing whatever she likes at her. She likes it when people spank her bare bottom, but I’m not sold on it yet. I’ll spank her over her clothes though; I can turn it over to Janie if I need more strength than I am comfortable dishing as well. Spanking comes first. If I’m going to spank Hannah, I’m going to do all the spanking of the available girls at once. That means Cassie, Bridget, Nichole, and Hannah are laid on the floor in a wonderfully symmetric square since they’re about the same size. Cassie is in for the spanking since she likes it and Emilia doesn’t; then I’ll swap for the tickling because they’re opposite on that! Janie and I kneel on the floor inside the square.

Cassie and Bridget are already blindfolded. I added a bright green bandana blindfold to the very helpless Hannah, and Janie uses a yellow one on Nichole. Now, we are ready to go. There is so much fun to be had, my friends. I love each and every one of you, and I’m going to give you all my very best. It’s the least I can do for you as a show of gratitude for the friendship. One final thing: one of either my or Nichole's sneakers gets wrap bandaged to Hannah’s, Bridget’s, and Cassie’s faces.

“Oh, Hannnnahhhhhhhhhh!” I announce her name so clearly before my hand comes down.
“Shall we, Janie? As the triumphant Red Bandana Gang members who survived?”
“Let’s do this!” the softball player grins at me.

Let the spanking party begin! We know Hannah and Bridget are gluttons for punishment, so we each tag one of them in between smacking another person, sometimes getting them on different cheeks at the same time. It’s a beautiful sound! Oh, TUGs, I love you so much! No questions in my mind: TUGs are the best game ever. I figure 25 total for Cassie and Nichole, but we can “go to town” on the other two.


Janie and I are laughing and teasing the captives while we spank them in a non-stop circuit that is bringing them all pain and happiness. Oh, what fun we are all having together! I’m surrounded by many of my favorite people in the world. Emilia must be horrified by hearing us spank these girls some 100 times combined. It was such a good time in the little apartment.

“Which one of us did it?” I say.
“Aw, did that hurt?” Janie taunts them.
“Oops, did my hand just slap your butt? For once in my life, I’m not sorry,” I lay it on thick.
“Too bad. Is the helpless girl in distress,” Janie revels in the moment.
“Just remember revenge must be equally extravagant,” I can’t resist being a rope bunny!
“I wonder if bad things will come to the Red Bandana Gang,” Janie can’t resist either!

And the entire time the only responses we get are unintelligible.

MMPH!” and “GRM!” and “EEEE!” and “OWW!” and “WHEE!” and the like.

Then the tickling comes: I love, love, love tickling my captives! It’s my absolute favorite way to play with them. It’s my favorite torture as a captive, too. There are so many things I enjoy when it comes to TUGs, but best of all are times like these when memories are being made. Janie uses her strength to exchange Cassie for Emilia. Cassie is going nowhere fast, and she knows she will get treated like family if she’s patient although being ignored isn’t a thing she likes.

The giggles that rise up from the captives are so fun! The Red Bandana Gang are the harbingers of happiness today. They have done it before, and they will continue to do it after, I suspect. It’s a treat to tickle them. I try to love my friends every day as if tomorrow they were moving away to a far place where I will be unable to see them even monthly.

We cycle even for the tickling: 3 minutes on a girl, then we rotate to the next one. That way each girl gets 3 minutes on and 3 minutes off. Those 3 minutes off are less than half the time needed to recover from the intensity of the tickling Janie and I are dishing out to our captives. We give our best at all times, and the tickling is no different

We work them up over 40 minutes. They go from laughing, to howling, to crying, and finally to groaning in pain. It's a great progression through a variety of emotions, and Cassie thrashes on the floor in her helplessness throughout while the other three squirm and squeak inside the three suitcases. It brings an excellent question to mind: which would I rather be? Spanked alone like Cassie, tickled alone like Emilia, spanked and tickled like Nichole, Hannah, and Bridget, or left in a suitcase like Joyce, Joy, and Serafina? Let's think about these on a rating scale, 0 to 10 with 0 being worst and 10 being best. Yes, I am rating the scenarios I helped create.

I know I’d not prefer Emilia's position for certain. Being just tickled alone is disappointing, but her binding is pretty darned cool. The gag is a winner as well, and being blindfolded is always on my list of things to do. She likes things too soft even if she plays dirty games I don't like. I have to give her position a 4/10.

Cassie's duct taped, which is a big “blech” in my book although I will accept it for kidnapping in the right circumstances. If I’m not wearing long sleeves, it's unacceptable, a hard limit. I am no snob, but I hate losing arm hairs. What's the point, Cassandra? If tickling and spanking are both on the menu, you take both! A dirty sock gag is a plus. This one's a 3/10.

The three brave souls who accepted both punishments are worthy of 5 points right off the bat. I have to dock points for Nichole being duct taped; right now, it's the one that puts the least stress on her body although she's been getting roped since January as well. I just knew she was having a bad day because she's bestie. The gag is great, the blindfold is greater, and the shoe is greatest of all. This one loses 2 for the tape and gains for the rest to earn a 7/10.

Miss Bridget is very nicely zipped. A dirty laundry gag is a wonderful thing, and the ziptie gag is ingenious even if I probably wouldn't rate it so highly. It’d be fun but not a favorite. Being in a hogtie is a lovely bonus. I’ll give this one a 9/10.

Hannah Bandana, you’re in one of the greatest positions: tightly bound in ropes, blindfolded, and gagged with dirty socks, a bandana, and tape. There are a few ways to get me to TUG bliss, and this is one of them. Out of the girls here, yours is the most enviable position. If I could snap my fingers and switch places with you, I would. An all-time favorite gets a 10/10.

The suitcase girls are also in an awesome position. Rubber ball gags alone are lousy because of the drool, but they're amazing when the captive gets her face taped up before she can drool. I’m a fan of being jammed in tight dark places; being in a stuffy sweaty suitcase, the thought makes my heart race, is incredible, especially when I’m bound in rope. This is another 10/10.

I can so readily dish out things because I like when people satisfy my TUG quirks. Being tickled is awesome to me, so I use my experiences as a victim to furnish a better experience for my own victims. I like being breathless when the tickling is finished, and I try to leave them breathless as well.

Some like to use terms like sadism and masochism. I don't like compartmentalizing TUGs like this because it renders the game as a competitive balance. No, that's for bondage; this is a game with roles. Some prefer one role or the other, but the goal is mutual enjoyment regardless of the role being played at the moment. Sure, I get a kick out of being spanked, but I also just enjoy it when my captor mindlessly spanks me. I like TUGs. Cassie likes bondage. Hannah likes both bondage and TUGs. Get what I’m saying? Good. Let's talk more about tickling.

I can't understand what the captives are saying, but they're wailing into their respective gags in a spectacular fashion. Hannah fights the most of all, which is unsurprising given her strength both in body and in spirit. I remember just two years ago, Hannah was so weakened and downtrodden by all the lemons life had given her. It's still a struggle because of her mental health issues, but I have seen her improve so much that she now can fearlessly face most of her problems headlong.

It's amazing how much torture can be suffered because of the simple human fingers. Yes, these fingers bound, gagged, and blindfolded some of these girls, but it's amazing how the fingers also create that forced laughter by touching the armpits, rib cage, belly, shoulders, thighs, and feet in just the right way. Why did God make the body that way? I’m sure glad He did though! When I dream of TUGs, it's always either empathetically imagining myself suffering a horror that one of my friends suffered or getting spanked and or tickled by a friend. What powers we have to love and to hurt. Joyce and Hannah have been hurt in the worst way.

“It's time,” I say regretfully, “Torture’s over; I promised Hannah hot chocolate and cookies.”
“You do that; I’ll check on the suitcase damsels,” Janie says with a smile, “We had fun today.”
“All of us had fun,” I think my eyes are sparkling, “Loving and being loved.”
“Today embodies all that the Cool Girls’ Club stands for. You're the best example of all.”
“Now, Janie, I think Nichole is a better,” she cuts me off before I can finish though.
“No. Unconditional friendship, love, and TUGs. You're the CGC mission personified. Many of us would be lost without the CGC, but you were the lure for my sister, Nichole, Hannah, Millie, Joy, Serafina, Joyce, Hannah’s prison friends, and you’ve positively changed more lives in your 8 years of being the CGC Gangsta Princess than many do in a lifetime.”
“I don't know what to say,” I blush and turn around to hide my shame at Janie's words.

“She's saying you were there,” a free Joyce opens the suitcase herself, “Crying with me when my mom died. You showed Hannah friendship when she wondered if friendship was meaningless. You stood by Joy when she struggled with sex. You supported me and spent many hours texting me instead of sleeping in the weeks after my boyfriend r-ped me. You’ve been a friend to Sera who never knew friendship until a month ago. You comforted Emilia when her boyfriend violated her limits. You twice rode with Nichole in an ambulance despite your fears and held her hand when we all worried if she would die 7 months ago. If any CGC girl has been in trouble, you’ve been there to help them. Your example transformed most of a cell block of a prison into Cool Girls, Jenny! You've never let it go to your head, and I pray that you never change. You're the heart and soul of the Cool Girls’ Club.”

“Too bad you're diabetic, or I’d give you a cookie,” I smile at Joyce and see Janie agrees.

The kitchen is my happy place. Since I was 8, I have been using the kitchen to show my love for my family and my friends. I fill my electric kettle and turn it on to heat up the water. I grab the container of cookies and set it on the counter. I tune out the conversations that arise when Joyce frees Joy and Millie. The latter comes over to me; she has become an interesting friend over the years despite being a year older than me. She smiles and hands me the powdered milk and the cocoa powder for my special hot chocolate. I try not to talk; I’ve been humbled by the angels I am blessed to call my friends.

Is Joyce right? Am I all that to this Club? I don't feel that way. In my opinion, Nichole has been the glue of the CGC, not me. She was the one who wanted Hannah back in the fold first; Joyce was the one who befriended Serafina; Nichole saved me from the reckless driver. I’m not special in any regard. I’m just a rope bunny who has her focus on the bigger things God wants from her. Am I right?

“Janie, Joyce, you couldn't have said it better,” I hear Joy say behind me.
“My sister is the best,” Nichole joins the echoing chorus.
“God uses the smallest of us for the biggest things,” Bridget’s voice oozes admiration.
“Sometimes, when I’m praying, I ask God to make me more like her,” Janie candidly admits.
“Is it true?” I whisper to Emilia and try not to die from embarrassment.
“Cassie, Sera, and Hannah are perfect cuddle toys for our big-hearted friend,” Joyce laughs.
“Yes, but,” Millie whispers back, “Keep being you. We like you as you are.”

I squeeze a little peppermint oil into one mug, pour caramel syrup into another, and drop a chunk of dark chocolate into another. I’m making them all just the way my friends like it best. Mint is for Hannah; caramel is for Nichole; dark is for Bridget. I have learned a lot today, about myself in ways I never knew.

Soon, all of us are sitting around. I have Hannah. Joy and Emilia have Cassie. Lastly, Bridget and Joyce have Sera. We're drinking hot chocolate and tea and eating cookies. It's been such a fantastic evening, an unforgettable one. All of us will cherish this night for many years to come. I raise my mug and declare, “Cool Girls forever!” and then proceed to tell my friends what I had learned about myself that evening.


Believe me I can concoct a title for every color bandana that is worn by more than 1 Cool Girl! These are some titles that came to mind.

Black: Inmates and Gangstas (Ashley, Hannah, & Nichole)
Blue: What TUGs Mean to Her (Hannah, Janie, & Joy)
Brown: Triumph of the Small and Weak (Jenny, Joyce, & Joy)
Green: The Florida Alliance (Janie, Joyce, & Lauren)
Lavender: The Inmates Are Running the Prison (Hannah, Kylie, & Michela)
Lime Green: Cousins Unite! (Jenny & Kendra)
Navy: The Amateur Kidnapper’s Success (Nichole & Serafina)
Pink: The Original Bandana Gang (Jenny & Joy)
Purple: How to Love Your Big Sister (Ashley, Janie, & Lauren)
Tan: Friends When She Needed Them Most (Joyce & Joy)
White: Size Doesn't Always Matter (Hannah & Nichole)
Yellow: Best Friends Forever! (Jenny, Lauren, & Nichole)
CGC Short Stories (F+f+/F+f+): viewtopic.php?f=8&t=20527
Find my other CGC Stories in the same link above!

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Great ending!! I really liked the section when she rated the positions! I vote for brown, green, lavender, pink, and purple bandana stories! Though I would love to see them all!!
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