I'm in pain and I can't even scream (f/m)

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I'm in pain and I can't even scream (f/m)

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A couple f days ago I visited my friend, Gloria, for the first time... We watched movies and had so much fun but it was getting late and I needed to go.

Gloria said she didn't want me to leave and started scheming how to make sure I stay even if it meant tying me up... I don't know why I let her honestly... Maybe because I've never been tied up before and wanted to try it... Anyway she got the rope and laid me on the couch as she started tying my hands together behind my back with rope.

Next she tied my feet together... I thought she was going to go for a hogtie but no... She just applied a third rope to secure me to the sofa... "Here I am all tied up with nowhere to go... But seriously untie me I need to go" I said... And that was a mistake... She immediately got triggered because I still wanted to leave and decided to punish me.

Sadly I was wearing shorts and a short sleeved shirt... While tied up I was really exposed and vulnerable... She bit me in the arm really hard and stayed there for a while...I screamed like a baby and begged her to let me go... She didn't want anyone to hear my screams so she cleave gagged me... She then bit me in the back of my thigh... It hurt like a bastard... I screamed and struggled to no avail... And she kept moving her jaw so the pain stays with me... I was a little teary eyed now.

She took a couple of photos of me and then brought a bag... I couldn't ask what was that thanks to the gag... She put some on my back and another some on me legs and started rubbing... It was itching powder!! I yelled and struggled as hard as I can... She got that on camera too then she decided to go to sleep leaving me tied up and getting tortured... It was awful