Nate's Home Detention [F/m]

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Nate's Home Detention [F/m]

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This turned out quite dark and emotional though.


Cordelia was annoyed. Nate had promised to be home punctually for dinner at six, but as on the days before, he did not come. Hungry as she was, she ate without her son, wondering how to bring him to terms. First she would have to find out why he was away, Nate constantly dodged any questions.
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After doing the laundry, which smelled unusual, she prepared for his return. As expected, he was much later than promised: Half past eight he swaggered in satisfied. Cordelia hardly recognized her son. She watched him secretly, Nate did not seem to look for her anyways. He went to his room, ignoring the food she had generously left on the table, and soon the clicks of his keyboard were audible even outside his door.

She quietly opened the door, and since he was facing away from her and was wearing his headphones, he did not notice anything. For a bit, she stood behind him, watching him play a rhythm game. As he stretched his arms up in a short break, Cordelia seized the moment and locked the handcuffs onto his wrists.

Nate, visibly dazed, slid down his headphones using his shoulders. “What are you doing, mom?” he inquired as he looked up.

“I have a little surprise for you. Follow me.” Nate clearly was not convinced but accepted his lot as his single mother pulled him by the cuffs. It felt awkward walking like that, led like an ancient slave. Nate inspected the cuffs, which did not look very stable, more like toys. Why did she have these? Uneasiness rose within him. “What are you doing?” he asked again.

Cordelia had brought him into their shared kitchen and dining room, where he now saw and remembered the dinner. As she remained silent, he followed up: “Are you mad because I was late? I am sorry mom. Please don’t make a big fuzz about this. We can talk this out.”

“I do want to talk, but on my terms. You have shirked from this for too long.” Cordelia answered while wrapping rope around his already cuffed wrists and then pulling it up through a ring in the ceiling which usually held a floating chair. Only now did he notice that the chair was missing as well.

This was a little much now. Nate tried to pull his wrists back down, but it was impossible. Cordelia had already connected the other side of the rope on the ground.


Nate had not even bothered taking his new leather jacket off, its zipper was now open with a green shirt showing underneath, together with a brown jeans and grey socks. Thus he stood upright in the flat, unable to move but a meter, while his mom took a seat on the kitchen table.

“Are you hungry?” Cordelia asked.

Nate looked back on her sceptically and did not respond. She took a bite from a sandwich and they watched each other in silence for a minute.

“So, why were you late today, just as every day this week, despite your promise? Is your family suddenly immaterial?”

Nate cloaked himself in secrecy, trying to dodge her piercing gaze.

“You said you wanted to talk this out, this is your chance. Now we follow my terms, and you stay here until you tell me the truth, Nate.” She started walking around and doing a few chores here and there, always in audible range. But Nate stood tight and stayed stubborn.

Cordelia knew the clock was against her. Nate would have to go to school tomorrow, so she could not wait him out. While cleaning the dishes, a wooden spoon caught her eye. She turned it in her hands, wondering if she should really go that far. But she saw no other choice.


“Nate, if you do not speak up I will have to coerce you. This will not be pleasant for either of us.”

He did not answer.

“Alright,” and there went a soft hit on his bum. Nate did not react, so she gradually strengthened her hits, spanking him again and again as his buttocks tensed up. Cordelia lost her temper completely, screaming “NATE! PLEASE! NATE! COME BACK TO ME!” while hitting him summoning all her strength.

Nate was still quiet, but as Cordelia calmed down she heard a snivel. Turning around, she saw tears running down Nate’s face and could not help but cry herself.

What had she done?


Cordelia quickly untied Nate, merely the cuffs she was not able to unlock in the moment, taking him onto her lap and hugging him for a long time. Nate also laid his arms onto her shoulders as his restraints allowed.

It took a long time for them to calm down, but somehow it prompted Nate to open up about his struggles with his first relationship. Cordelia comforted him and in turn constructively let out all the anger she had accrued since Nate’s father left, which Nate had had to deal with.
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