Another Night tied up Tight ! F/M

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Another Night tied up Tight ! F/M

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Hello ! I have a new story for you all, this time a Sequel to my first ever story, " A Tight relationship " ( I would suggest reading that one first, but it's not that necessary to enjoy this ! ) I had been planning to write with one for some time, and finally hear it is, so I do hope you enjoy !

" Another Night tied up Tight " F/M

It had been a little over a Month now sense My girlfriend Julianna had tricked me into being tied to a chair one night at her place, and revealed to me that she had loved the idea of tying me up playing with me as her " little captive ! " it had been one month sense I agreed to keep on letting her tie me up when she wanted ! and well, things have never been better between us now ! I admit I was pretty, unsure on how I Felt the first time she did that to me and came out about how she felt and what she wanted from me. but honestly, the idea had really grown onto me, I mean I agreed to her that she could tie me up when ever she felt, so what much could I do, I really liked her and wanted her to be happy, and being tied up was not so bad,

so if you all don't remember, my Name is Matt, or Matty bear, or Matty pooh, or what ever my girlfriends likes to call me. it's the one thing she can do that'll annoy me, well anyway, things had been going pretty good between me and Julie sense the evening I was her little captive, and agreed to let her tie me up whenever, however, sense then, not too many things in that area had really come up again, at least not to that extent, sure Julie began to be a lot more open now on the topic, when ever we'd be together she'd usually bring up ways one can tie up another person, showing me a lot of her material she had saved up over the past couple years. she had a lot and I mean a lot of rope and duct tape, plus a few other things she wanted to try out, she even tried a few things on me, nothing fancy again like before, but little things, like tying my hands together a couple times, even handcuffing them, ( she had not gagged me though sense the first time yet )

anyway, Tonight was a very peculiar night, as you see, me and Julie had planned to have a night out today, we had not exactly planned on what we'd be doing, but she said we can make it up as we go along, maybe go for a walk tonight and get some takeout, see a movie, or just stroll about ect, anyway, it was still fairly warm out so I knew I didn't need to dress very warm, but I threw on a light jacket anyway and made my way out the door, I decided to walk over to Julie's place this time, it was half hour walk from where I lived but I knew it I left now I'd be there by Eight on the dot. so I let her know I was walking on my way before I headed out. she responded with a happy remark that she couldn't wait for me to get there and have a safe trip over.

Now it didn't occur to me in anyway that, Julie had any alternate motives about tonight, sense, all she had done the past month prior to first trying me up, was again, little things, lasting no more then a small session. not once did she ever mention plans on actually tying me up like before, so I simply made my way over to her place without thinking much of what could await me for the evening. I mean we always sort of just made up our plans as we went along anyway, so, I was just content on getting to spend time with her.

well as predicted I made it to her place right at 8:00, err. well maybe 10 minutes after, but who's counting ? anyway, I knocked on her door as soon as I got there and almost as though she had been waiting for me there, the door opened a moment after

" so you finally made it huh " Julie said standing there with her arms crossed and a smirk on her face, I just sheepishly chuckled. I notice tonight she was wearing a light pink Sleeveless Top and a pair of jeans, her hair was done up in a high Pony tail, a style she didn't wear too often.

" ha ! sorry, I would have been here sooner, but " traffic " was killer " Joked

" yes I imagine those sidewalks are packed full " she playfully rolled her eyes as she then gave me a kiss on the cheek ! " I'll just have to remember your timing later tonight " she said with a teasing tone that I just chuckled at

" so then, now that I have finally arrived, what would be our plan hmm we have a lost to choose from it seems" I say heading toward the living room as I heard Julie snicker behind me

" oooh, well you know, I had some ideas, " she said in her playful tone as heard her walking behind me, when suddenly then before I could even react, a felt her hand clamp around my mouth and her other hand around my waist and pull me closer to her.

" a Lot of Ideas that I want to try out , Tonight on you " she whispered into my ear in a rather seductive tone.

" Mmmhh ?! " was all I could get out from her hand clamped over my mouth as she giggled keeping it firmly on my mouth, her other arm continuing to pin me to her body.

" That's right Matty bear, your going to be my tied up boy again tonight " she said as suddenly I felt her arm release me then I heard a jingling sound as I felt something cold wrap around my left wrist locking tight, then it being pulled behind me with another clamping around my right wrist, also locking as well, Handcuffs ! my hands where not pinned behind my back,
now without taking her hand off my mouth Julie leaned in close to my hear again and spoke in a devious tone.

" You have fallen victim to my trap sir, walked right into it, now I have you in my clutches, and you cannot go free until I see fit, " she giggled lightly. I blushed a bit from the sudden change in tone of this all, plus it also had caught me off guard, yes still I simply complied to what was happening.

" Alright, then, if you understand that you are mine now for the evening, Nod your head " she said in her playful tone. I blinked a couple times for a then gave a nod.

" Good ! then, we can continue then " she exclaimed, " okay, I'm going to take my hand off your mouth, but no funny business I mean it, " she said going back to her " serious " tone, I gave another nod as she the gave me a little bump on my back telling me to move forward to the living room, which I did.

once we were there, she then told me to take a seat on the sofa, which again, I did just that, by plopping down onto it,. where she then stood right in front of me with a that mischievous expression on her face. as I just sat there now with my hands cuffed behind my back.

" Okay matt, I'll explain myself now, " she said with a confirming nod " as you may know by now ,where not going out tonight, but will still be spending some fun time together " she explained. " I had planned for this night for a couple weeks now, getting things ready and prepared " she added " your going to be spending this evening yet again, Tied up as my little captive, like before " she said with a devious grin as she bit her lower lip

I cocked my head as I felt around with my cuffed hands, never having them cuffed liked before was new to me, either way I didn't say anything for a moment as I continued to test them, however Julie just chuckled at my attempts to fumble around with them.

" yes those are the same ones I tried on you a couple weeks ago two, real steel ! you can't slip out of them not matter what " she said with a chuckle, " but don't get too used to them, I have, other plans for you " she said as I looked up at her now. " I mean, I hope your okay with this, " change " of plans, " she added to which finally spoke up .

" oh, no it's fine, I just, um letting it all process, " I say as I just sat there. " I mean I guess I should have seen this one coming, " I added with a chuckle as Julie Laughed.

" oh ho, yes, yes you should have, but honestly it made it much more fun when you didn't expect it, " she giggled, " so here's how I'll let you know what to expect, tonight, your going to be tied, up, yes, in a few different ways. I won't tell you how now, but you'll soon know, first hand " she said with a wink at me. to which I could only nod,

even though I know this was all in fun, and Julie would never do anything that would, cause me distress or harm, I couldn't help but feel the slightest bit anxious as to what laid ahead. but also I was a bit, curious to find out as well.

" okay then my little captive, you just sit there, tightly, while I fetch some things to better " detain " you " she said with a innocent little smirk and yet another wink. as she left the room, leaving to me to sit there on her couch as I patiently waited for her return, toying around a little with the cuffs. shortly after Julie had returned with what looked like a Armloads of Rope,

" Okay, lets get started, time to secure you properly parishioner ! " " she said with a firm tone then dropped all her stuff into the carpeted floor.

" okay firstly, I'm going to bind your legs, starting at your ankles. " she said kneeling down until she was sitting on both knees, she then grabbed my legs and a length of the white cotton rope. she began to start trying my ankles together with one length or rope, clinching them off tightly, ( a phrase she had taught me ), then proceeded to do the same just blow and above my knees, clinching them all off tightly as well, my entire bottom
now restricted as I could not move a single thing safe for my toes underneath my socks and shoes.

" there we are, now you won't be thinking of trying to run away from me " she said giving my leg a little tickle, " oh, and you won't be needing these " she said as she then removed both my shoes and my socks now " it'll make you feel a bit more comfy, as comfy as you can get " she chuckled knowingly before standing back up.

" okay, now to start on your upper body, which means those cuffs got to come off, and that jacket, don't want you getting too stuffy " she said tapping her chin as she then grabbed some more rope and took a seat next to me on the sofa " those were only to let you know you were mine tonight, but don't you worry, your going to be restricted even tighter then what those could be." she said with another one of her devious grins.

soon enough the cuffs were removed and my jacket as well,my arms where then pulled together on top of one another, she then began to wind rope around them tightly until she tied them off, but she was not down just at that, she then began to time my upper arms too around my body and chest, pinning my arms to my back and to my sides,she made sure it was all secure and tight.

" there we are, I don't think you'll be squirming out of that anytime soon " she said with a giggle as she tickled my chin, which I admit did cause me to squirm a little.

" okay, so just to test it, give me a little, squirm " she said bopping my which I did and began to squirm about in my bonds, and as expected, I could not so much as loosen as single thing, the rope held tight restricting any of my movement. I knew I was unable to get free from this.

" good, ! just how I like to see,it, I had really worked on my rope skills, even though last time I tied up this tight I used duct tape, but I still figured it'd be good to be prepared " she said looking quite pleased with her work.

" Yeah, it's pretty tight, I can hardly move in this, " I say grunting a bit as I tried see if there was any way to loosen the bonds.

" hmm, nope, your stuck, as I had planned, " she said with a nod, then suddenly snapped her fingers " oh, right, speaking of, I can't have you doing any speaking yourself, " she said with a grin as I knew just what that meant.

" I'll go simple this time, but your not going to be making a peep once I'm done " she said getting up, then went over to her drawer by her couch and pulled out a roll of Duck tape.

" I went and bought special sticky brand today, also very thin too, I think it stick better then the thick strands sense it'll hug your face much better " she chuckled a but as she waved the tape about. and then stood in front of me.

" so are you read, if you have any words to say now, you better hurry and say em " she said as readily tore a strand of the tape off

" uuuh, yeah um, are we going to be ea-gghhhhhh !! " I was suddenly cut off as she quickly wedged my own sock into my mouth !!! eulggh !! " before I could even spit it out she slapped the tape right over my mouth and smoothed it out before she tore another one, and applied it over that once, then she did it with another one, and another one ! she repeated this process several more times until I had 10 strands plastered on my face.!

" Ggghhhh !! Mmppphhhh !!! " I yelled into the gag

" mmm hmmm that sounds right " she said with a smile, " okay, Matty bear, your all trussed up and not being let go until I say, so you better get comfy, " she said leaning close to my face, " it's going to be a fun night ! " she smirked before then kissing my forehead

" MMmpph " I moaned as I squirmed in my bonds as Julie watched, clearly enjoy the show, she just giggled as my squirms and moans as she stood there with her arms crossed.

" well, I can see, your not going to be in a Hurry to leave, so, I think I'll just my myself comfy too " she said as she headed to the couch and plopped down right onto it, her head on the cushioned armrest and her legs, right on my lap,

" Mmmph ? " I moaned as she just laid there now. her arms resting behind her head.

" mmmh, sooo relaxing, this is truly going to be a wonderful evening isn't it Matty Pooh " with me relaxing all comfy, and with you, all trussed up, letting me rest my long legs on your lap, " she smiled at me, as she crossed her feet, " I just been thinking of all the things we can do, or, well, I can do to you, and watch as you struggle in your bonds " she giggled, " I feel like that'll be a fun evening ? don't you ? " she said as I moaned some more

" mmmpph mppph "

" I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that, you, seem to have a little something in your mouth "she mocked, "oh well, can't be too important if you won't speak to me clearly " she giggled.

I just rolled my eyes as she continued to relax with my lap as her leg rest, I however began to push the sock in my mouth a bit with my tongue, damn I wish I did some laundry " I thought as I winced at the taste.

" you know Matty, I was thinking maybe we could watch another chick flick tonight like we did before, sense I know you love them so much " she giggled, but I think that'll wait for later. for now I just want to be in the moment here, with you as my prisoner, " she giggled again, then let out a sigh, she spent the next 20 minutes or so, rubbing my body and toying with my bods with her feet, she never brought them up to my face, but she still toyed with my body, poking me with her toes and such. Humming happily to herself as she did, clearly was just relishing the fact I was tied up and hers to do with ever !

I admit, it was, interesting to just be sitting there having her feet poke me however she wanted, feeling nothing like more then just a toy to her, however I could tell we was already starting to tire of the antic, and soon she sat up and stretched her arms

" you know what, I think we can find another position for you, I want to watch the movie soon, but, I think I'll a much more fun position for you, " she said as she got up now and began to head out of the room " don't you go anywhere " she said winking at me as I just yet again rolled my eyes, but wondered what she had in store for me, in the meantime I decided to entertain myself by trying test my bonds again, finding there was no give in them again like before. I kicked my legs up and tried to wriggle them, but, yeah no way was I getting them free, Julie really had done her stuff,

soon enough after trying to wriggle free for a couple minutes, Julie finally returned back from where she keeps her stash of " tie up " gear

" okay Matty bear, I'll have new position for you, but I'll need to you to get onto the floor and onto your belly, so, let's help with that " she said as she placed some rope down on the sofa next to me and began to help me stand to my legs. then she got me into a kneeling position

" alright, now, lets slowly lower you onto your belly " she said as she gently help me roll forward until I was laying on my belly faced down.

" Hmmm, okay, now then let's get started here, i'm going to take this rope and your legs and do this " she said as she began to lift my ankles up and bend them back until they were nearly at my back, she then tied a length of rope around them and began to secure it off, she brought the other end of it to my bound arms and proceeded to feed them through the rope keeping them bound, once she managed to do that she began to tie it off there. so now my ankles were bound to my arms behind me,

" This is called a Hogtie " she said with a nod, " it keeps you on your tummy like so " she said poking my side causing me to squirm and her to giggle.
" there are a few variants of it, and your in one of them " she said again " now give a squirm she said as I complied and began to struggle about in my bonds, but could find that I could hardly move about at all, just barely rock from side to side, yet event that was pretty tough.

" aaah, so nice, your just as stuck as ever "she giggled, kneeling lower next to me, " I think you can spend the majority of the movie down there then " she said as I moaned at her.

" Okay then, I'm going to start the movie, stay put " she giggled again her joke, she was really loving that one " I thought as I shook my head,

soon she came back with a DVD, I had not seen that coming, sense we usually streamed all the movies,

" Legally blonde 2 " she said holding up the case, I moaned and rolled my eyes, like I ever even seen the first one ?

Julie quickly popped it into the blue ray and dimmed the lights off, " oh this is a classic, ! you'll love it ! " she said with a teasing down as she took as seat behind me, leaving me facing the TV, which I admit it was a bit hard to see properly in this position, but still, not much I could really do, so I just let myself lay there as the movie started up,

Needless to say, I was not all that invested in this, but I was forced to hear the movie and see what I could being the way that I was bound, I could tell Julie was really into it though, I would feel her brushing her feet up along my legs and own feet from time to time as she would giggle at a few scenes in the movie, I though was not feeling too entertained, and so, I began to start protesting into my gag moaning and groaning, which I think was finally starting to get on Julies nerve

" Matty pooh, your disrupting the movie, please stop " she said as I moaned out again, she tried to go back to watching it but soon couldn't take my muffled protests. and soon she paused the film.

" okay that's it, your clearly unhappy about this " I heard her say, if you are liking the movie, I guess I won't make you watch it " she said as I sighed into my gag, but soon heard her chuckle " cause I have a better idea for you then " she said as she got up, and I didn't like the sound of it.

with a bit of effort, she manage to actually turn me around to that I was now facing the couch instead of the TV, I moaned realizing that was all she meant about not making me watch the Movie, or so I thought, cause then fetched another new length of rope and I began to wonder just what she had instore for me now.

" Mmpph ? "

" don't you worry Matty bear, I have it all worked out " she said as began to wrap the rope around my forhead and my ankles, tying them off tightly so that I was not forced to look straight up unable to lower my head at all, she then went over with with some duct tape for extra security,

" Mppphhh !!! " I yelled into the gag not sure if I really liked this any better.

" quiet now, I'm only tying to be nice " she teased me, she then turned the lights back of and took her spot on the sofa again, right in front of me so I was facing her. with a click of the remote, the movie was back on and I was now in not so improved position, and it was going to prove to get much worse, cause about only five minutes into the movie again, Julie started to tease me again with her feet, poking me with her toes, only this time, in the face !

" MMmppph ! gghhh !! " I yelled not wanting her feet right in my face,

" Hush ! " she said as she pressed both her soles flat into my face causing me to squirm ! with my head held the way it was I was unable to turn or lower it away from her feet smothering me

" mmffff mmppphhh !!! " I shouted squirming in my bonds as Julie chuckled as she began to dance her toes around on my face

" like my feet Matty Bear ? do they smell good hmmm ? " she then giggled, clearly now enjoying tormenting me more so then watching the movie

" MMppphhh !! " I yell into my gag again, her feet didn't smell all that bad, but I still didn't like having them smothered on my face, specially sense she's never done it before.

" awww, don't be so grumpy, hear let me pet your hair instead " she said stroking her toes across my hair as she began turn her attention to the movie again. I just groaned, figuring it was better then the former gestures.

well, needless to say, I spent the rest of the movie stuck there like that as Julie played with her feet around my face, keeping me stuck gazing at them, she'd slide and rub them over my eyes and gagged mouth. finally when the movie was down, she stopped and stood up, stretching again

" aaahh, that was really nice, I think I may need to turn you into a foot stool next time " she winked at me, I muffled a moan as I thought about the other possible times she'll be doing this. who knows how long she'll wait again, it could be sooner, or later, she'd probably plan to catch me off guard again like tonight

" Well, you know what, I think it's time we work on getting ourselves fed, and I have just the stuff, you thinking pizza ? cause I'm thinking pizza, How about Pizza Hut ! " she said smiling looking down at me as I moaned yes, Unable to nod,," I'll go order one right now ! " she said grabbing her phone " so Pizza Hut it is ! " she grinned,

I squirmed a little at the thought of eating, I was pretty Hungry, being tied yup for so long surprisingly worked up an apatite, and I was eager to get this sock out of my mouth and something that actually tastes good. granted I have not lost my apatite by the time the pizza got here " and who knows what Julie would have planned for me until then ?

30 mines later

" Mmmppphhh !!! " I moaned as Julie continued to rub her feet in my face as she was texting on her phone she'd just look down at me and smirk or giggle from time to time as she just toyed with my face with her toes.

suddenly there was a knock at the door.

" oh ! pizza is here ! " she chimed, " i'll be right back " she said getting up leaving me there on the floor to be grateful her feet were no longer " walking on me "

I listened as I heard her talking in the foyer to the pizza man, the thought of what they would think if they saw me , a Man bound on the floor in a Hogtie ? I certainly didn't want to be seen like this by anyone else, luckily I was out of view front he front door,

soon enough I heard Julie thank the man after paying him then shutting the door, she soon stepped into the room with a box of pizza in hand.

" hmmm, this smells so good, " she said placing the box down on the coffee able she had push aside for the occasion of tonight.

" oooh my look at this, " she said opening the box as I could now smell and see the steam emitting from it " oh wow, it looks so good, I just could eat it all up for myself " she said teasing a smirk at me,

" i'll go get plates, " she said quickly heading into the kitchen and coming back with two paper plates, soon she set them down on the coffee table, ready to serve the pizza, I admit my stomach was starting to grumble now, just from the smell of the stuff.

" so much pepperoni and delectable cheese ! " she said as she pulled out a long stringy piece

I could feel my mouth watering now, I didn't care if I had my own sock in my mouth, my mouth was craving that pizza,

" oh yes, still so very hot must have been so fresh " she said placing one slice on a plate, here is mine " she said with a nod, " now yours " she said grabbing another slice, almost though it was in slow motion, taking her time as she set it on the other plate, then with both in hand she looked down at me

" well, here you go, enjoy " she said as she placed the pizza right down right in front of me, and the stood up and took a seat on the sofa, I looked baffled for a moment as she made herself comfy, ? how did she expect me to eat this ? I couldn't even move my own head much less even open my mouth. then it hit me, she was going to tease me like this, great ! I though letting out another moan.

" Dig in ! "she said as she began to slowly take a bit out of her pizza, letting the stringy cheese tear apart as she did, " ooooh mmmmm, that is so good matty pooh, oh, you need to try it, or it'll get too cold ! " she said biting into her slice again

I just muffled a complaint at her as I squirmed more in my bonds.

" what ? aren't you Hungry ? don't you want to want to eat your pizza ? it's really good " she said as I just shot up a glare at her as I watched her continue to finish off her slice, * munch * oh, yes * chew * that is good . " she then looked down at me. " still haven't touch yours huh ? " she said as I growled angrily, I don't mind being tied up, but when I was hungry I don't joke around and she knew it, and was loving this

" oh okay okay, I'm sorry, I'll let you really eat it, " she said setting her plate down.

" I'll make this a bit easier though so lets fix that position then " she said a she proceed to undo my hogtie and soon enough my head and legs were free from the constriction position. then with some help she sat me back down on the couch,

" okay matty pooh, I'm going to help feed you " she said as I simply nodded, what ever got me food soon.

" just like the first time only you'll be in a different position " she added as I cocked my head,

" okay here like this " she first grabbed my plate and set it on the arm of the couch, she then took a seat right next to it,

" okay Matt pooh, I want you to lay down, right on me, your head resting on my lap, and your legs up on the other end of the sofa arm ? you got that ? " she said as I shuffled around for a bit then nodded.

" okay then, let's do it " she said as I began to shift my body around with her help until I was laying down on my side, head resting on her lap,she then rolled me other onto her back and helped me position myself until my legs were on the opposite end of the couch resting on the arm. my head was now also laying on her legs,

" okay there we are, your all into position " she smiled down at me, I couldn't help but feel my cheeks blushing a little at resting on her like this, her legs even through her jeans were really warm and did feel comfy for my head.

" alright, I think were all set to feed you " she smiled, now, before I go, no being loud or complaining, just eat, and go ahead and ask a few questions if you want, " she smiled with a nod, soon enough she had peeled away all the tape and had gotten the sock out of my mouth,

" pfffttt " I spitted a bit finally happy to have it out

" thanks, this has been pretty, uh-" I began to say but Julie just placed her finger on my lips

" shhh, no need to speak of it just yet, let's just worry about getting you fed " she said with a nod, as she finally grabbed my Pizza slice and held it in front of me

" okay, just say ah and let's get you fed " she smiled down as she brought the pizza closer to my face, I Was not going to complain as she did, I took a bite out of the pizza as soon as it was close enough, and boy did it taste good ! having such a tasty thing in my mouth after having something, not so tasty was the best feeling ! " so much I didn't even say anything as I just began to hungrily chow down on the pizza while Julie fed it to me. she didn't say a thing either, but just continued to feed it to me, smiling down as she did once I had actually eaten the whole thing, she let me have a drink of some soda she that she gave to me helping me by raising my head letting me easily drink from the soda bottle.,that I actually let out a burp, which caused me to blush a little and Her to chuckle.

" well, there we are then, you all fed up, it was almost like feeding a baby " she laughed which caused me to glare, " sorry, matty, but every time I need to feed you while tied up, I can't help but think of something like that " she snickered some more " well, let's get you gagged again, the night isn't quite over yet " she said as she helped me sit back up into position.

" I think I have one thing I want to do with you tonight before I release you " " she said glancing over at the coffee table, and getting a devious smirk on her face.

" and what dare I ask is that ? " I said knowing I was not going to like the sound of it.

Five minutes later

" alright on your back on the floor " she said as I was now untied completely safe for my legs, but my upper arms were now free of their bonds " I did as she asked as I laid onto my back she stood there in above me with a rope in hand,

" Mmpppphh ! " I moaned into to my gag she had also replied, 12 strands of duct tape and my other sock stuffed in this time, how " fun " !

" Okay, now arms stretched out, above your head " she said as I did just that stretching them far above me along the floor, until they were almost touching the coffee table that had been moved above me, my legs were nearly touch the couch, I was stretched out on the floor.

" okay, now stay that way, while I tie you " she then began to lash rope around my wrists drawing them closer and trying off the other end of the rope to the lets of the coffee table that my hands nearly touched. she then went over to my legs and proceed to tie them to the leg of the couch they were just above, she pulled the rope tight as I was really stretched out now.

" Okay, now pull on your ropes and lets see what you can do " she said, I began to tug on the ropes keeping me pinned to the coffee table and my legs keeping me pinned to the couch, I was pulled apart tightly and not getting out of this.

" good, ! now we can get on with the final activity ! " " she said with a devious wicked grin

" Mppph ? " said into my gag, she wouldn't tell me what that was until I was all ready for it,

" okay Matty pooh, as you can see, your all stretched out, no way to squirm away, your body is completely exposed and at the mercy of,me " she grinned with a chuckle, as I began to get a little nervous.

" I mean, just think, what can I do to you right now, with you stuck like this, and so exposed ? your arms unable to fend your poor " she began as she began to lift up my shirt " defenseless " she added a she began to roll it up my body as I began to squirm a bit more now.

" Belly ! " she said in a cute tone. as her fingers wriggled above I began to scream about into my gag.

" Nnnggggh mmppppphhhh !!! "

" your about to get the most extreme tickle experience Matty bear and you know what, your helpless to stop it ! " she tauntingly sang

" oh, that pizza in your belly is going to dance around I bet, when I get started on you " she laughed as I just shook my head, I didn't want to be ticked ! specially on my belly !

" oh yes, yes yes ! your going to be my little belly wriggler as I tickle your tum tum ! " she said poking my nose

" Mpppph !! " I pleaded, I'd rather have her rub my face with her feet, anything but this ! " I squirmed but my bond held and my body remained stretched out.

" tickle tickle, little Matty, tickle tickle little Matty ! " she sang and teased as she then gasped " oh no what is this ! " she then held up her hands in a spider like fashion.

" The tickle spiders ! who just love to tickle peoples bellies ! " she said as she wriggled them just above my Stomach

" Mmmmppphhh !!! "

" they tickle bellies all day and night, oh so help anyone who comes across them, luckily though they can be shooed away with ease, just use your hands to flick them off, easy peas'y "she giggled at me.

" looks like they found a belly, oh no they are going in for a tickle frenzy ! " she exclaimed as she began to attack my belly wriggling her fingers up and down them

" Mmmpppphhhhhh !!!! " I screamed into my gag as I thrashed about, unable to do a thing as she tickled my belly with her fingers.

" oh look at how happy these tickle spiders are, they are wriggling and just dancing on this belly, they love it so much ! " she laughed as she run her fingers up and down my belly none stop giggling away as my muffled laughed tried to break out of my gag

" they don't eat anything accept laughter, ticking is enough to keep them happy, they can just tick tickl tickle, all day and night, only way to stop them is to fling them away with your hands, so if you want just flick them off, ! " Julie teased me as she wriggled more along my exposed stomach

MHMHMHMHMHHMMMPHPHHHH !!! " I laughed into my head as I my body wriggled on the floor, yet no matter what I did I could not break free of my bonds, and I knew it, but my reactions told me to keep trying !!!

" wow, no one has shooed these tickle spiders off yet, I guess who ever belly this belongs too, they'll must really like them, ! " Julie giggled as she ticked my belly some mroe.

" Maybe the tickle spiders have a new home, on this tickle ticklish tummy ! " she said wriggling her hands some more

" MMMPHHHH !!! " I screamed some more into my gag, this was a nightmare ! and Julie was enjoying it so much !

" are you having a great time Matty ? are you enjoying my tickles, my hands running over your stomach, my longer manicured fingernail digging deep into yours kin hmm ? " she then burst out laughing as I could only just continue to do the same.

this went on for what felt like Hours, hours of complete torture ! but reality be, it was 10 minutes ! the longest 10 minutes of my life, but Julie decided to show me some mercy and finally ceeze the tickling

" uh uh, looks like the wind has blown away the tickle spiders, but they'll be back, they always comes back " she teased as she finally stopped ticking my body letting me wriggle and calm myself down finally. I was breathing heavily now.

" wooh, that was fun wasn't it, " she said, as I still continued to catch my breath

" but wait, can it be ? oh no it's the dreaded foot tickle spiders !! " she said running her hand along my bare feet causing me to squirm and jolt again. but she then stopped and laughed

" Just kidding matt, i'm done, no more, I'm am going to free you now, you have served your sentence as my captive, for now " she teased as I glared at her, then just sighed, too happy to finally have this be over. I couldn't take much more of this.

" okay here, let me get you loose from that " she said as she began to untie me from the table, she kept my legs and wrist tied, but now they were in front of me. I just sighed as I was helped back up into the couch. and she even ungagged me, she also had a bottle of water ready for me, which I eagerly drank until it was almost empty. she then took a seat next to me

" how you feeling ? " she asked as she set the bottle aside now.

" I took a couple breath before I spoke " well, I can't say I evet really enjoy the tickling, but I'm doing pretty good " I say as Julie smiled and hugged me,

" Thank you Matt, " she smiled " for putting up with that, you really are the best " she said as I felt myself blush again.

" ah, it was no problem, I mean, I do have fun, even if you like to make me miserable with some stuff " I say with a joking tone. "

" I know, I try " she says with a grin " you were a great captive today " she smiled, and kissed my cheek, I playfully rolled my eyes as I just returned it. then she snuggled her head next to me

" just you wait, though, I only just begun, your going to be getting a lot more visits from tickle spiders and some other things " she smirked, as I looked at her and grumbled to myself

" oh joy to me " I said rolling my eyes

" Mmm hmm, so much " she I sighed, but smiled a little, I knew I was going to have a lot more of this coming my way, I sometimes dreaded to think of what goes on in that little head of hers, but also I was rather eager to see what would as well, but overall spending time with her was always special it is really nice to get to snuggle up like this and seeing her so happy, but next time, maybe I'll invite her over to my place, better chance of me not being tied up there I chuckle to myself, I then look down at my bonds

" so uh,, can you at least now untie my hands and ankles now ? " I said squirming a bit with them, she just giggled and snuggled closer to me while smiling

" In a minute matty bear, in a minute."

The End.