In Their Own Words - Brave Boys (MF/mfF)

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In Their Own Words - Brave Boys (MF/mfF)

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We as documentary makers are acutely aware that we may be perceived a sonly inviting women, or daughters with their older relatives, to share their stories. Of course, it is often the case with home invasions and robberies that it is not just the female half of the family who are caught up, and so today we other some stories from the other side of the fence, as it were.

For our first story, Tommy tells us of what happened to him and his brother one Saturday afternoon…

Dick and I had gone to our local cinema to see a film – we’re twelve and eleven, and live a few minutes’ walk from the multiplex, so Mum let us go on our own so long as we let her know when we are coming back. Both of us were wearing t-shirts and cargo pants – mine was white, and my pants black, while Dick had on an American Football shirt and grey pants.

Mum had already been shopping – she was relaxing with a hot drink when we left, wearing a red cardigan over a floral blouse, a bluer denim skirt and black boots. We said we’d let her know when we were coming back, and went to watch the movie…

When we came out, I sent Mum a text and we quickly made our way home, but when we let ourselves in the back door we were surprised to see a stranger there. He was dressed in black, and was surprised to see us – almost as much as we were. But then we saw he had a knife in his hand, and when he told us both to lie face down on the floor, Dick and I knew we really did not have a choice.

As we did so, he picked up a roll of packing tape that was on the side, and he knelt next to Dick. He was crying as he took his hands behind his back, crossed his wrists and taped them together, but I told him we’d be together, and we needed to stay quiet and not cry. He nodded as his ankles were taped together, and the man came over to me and taped my own wrists together behind my back.

After he had taped my ankles together, he rolled us both over, and stuck lengths of the tape over our mouths, before he put the roll down on the table, picked up a bag, and walked quickly out of the back door. We waited a moment, and then I sat myself up, encouraging Dick to do the same before I started to push myself across the kitchen floor.

Dick followed me as I made my way out of the room, along the corridor and into the front room, to be greeted by “Hmgghhddd!” Mum was lying on her side on the couch, tape round her ankles and her hands behind her back, and tape over her mouth as well, but we were just glad she was unharmed…

The police found them an hour later and freed them – the man was caught the next morning and charged.

For our next story, David explains what happened when his parents left him one night with a babysitter – or so they thought…

As an eleven year old, I think I’m old enough now not to need a babysitter – but my mum and dad thought differently, which is why I was looking at this older teenager called Clare. She was wearing a rust coloured cardigan over a black and white polka dot dress, and old brown Frye style boots.

She also had long brown hair, and she smiled as Dad told her what to do, and then he and Mum left. She then looked at me, and asked if I had done my homework.

Well, I had – otherwise, I would still have been in my school uniform, and not in a striped rugby shirt, blue jeans and black socks. She should have known that – but I forgave her, and said I had. Clare then nodded, and told me to go to the toilet – she had a game she wanted to play with me.

I wondered what she had in mind, so I went to the toilet – and when I came back, I saw she had in her hand some different coloured ropes. The television was also on – loud, as she told me to stand in front of her and put my hands behind my back.

I asked her what the game was, and she said it was an escape game, as I felt the rope round my wrists as she tied them together. She must have done this before, because she was quick, and when she was done I could only wriggle my fingers.

She then got me to sit on the floor, and used some white rope to bind my ankles together. I could see what she was doing – wrapping the rope round in neat bands, then taking the ends between my legs to make it tighter still before she tied it off.

Then she took some gold nylon rope, and tied my legs together above my knees so that I could only twist my legs round. Clare then told me to purse my lips – and when I did so, she tore strips off silver tape off a roll and pressed them firmly down over my lips so that I could not talk. I rolled over onto my back as she knelt beside me, and then started to tickle my feet – making me giggle as I tried to move out of the way.

Not a lot of luck with that, however, as she kept tickling my feet, and then the back of my legs. Eventually, however, she stopped and said she would be back in a minute. I watched her as she walked out of the room, went up the stairs, and then I heard her moving about – before she came back down the stairs.

And out of the front door, as I realised she had left me tied up and gagged, and I started to try and get free as I called for help – but she had tied me too tightly, and the tape was ticking firm…

It was only when Mum and Dad came back that they found and freed me – and then realised “Clare” had robbed them. They never found her…

Young Steve was just listening to music in his room when he was grabbed…

Mum was sorting clothes out in her room while I listened to music in my room, without a care in the world. I had on an Incredibles t-shirt and blue denim shorts, with my earbuds in – so I had no idea of what was about to happen, until the white cloth was pulled over my mouth and I was told to open my mouth.

I didn’t recognise the voice, but it was such a surprise I opened my mouth – only to taste the white cotton on my mouth as it was pulled between my lips, pressing down on my cheeks as it was tied tightly round my head. I then saw another person – dressed in black, with a balaclava over their head – as they searched my wardrobe, and took out some leather belts before throwing them on the bed.

A black clad arm picked one up, and my hands were pulled behind my back as I felt whoever it was fold my arms behind my back, and use the belt to secure my forearms together. A wider belt was then taken round my upper body, forcing my arms against my sides as it was buckled at my side.

I was then forced to sit on the floor, as I saw the person who had belted me up – also dressed in black and wearing a balaclava over his head – as he used two more belts – one to secure my ankles together, and the other one round my legs above my knees.

It must have been – ten minutes tops, as I realised someone was robbing us, and I wondered what had happened to Mum. I got the answer to that when one of them left the room, and came back with Mum as she jumped in. she also had a white cloth between her lips, holding her long black hair against her back, and a belt round her upper body and arms as her lower arms were secured behind her back. She was wearing a blue jumper and jeans, and the black belts round her own ankles and legs were clearly visible.

They made her sit next to me, as we watched them both leave – once we were finally freed, she told me they had jumped her and tied her in the bedroom with Dad’s belts, and gagged her before they went to take care of me. They stole her rings and some money – and it hurt like heck until we were freed…

Eric and his sisters had a surprise when a lady came into their playroom – and made them stay quiet…

I was the youngest at that time – six years old, Elsie was seven, and Eleanor ten. I remember it was a summer day, and I was wearing a green t-shirt and grey shorts. I think Elsie was wearing a white vest top and a red spotted skirt, and Eleanor a yellow top, black leggings and purple ankle socks with big orange spots.

Funny the things you remember – such as the perfume when she walked into the playroom. She had long dark hair, and was wearing a green top, a black leather skirt and a pair of knee length boots. She smiled as she said “well now – I hope you are all ready to play a game with me.”

“what sort of game,” Elsie said, and then we saw she had some rolls of different types of tape in her hands. “It’s an escape game,” she said as she closed the door, “and I need one of you to help me, before I get them ready to play the game. So who is going to help?”


Eleanor and I saw Elsie put her hand up, as the woman said “all right – your big sister can sit on that black chair, and your brother on the wicker one. Here.” She handed Elsie a roll of packing tape as we both sat down, while she put the other rolls down on the floor, except for a roll of white tape with black spots on it. She walked behind Eleanor, and took her arms round the chair back as she looked at me and said “I want you to put your wrists together in front of yourself.”

As I did this, she said to Elsie “You get to wrap the tape round his wrists and arms – and make it tight, so that he cannot get loose.” Elsie nodded and tore the end of the roll of tape free, and then wound it tightly round my wrists and arms, while the woman used the tape to make Eleanor’s hands stayed behind the chair back. She then knelt in front of Eleanor, as she said “watch what I do to your sister.”

We both watched as she wound the black and white tape round our sister’s ankles and up her legs, before she said “you can do the same to your brother now.” Elsie actually grinned as she taped my ankles and legs together, so that when I swung them up I could only see this light brown sheath.

The woman wrapped the tape round Eleanor’s waist and the chair back, watching as Elsie did the same to me, and then she tore a strip off and pressed it over my sister’s mouth. Elsie actually laughed as she pressed several strips down over my mouth and jaw, so I could only mumble along with Eleanor.

The woman then made sure Elsie was taped up as well, using bright yellow tape on her. She taped my sister’s wrists together in front of herself, then wrapped tape round her arms and body to hold them there. When she sat down on a bean bag, her ankles and legs were taped in the same way as us, and then her mouth covered with the tape, the lady brushing her hair out of the way.

Elsie giggled and wriggled round as the door opened, and a man came in, wearing a black leather jacket and dark trousers. He looked at us, and then nodded as he and the lady walked out, and we started to try to get free.

It was only when Dad found us later that we were told someone had robbed us, and made sure Mum and Gran could not come and help us…

Finally for this week, Alan and his brothers played a game with their mother – and then she played as well…

I was eight years old, Jimmy seven and Billy six when it happened, and we were all wearing t-shirts, blue jeans and trainers. It was getting dark, and we were playing a board game when Mummy came into the room.

She was wearing a grey dress, tights and knee length suede boots, and as she sat down on the couch I could see she had two rolls of silver tape – she must have got them from the garage, because Daddy keeps things like that there. She said she wanted us to play a special game with her – she was going to use the tape to make sure we stayed together and quiet, and then Daddy was going to do the same to her.

I wondered if it was Aunt June who was the friend, as she picked up the first roll and peeled the end from the main part. She then asked us all to stand in a line, and put our hands together in prayer – and when we did so, she started with me, wrapping the tape round my wrists and then taking it down so that my hands were covered and held together. As she did the same thing to Jimmy, I lifted my hands up and looked at them, wondering where Mummy had got the idea to do this.

Billy could not take his eyes off Mummy when she taped his hands together, and then she took the tape round his upper arms and body so that all he could do was raise his hands up in front of himself. Jimmy did the same thing as she taped his arms, and I admit I did as well, before I asked Mummy what she was going to do next.

She smiled as she kissed each of us on the forehead, and then said the next part of the game meant we had to be quiet, so we needed to put our lips together and stay nice and calm. I said I would go first, as she tore a strip of tape from the roll, and then pressed it down over my mouth. I could feel it tugging on the skin round my lips as she pressed another length of tape down, and nodded as I looked at the others while she covered their mouths as well.

There was a shorter couch in the room, but it was big enough for the three of us to sit on, as Mummy knelt down and taped our ankles together, taking the tape up so that it looked like a silver sheath from our feet to our knees. We looked at each other, and then nudged each other as Daddy came in and looked at us. He asked if we were all right, and when we nodded he kissed Mummy. She then put her hands together, and we watched as he picked up the second roll of tape and made sure her wrists and hands stayed together in front of her.

He then taped her upper arms, and covered her mouth with strips of the tape before she sat down, and he took her boots off for her. The silver tape then went round her ankles and legs, before he helped her to lie down on the longer seat with her head on the armrest.

He brushed Mummy’s hair out of the way of her eyes, and then whispered something into her ear before he kissed her, and then said we should all enjoy the game. As he went out, for a moment I thought I saw two other men outside, but then the door closed, and we were left there. Mummy nodded as we sat still, for what seemed like an eternity…

It was only later the boys found out they had been taken hostage, to make their dad do something at his place of work…

That’s all from In Their Own Words for this week – stay safe…
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