A Dull shift Takes a Humiliating turn FFF/M

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A Dull shift Takes a Humiliating turn FFF/M

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What's this ? Another story already ! yes it is ! this is another fun Idea I had been really wanting to write ! it is a tale in which A young guy working the last shift of the evening at a retail store gets some unexpected " shoppers ", ones who lets just say, make his Dull evening, not so Dull, though not in a way he'd like, what will happen ? let's find out !

Also, as always love to hear your thoughts ! thank you and enjoy

A Dull Shift Takes a Humiliating turn FFF/M

Slow ! boring ! and Dull ! those were all the words that I could say to describe about this shift, But hey, I'm sure you'd think the same if you worked the last shift of the night in a boring store in a boring part of town where hardly any costumers stop by at this hour., sorry for sounding so, irritated, it's just this job isn't how I wanted to spend my Friday evening, but that's how it's been the past couple weeks ,ever sense I was moved to the final shift of the day, My name is Kevin by the way, I just turned 22 a week ago and I had been working at this Retail store called " Everything You Need " for the past four months now, I didn't have too many options for jobs at the time when I first started, so I decided to take it, I mean it was an easy job to say the least,, but also it was just so boring to stand here at the checkout for hours and hours,, working the day shifts was not much more exciting sure, but it didn't feel so, dull with hardly anything going on, as I said, this store is located in a pretty quiet and boring part of town, during the day it was bustling with people and costumers, but at night, not much of a life it had, as for the store itself, it wasn't a super huge store, but also not very small either, but just enough that it still only required one worker to man the place in the later hours ( usually three in the day ) , right now it was only 9:24 Pm, and the shop wasn't due to close for another Hour and a half, which I was tasked up at locking up the place. I guess it was cool to be trusted with that task now, I mean only four months I worked here, and two weeks I have been locking up with place.

well anyway, the night so far was looking like it usually turns out to be. so I was not expecting much to be going on. I'd usually only get four costumers at most on this shift, I almost wondered why bother to say open this late, but hey, I don't make those decisions. so I just stood there at the lone checkout, going through my phone, trying to find some way to make the time go faster, I decided to just listen to some music so I turned on the small radio that was stationed at the checkout point. and just decided to relax a little. I knew I wouldn't be needing to expect anyone coming anytime soon, so I pulled up a stool and kicked my legs up on the counter and leaned back on wall behind me, I was actually getting into the tunes and just Scrolling through my phone, I became so distracted that I admit I was a little shocked when I happened to catch something out of the corner of my eye, I looked up and notice someone was walking down into one of the Aisles, I couldn't catch glimpse of them fully, but from what I could have made out it was Women, I figured it would be best to turn the music down a bit now, just so I would be ready for when they decided to check their things out.

well after not seeing them come back out of the Aisle for a while, I figured it'd be fine to continue on with checking my phone sometime shoppers tend to take their time, so I just went back to doing that. I soon got lost in the world of social media again or trying to beat some level on a cheap game I downloaded either way, It's what distracted me from noticing three figures approaching Me at the counter, only then did I look up when I heard the sound of someone clearing their throat, I quickly stood up and turned off the radio, feeling a bit embarrassed but made myself ready to help who ever it was out. and needless to say I was a bit surprised when I saw not one to three Women standing there in front of me, each wearing skin tight leather jackets ranging in colors red, Dark blue, purple, and black skintight pants, but what stood out the most was the single bandana masks each of them had across there face concealing most of their identity, their hair was still visible, showing one had dark brown hair, another Complete back and another lighter brown, they all looked to be a bit older then Me from what I could guess, maybe in their late 20s or early 30, also these women where pretty tall too, though at the moment I couldn't tell if it was from Heels or what.

" Oh, uh, How may I help you ? " I said a little taken back from their " interesting " appearance

" Well Hun, you can start by doing everything we tell you " the women in the middle said with a rather polite tone but a firm nod.

" I wha-? " i cocked my head a little, the women all giggled, before one of the held up their purse and dug around inside before pulling outa, Gun ! and pointed it right at me !

Instantly I tensed up with my arms shooting into the air as a look of terror came across my face I had never had something like this ever happen to me so I was not sure how to react.

" wha-wha what Are you doing ! please d-don't shoot ! " I said my voice clearly shaking up.

" now now hon, we won't shoot you, as long as you behave yourself, is that clear " the women in the Blue jacket said as I just looked at them clearly too stunned to speak

" I said is that clear ? " she asked again a bit more sternly as she waved her gun, I began to slowly nod my head.

" Okay, so this is what's happening hon, this is a Robbery yes, we are taking stuff from here, what ever we want, cash, food, goods ect, that means you dear, cannot be in our way " she said waving her gun at me again as I shivered some more.

" Okay ! okay ! I understand I won't cause you no trouble, just take what you want ! " I said with my hands still in the air.

" that's a good boy, but you see Honey, we need to make sure you can't try anything funny, like running away, calling for help, "

" I won't ! " I said my voice still clearly alarmed,

" Ah, but we need to make sure of that, " the women said as she glanced over at one of the others " Would you get the stuff out of the bag so we can make sure our boy here is properly secured and out of our way " she said as the other women giggled

" But of course, " she said as she reached down and pulled up a duffle bag, and plopped it on the counter before me.

" okay hon, step around the corner and in front, hands were we can see them. " she said still keeping her gun at me. " she then turned to the other girl next to her who was wearing the Red leather jacket " go and lock the doors and put the close sign on, we don't want anyone else walking in while we work here " she said as the other Girl nodded and giggled before heading off to do just that. I gulped not liking this one bit but slowly continued on my way around the counter as the Two remaining women kept their eyes on me.

once I was standing in front of the two remaining ladies, I could see that they were wearing heels, though not too high ones, meaning they were pretty tall still, anyway, the one whom I assume was the leader wearing the black skintight jacket and holding the gun, spoke up again.

" okay, now, I want you to put your hands behind your back, " she said as I nodded and did as commanded,, she then looked over at the other women who was wearing the Purple skintight jacket and nodded at her, to which she smiled and made her way over to me. smiling she examined my body,

" now be still, so I can tie those arms of yours " she said reaching into the duffle bag and pulling out some rope, white soft looking rope, but still rope that was intended to restrain me. the women crossed my wrists as she then began to wind the rope around my hands pulling them back more until they were tied off nice and tight.

" okay, now, for your arms " she said as she used some more rope now and began to wind it around my upper body pinning my arms to my sides, making sure the knots where nice and tight as well. once she seemed satisfied she stood back as if to admire her work.

" Hmm, looking good " she said grinning at me, which admittingly caused me to blush a little. " now for your legs " she as went behind the counter and grabbed the stool I had been sitting on and placed it next to me " here you are, have a seat " she said patting the top of it, I complied as I sat down on the stool while she pulled more rope out of the duffle bag, she began the process of now tying my legs up, starting at my ankles, and above my knees, I continued to remain silent as I looked up seeing the other women with the gun, smirking at me, I just turned my face away as I felt my cheeks blush again. something about being made helpless by these women was just embarrassing, specially with their smug and gleeful tones they had about it.

once my legs had been secured, the purple jacketed women stood up and smiled looking quite content with herself

" there, that ought to do it " she said glancing over at the other women seeming to be looking for approval.

" hmm, yes, he looks pretty secured, but firstly before we test anything, lets say we make sure he's not going to make any noise " she said as they both giggled, soon enough out of the bag came something else, a roll of Duct tape and a big ole rag !

" okay mister, open your mouth " the Purple jacket Girl said as I glanced over at the women holding the gun, who gave a nod,I gulped again and did just that, soon enough the entire rag was stuffed into my mouth packing itself in pretty tightly.

" ggghhfffff ! " was all I could manage to get out now, as my tongue was pinned down pretty tight.

" okay, let's wrap things up " the girl giggled holding up the roll of tape as she began to wrap it around my head, serval times, five to be exact, I didn't have too long hair so I was not too worried about that being a pain to remove, but also it was sort of the last thing on my mind with all that was going on. anyway once she had completed wrapping my mouth shut, she tore the tape loose and stood back next to her " friend " as I moaned a little. soon enough the other lady in the red jacked had returned

" oh my, I see you have gotten him all trussed up good " she said in a teasing tone toward me.

" We sure have, but we need to make sure he's really not going anywhere, much less make a peep " the Black jacket women said. as she turned her attention back at me " okay now give us a good struggle, and be sure to try and yell into your gag " the women said as I just looked at them for a moment in disbelief, where they for real ? they wanted me to struggle ?

" Do I need to repeat myself " she said wigging the gun in her hand, Immediately I started to squirm and trhash about in my bonds, even yelling loudly into my gag,

" Mmmmpppphhh gghhhhhhh !!! Mmppppphhhhh !!! "

The ladies all looked quite amused with my display as they burst into a fit of giggles and laughter's much to my Embarrassment

" Oh my my my ! that is too rich ! " the Red jacketed lady said trying to suppress her giggles

" wow look as him squirm, wriggling around line a worm " the purple jacketed lady said "

" you sure really did well with those bindings, you have gotten so well " the leader women said with a giggle, then looked at me "okay Hon that's enough, " she said as I ceased my wriggles.

" okay now, seeing as your all tied up, and unable to make a sound, I think we should all be set to go about our plans, but first, I think we should let you in on something here " the women said as she approached me with the gun in head as I eyed it fearfully, she then pointed it at me causing me to tense up.

" you want to know what ? " she said as her bright red lipstick lips curved into a smile as I didn't take my eyes off the firearm " This isn't a real gun Hon " she said with a devious smirk as I now looked up at her with clear confusion on my face.

" Mmppph ? " suddenly I was surprised as a stream of water hit me in the face making me shake my head

" MMpphh !? Mmpphh ?! " I shook my head surprised by it

" That's right, it's just a water gun modified to look like a real one " she chuckled " you see, We would never hurt you, oh no, we just needed to make sure we could get you to comply with us, "

" Mmppphhhh !! " I shouted into my gag, as I growled, but also blushing at the fact I had been tricked into being tied up.

" Oh don't flatter yourself, me and the girls could have easily overpowered you and tied you up, this way was much easier, but we are sorry it scared you more so then needed " she said putting the gun in her purse. " now, we are still robbing the store, but, so you can just sit tight as we go about our business and then we'll be on our way, no trouble right ? " she said as I just looked at her. to which she smiled

" Good, and don't worry, we'll probably never come across each other again, me and girls are leaving the town tonight, so, no need to worry about some mean ol girls coming in and tying you up again " she giggled as well as the others " so just be a good boy and sit tight, " she said patting me on the cheek, as she turned around and faced the others " okay, you, try and get the register open, me and purple will, go and grab any other good we'll need " she said as both the ladies nodded, soon the girls began to go about their plan, checking things out. leaving me to sit their tightly on the stool, the Red jacketed lady made her way past me, giving me a smirk and giggle as she went behind the counter and began to fumble with the register.

so you can probably guess, I was not too pleased about this ordeal, being tricked into being tied up for these strange women robbers, I mean I don't care what she said, I'm pretty sure I could have gotten away from them had I known their gun was fake, but right now all that matter was what I was going to do now, just sit here bound tightly as these girls rob the place around me, I know my manager was not going to be happy, but, not much I could do at this point, I couldn't even reach my phone, specially with red there behind me taking cash out of the register. I was forced to sit there as these women cleared out the place of what they wanted.

" ooh my, well look at this " I heard " red " say as I glanced back, my eyes widen to see she was holding a small Key, the one to open the register, which I had carelessly left right beside the thing

" this will make things easier, thank you so much sweetie " she said as she stuck it into the register and the tray popped right out.

I let out a Groan seeing I had practically gave them a way to easy access the thing.

" Hmm, not a bad amount of profit in here, " the red jacket Girl said, " defiantly enough to get us far from town, " she said as she began to stuff all the cash from the register into the duffle bag. once she had done then, she walked over and in front of me, I didn't know what to do so I just sort of looked away blushing a little as this women stared down at me.

" aww, what's wrong, are you embarrassed some pretty ladies tied you up ? " she said with a light giggle, she dropped the duffle back next to her as I suddenly felt her run her fingers through my hair

" I best this has livened things up for you tonight though huh ? " she said continuing to rub my hair. " it seems so boring here, well you'll certainly have a story to tale " she chuckled " you know, you kind of look cute, specially all bound up " she giggled which of course caused me to blush even more.

" aww, don't like the fact you are being made helpless by a bunch of " girls " ? " she laughed some more as I moaned and glared at her

" Red, did you get that cash ! " I heard the leader women yell, the red jacket women stood up and looked back

" Yep all in the bag I'll be right there blue ! " she yelled back then looked back at me with a smirk and wink " you sit still, and be good remember that " she said as I just looked at her, she gave one more smirk before walking off,

I just moaned a bit blushing. I wondered how long they were going to take before they left, and just what they would do with me before then ? did they plan to leave me tied up here ? that thought certainly didn't make me feel ant better about this, spending my Friday tied up was not how I ever pictured it or any Friday for that matter.

,I began to wonder if I could get free, or maybe hop to my phone and call the cops, even if they leave before then, the police could maybe track my number and get me get out of this sooner, I had a emergency button on it so all I had to do was touch that and the cops could be. I looked over to see the women were all away from where I sat, so maybe I could hop over and activate the emergency number, even if I couldn't see or hold it I could hit the activation key I thought, so with that I glanced back at the counter, knowing my phone was under it on a shelf, where I placed it when I first saw the women, hopefully they didn't take it, I took a deep breath and glanced back at to where the women were, they were still off on the other end of the store stealing what ever, so, I figured, I'd start now, with another deep breath I managed to jump up onto my bound feet and wobbled a bit trying to make sure I did not stumble or fall, once I felt balanced I began to hop over toward the counter, having to stop to balance myself multiple time, I did not want to end up face planting down onto the ground, so I did my best to take my time. however I was not sure on what my time would be so I didn't waste any either.

Finally after what had to be minute of hopping, I reached the back of the counter, I looked down to see my phone was still there, Yes ! now all I had to do was to make sure to somehow turn around and knock it to the floor and quickly hit the 911 button, but that was going to be the most trick part, specially for two reasons, one, the phone might Make too much noise and alert the women. and it could possibly land screen down and that'd make it more tough to get to the button.,I however figured I'd chance it, I began to shuffle my way over to the phone as best I could and once I reached it, I turned around and with much effort and struggle, I began to try and lower my self down a bit to the level of the phone, hoping if I squatted enough I could reach it with the tips of my fingers and drag it onto the floor,

However that proved to be very difficult a I had to keep myself from tumbling down, then it'd be game over ! I just kept trying to level myself just right, just right where I needed to be, my legs were starting to strain and burn from trying keep myself held up just the right way. however after what must have been minutes of struggling I finally felt the phone with my index finger, I could just barely move it, it was just a bit too far away for me to get a proper hold, Damn come on ! " I though as I strained some more

" And what do we have going on here ? "

I nearly lost all my balance as I heard one of the women speak behind me, I looked back as best I could to see all three of them now standing there in front of the counter.

" tsk tsk, your not trying to give us trouble are you " the Leader lady said crossing her arms, " fetch him back here " she told the others as they quickly went over to me and hoisted me back up onto my legs and dragged me around the front of the counter,

" Mmpppphhhhh !!! " I screamed as I was.

" what do you think you were doing Hmm ? we thought you were going to be good for us " she said looking at me with a stern face, then she shook her head " I guess I was being too lenient and trusting " she sighed as she looked like she was pondering on what to do.

" I Think he was going for this " the Purple jacketed lady said reaching over the counter and holding up My phone. Waving it teasingly in front of me.

" Oh, is that true then " the leader women said looking at me " where you trying to call the cops ? hoping they'd come save you from the bad ladies ? Hmm ? " she said crossing her arms " you really disappointed me, I thought you'd be a good boy and sit tight, we would have just collected all our takings and leave, but know you had to go and try and get us in trouble, hmm, well, i don't think it would have helped, we would have been out of here before then, but still the fact you decided to not be obedient for us shows you need to be taught a lesson " the women smirked as I looked a bit fearful again " lesson ? what did these women intend to do, why a lesson ? "

" Now, there is something about us we should tell you, we love to rob places, going from town to town, all that, we are always on the go, stopping to settle in a town for a short while then we rob a place and take off, not too often to we get to rob a place, that still has anyone working a late shift, much less a boy such as yourself, " she said running her hand through my hair., " usually we just break and enter, but we had always hoped we'd find a place that'd just happen to have someone we could have a little fun with before we made our way out. " she said as the women all snickered a bit.

" so I think there is not a better time then to enact a little " lessoning " don't worry, we aren't going to hurt you though " she said with a smirk as I began to squirm about in my bonds. as the girls all giggled again.

" okay, let's get him ready "

20 minutes later

soon enough I had found myself tied up even more now laying on the marble floor in front of the counter., my bonds had been tighten yes, but now my body was wrapped with tones of duct tape all over, my legs practically encased in it.my wrist where no longer crossed but now my arms tied together behind me and wrapped with duct tape ( also my upper body as well ), also my gag was doubled now, still stuffed with a rag, but now the women had stuffed in some nylon socks they had gotten from one of aisles and wrapped with even more tape then before.

" Mmpppphhhhh ! " I moaned into the gag as the women all surrounded me with their grinning faces.

" Okay, ladies, I think he's all extra, secured now, and won't be trying to go for his phone again " the Leader lady said holding my phone before tucking it into her purse and closeting it up

" GGgghhhhhhh !!! " I yelled angrily into my gag as I gave a phenetic struggle

she just smirked at glance over at the others, " okay, let's get started, " she nodded as soon the women all sat down around me now, and with out saying so much as a word, began to remove my shoes and sock !

" sshhhhppp Mmpppphh !! " shook my head as the women tossed them aside.

" okay, now, were going to have a little fun, firstly, were going to Tickle your little feet of course " the Leader women said wriggling her fingers in front of my toes,

" NNNNGGHHHH ! " I squirmed frantically in my bonds as the women all laughed, both the other women held me firm so I wouldn't wriggle away.

" so, let's give them a little, Tickle ! " the women said as she began to run her fingers all over my toes !

" Mmmppphh !!! " I screamed into my gag as I felt her fingers running over them. I squirmed and thrashed about as I felt her long finger digging into the bare skin of my soles.

" Mmmmhhhmhmhmhmhmhhh !! " I tried to laugh at through my gag as the women continued to her work the other ladies on either side of me giggled and poked my cheek though the tape as I laughed.

" awww, look at him squirming, he's going nuts ! " red said laughing.

" yeah, and we only started, the poor thing " purple added giggling.

" indeed, cause each of us are going to tickle his feet, then we'll find something else to do do him " she said as I shook my head frantically !

" Mmmhmhmhmh mmmhmhmhmh !! " I tried to throw myself back or kick my legs, but the women all held me down while my bonds restricted movments, I was trapped ! and at their mercy ! and nothing I could do, the women didn't relent and give me a moment to breath, she just kept ticking my feet none stop ! and when she finally did, she only switched placed with another women and let them start to tickle my feet, to which that process was repeated with another, soon each women took a good 10 minutes tickling me, after that they finally eased up, but the torment had not ended

" oooh, I have an idea, lets make sure he can't wriggle at all, while we all tickle him at the same time " Purple spoke up looking quite excited at the idea

" Nnnggghhhh !! " I yelled but my protest where ignored

" hmm, okay, how do we do that ? " the leader women said. as purple stood up,

" just give me a sec, I gotta go find some more duct tape " she said as she headed off down an Aisle leaving me to squirm with the two others who were enjoying me squirming about.

soon enouh purple came back with some more tape, " okay, we have to untie his arms for a moment, but I have a fun idea " she said as I looked worryingly at the rolls of tape she had in her hands.

soon enough the women had all gotten my bonds off me, and I was pinned down by them as Purple now began to pull out the tape, she began applying many layers of the strand over my arms, where were held out by each girl.

" Hmm, if you have doubted that we couldn't overpower you before ? well you certainly would be wrong " the leader women spoke with a smirk,
soon my arms ad wrists were taped down to the floor with a plethora of tape, this process was soon repeated with my legs secured at the ankles and just below my knees.

soon I was spread eagled to the floor with duct tape, unable to move a single limb no matter how hard I tried and the girls were loving it !

" well, you are quite lashed out, not going anywhere like that, " Purple giggled poking me on the cheek

" Mmmppphhh !! "

she giggled again as she looked over at the others " I think he's all set, if your ready "

" well let's see how well this tape will hold him like this " The leader said, " oh red, go grab some " tools " I seen them down on Aisle 4 " she said with a smirked as red nodded and jumped right up.

" oooh, look at you hon, all helpless, " the leader said running her fingers along my arm and down to my side causing me to squirm some more, she then began to tug up my shirt.and uniform exposing my stomach

soon enough Red came back with a basket of various items, I could only look on worryingly at what awaited me.

" okay, let's see what we got in here " The leader women said taking the basket from red " ooh, brushes, nice, Q-tips, some makeup ? mmm hmm, I love it ! " she said setting the basket down next to me, the girls all gathered around me giggling like bad as each one of them had grabbed an Item from the basket.

" Okay sweetie, now your going to be in for the most, " fun " you ever had, well, maybe, not, but for us oh yeah ! " she chimed happily holding up a makeup brush, and a hair brush, red and purple held up similar items, I was struggling in my bonds like mad, pulling and tugging at the tape pinning me to the floor, I screamed into my gag which I knew would do me no good.

" MMMppphhhh mmppphhhhh !!! "

" are you ready ? cause here we go ! " the leader said as before I know it, they all descended down on me with their items of torture, and began to poke tickle and brush my body, my exposed belly, my feet, my neck,were all attacked, and I thrashing like mad on the floor like some pinned butterfly !

" MMmmhmhmhmhmh pmhmhmhmhmhmhmh !!! " I shook my head back and forth like mad, I tried to kick and break the tape hoping it's peel off, I don't even think I could loosen it

" oh wow, he's really squirming, look at him ! " red said

" yes he is, but that tape is keeping him nice at still, or at least from going anywhere " purpled laughed.

" Mmmppphhhhhhmmhmhmh !! " I cried out, I could feel the tears starting to form in my eyes, this was too much ! however the ladies were relentless and continued to tickle my to their hearts content. and around the 10 minute mark ( or what felt like it ) I swear I was going to pass out
soon the girls apparently must have had enough cause the ticking came to a stop leaving me panting heavily behind my gag.

" well that was a lot of fun wasn't it " the leader said stretching a bit.

" Yeah, I love the way he jolted around on the floor, " Purple laughed. Bit then The leader checked a watch she was wearing.

" oh ! I got a funny idea, here hand me a tube of lipstick ! " the lady said as I wondered just what she had in store now. purple handed her one form out of the basket, and then popped off the cap and began roll the red cosmetic out. " I think we can add a little " funny "to your gag " she said as she bent over me as as Squirmed, " hold still hon " she said as Red then grabbed my head and held it for her, the leader then began to draw on my gagged mouth with the lipstick.

" okay, just, a little bit here and Ah ! done ! " she said sitting up straight, " hmmm, but I think your forehead could use a little "she said as she began to draw on my forehead, almost felt like she was writing something instead though. once she was done with that she sat back up again and seemingly began to admire her work, she began to snicker as the other girls did the same before they all burst out laughing. I moaned only able to guess what they had done to me,

" hold on ! " purple said digging out of her purse.and soon pulled out phone, " I'll take a picture and show you " with that she snapped a picture and giggled while she showed me what had been done, on my gag drawn in the lipstick was a big Goofy smile with a tongue hanging out, and on my forehead was written, " SILLY BOY ! in all caps.

I blushed Like mad seeing this as I began to squirm a bit more and yell into my gag causing the girls to all laugh at my embarrassment and struggles,

" What a Wonderful look ! " Purple laughed

" A Silly Boy indeed, a Silly Boy Toy ! " Red laughed as well then looked like she had a good idea, which was probably a terrible one for me" Hey how about we all get in on this, let's all take selfie, so we can all remember this moment when we leave here soon " Red spoke up.

" ooh, good idea, I want to cherish this stop forever ! " The leader chuckled, and soon enough each of the girls began to pose with me laying next to me, making all silly phases like my dumb gag, and overall just finding ways to make this situation even more Humiliating I just mumbled and moaned knowing there was no point in fighting them.

" I'd love to send you one of these pictures, but I don't think it'd be best for us to let you possibly share this moment with anyone else, specially authorities, even if I think that'd be the last thing you want anyone to see, " the leader giggled. " but don't worry, the girls and I will keep these just to ourselves, so we can always look back at the last bit of entertainment you gave us before we headed out of town " she chuckled then checked her phone for a moment

hmm, it's almost 20 minutes to 11:00 " she then said as I widen my eyes, the shop would be closed now, I had been bound and gagged like this practically for my whole shift.

" well, were in not a hurry, but, perhaps we should soon start getting ready to head out, that means figuring out what do do with you before we leave " the women said looking as though she was thinking. " let's get him back into a more mobile state, before we make any more plans " she said as the others nodded. it didn't take too long, the tape was all removed, starting with my arms, once they where free I was sat up and my hands simply tied behind me, and then my legs once they were released. I admit it did feel good to not be pinned down like that anymore.

" well what's the plan then, we probably should be getting out of here soon " Purple said,

" yeah, we got more then enough goods in a cart, and a pretty fair amount of Money from the register, anything else you think we'll need ? " Red said

" oh yeah I know, I'm just thinking about Silly Boy here, I want to keep him stashed here after we leave, but thinking " she said standing up, as I just watched her, these women were planning on leaving me tied up here ? made sense, but, why do they need to think about it, no way am I getting free before they'd be far enough for me to call the cops and have them tracked, unless maybe I can hop to a pair of scissors ? I thought meanwhile as I pondered my own escape, the girls were all busy talking among one another about their plans, when finally the leader spoke up.

" okay, we leave soon, we'll bring all the stuff to the car, and put it in, but first, I Have a good and funny idea of what we can do with our little silly boy here " she said smirking down at me with a devious look, one that I knew only meant no good for me, she began to now whisper something into the others ears as I cocked my head trying to listen ? I hear them giggling and sniggering at what they were being told, which I didn't like the sound of, soon they all back out..

" Alright, let's get him on his feet and carry him over there " she said pointing in one direction I could not make out, but soon the girls all hoisted me up and carried me off, with Red carrying my legs and Purple and Blue, carrying me at my other end, which didn't make me feel much better at how these ladies can easily manhandle me so much.

I though began to wonder where they were taking me in the store, they mentioned stashing me, so I figured a cleaning closet would be the most logical spot to think of, but, I doubt they would have known where it was, and they seemed pretty sure of where they were going, well after a couple minutes of carrying me.
I notice we were heading toward the Baby section of the store ? I was a little confused at this, as there was not a closet over here I'm sure ? then again I hardly ever had to come over to this section. either way they led me now into the Diaper section of the Aisle as I grew more confused at this. the Diaper section was simply just that,an entire part of the Aisle packed with all sorts of Diaper brands, both packages and boxes of Baby Diapers on either side of the Aisle all stalked up on one another, yet, despite that, I was only more confused as to why were in this section at all .

" Alright ladies, put him down here and let's get this ready " The leader said as I was gently placed down onto the floor, and soon the girls began to seemingly scout the area, as I could only watch, I did though begin to wriggle a bit, thinking maybe I could break free, but nothing happened of course,I sat there fore a few good minutes not paying attention to the ladies until I heard the girls giggle, then The leader speak up

" Okay, this spot will do now,, let's go get him "

" Mmmppph ? " soon the girls returned for me and dragged me over to where they were just standing, which was before an empty spot on one of the shelves between the many packs of Diapers. now the shelves in this Aisle had only one single shelf running along the length of it through the middle, making a lower spot and a higher spot for placing things, but the lower shelf that was only about three feet tall in space, and the section they were focused on had nothing in it, though I notice some Packs of diapers sitting on the floor next to it like they had been cleared out the way meaning they must have made space what ever they had planned for me, and what ever that be did not sit well with me.

" okay, let's get him prepped for the place he'll be staying for a bit. " the leader said as I widen my eyes realizing what they intended, so I began to squirm and yell into my gag which just caused the girls to giggle, Purple then grabbed some more duct tape, with some more work,My legs and arms were forced into a sort of fetal position, only with my arms sill behind me and my knees pulled up to my chest, my entire body was wrapped around with duct tape keeping me secured into this position,

" that's a Nice and shiny Ball-tie if I do say so myself " purple giggled, same with the others girls.

" okay, now let's put him into place " The leader said as I was then hoisted up yet again, this time it was slightly more of a struggle for them sense all my weight was compacted, but they still manage to do so, they spun me around so I'd be facing outward and began to push me backward into the open space on the Diaper shelf, and like that I was wedged into the open space on the shelf, and pushed further and further in until my back touched the wall the of shelf, I had to big packs of diapers on either side of keeping me cramped in tight, unable to even rock from side to side if I could have before,, so needless to say it was a bit of a tight fit.to which a gave a few squirms as the girls backed up now looking down at me giggling

" how's that ? snug enough for you " The leader said as the girls as chuckled as I glared out at all them.

" well, don't you worry, we are going to make it even more so, let's start to seal him up " she added as I was widen my eyes and struggled, they planned to keep me stashed here behind by a bunch of Diaper packages !

" Nnngghhhh !!! " I yelled as my voice went unheard, from by my gag and and the women simply ignoring it

The girls then began grabbing the packs of Diapers that were on the ground and began to stack and wedge them around me and in front of me were they could, they kept stacking them them in front of me, until they went up to my waist level, but they were not done yet as they began to grab more packages off the shelf and stack them up higher in front of me, until the opening in front of me got narrower and narrower, like I was being sealed up behind a brick wall to my Doom ! yet all I could do I struggle and yelled into my gag,until there was only enough space for one more Diaper package that was at level with my face, I must have looked a sight to them now, my gagged face peeking out behind a wall of Diaper packages, plus the fact I was nearly cocooned in tape, not to mention the embarrassing things they wrote and drew on me.

" well, sadly, it looks like this is, the last time we'll be seeing each other once we place the final " brick " in place " the leader one said, as I just stared back out at them from my tiny Prison,

" I know, I know, I'll miss you too, we had so much fun didn't we " she smiled me fallowed by giggles from the others ladies.

" but don't you worry, I'm sure someone will come across you eventually tomorrow, I mean I can only imagine the reaction some mother will have when they pull away the package in front of your face and see your " goofy grin " staring back at them, oh my " the leader said giggling at the though.

" You sure are going to give them a little surprise aren't you " Red laughed.

" oh yes for sure he will, I wish I could see it for myself, " The leader laugh." anyway another thing, we'll also be cleaning up the place before we head out, so no one will know the place has been robbed until they open the register, so I wonder if they'll think you had anything to do with it if they don't see you here either " she giggled with a devious smirk as I now screamed angrily into my gag" though I'm sure the security footage will clear that up and no doubt let everyone know where you are, stashed behind a wall of Baby Diapers ! oooh, which that could also mean maybe they'll all see the fun we had, well good thing we wore our masks and will be fare gone out of town by the time that happens " the leader yet again giggled. I again of course yelled into my gag, but hardly nothing could be heard. which all the girls just found hilarious as they all chuckled.

" well Think that's enough talk now, oh, I think we all need to first get another picture this though ! " she said as all the girls giggled again as they all took quick pictures of me in my Humiliating position, and with that, the leader women Held up the finale Diaper package in her hands and gave me a giggle and wink, the others all blew me a kiss as she brought the package closer and right into the place " Have fun in your Diaper fortress Silly boy " she said as she slide it in completely covering me up leaving me in near darkness.

" Well, we'll be heading out now, Oh and one more thing ! I'll be leaving your phone for you, don't worry, that will be one kind thing we can do for you,, I'll stick it outside behind the trash bin, so, lets hope no one else comes across it first " I heard the women laugh from behind the wall of Diapers packs that sealed me away. " Bye bye, thanks for all the fun " with that I heard the sound of the women now all leaving me, alone trapped in this Humiliating position, I shouted and tried to struggle but I could hardly wiggle or make a noise, I just sighed, knowing I'd have to resign myself to what ever fate await, but the Humiliation of what they did just burned itself into my mind.all from tonight, and now they leave me to be discovered in my Chamber, a chamber that was made of Huggies and Pampers , I cursed the fact they only stuck me here just to Humiliate me as one final jab,,
and I moaned to myself of the Humiliation I'd only get when I'm found here, however it be, from a person simply buying diapers for their baby, to the security footage showing my fate.

But then it hit me, the store didn't open until ten tomorrow, and it was only around eleven Pm, meaning I was in fact going to be here for 10 hours no less ! and that notion did not sit well me with, and who knows how long before by chance some mother would happen to pick this very spot to grab a diaper package to reveal me, or before my boss checks the security footage ? Hears hoping the next shift at 10 realized something's up when they See I didn't lock up, either way though I was going to be in this position for a while, I again yelled out in frustration to my gag that was barely audible to myself so I imagine much less anyone who passes by, those women really found a way just to make me more miserable, I sighed, well After this I knew one thing,, I was never going to complain about having a Dull shift ever again..

The End...

Thanks for reading this, silly tale, but don't worry, Kevin will be fine just a night he won't ever forget though he wished he could ;)
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Post by WillHBonney »

Great story. It's always been a fantasy of mines to get tied up and stashed overnight in a shop and left wondering who'll find me and when.
I love how the girls put him into different positions to torment him before leaving him stashed in the tights, most cramped and definitely most humiliating position.
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Post by Tugs4fun »

Another good story from you. Probably an idea a lot of people have imagined. I liked how the masked burglars took time just to focus on him. Nice story!
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WillHBonney wrote: 3 months ago Great story. It's always been a fantasy of mines to get tied up and stashed overnight in a shop and left wondering who'll find me and when.
I love how the girls put him into different positions to torment him before leaving him stashed in the tights, most cramped and definitely most humiliating position.

Thank you, and yeah certainly can understand that, I think it'd be the only reason I'd ever want to work retail ;) :lol: but really thanks for your thoughts !
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Tugs4fun wrote: 3 months ago Another good story from you. Probably an idea a lot of people have imagined. I liked how the masked burglars took time just to focus on him. Nice story!
Thanks a ton ! glad you enjoyed it ! seems like it'd really be something foe one to experience on a lone shift XD won't be a night he'll easily forget that's for sure !
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Post by jone123 »

great story, being tricked and humiliated by beautiful women like that is my fantasy
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