Boys Will Be Girls 3 (MF/MFmf)

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Boys Will Be Girls 3 (MF/MFmf)

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Garden Party

“Well now, what do we have here?”

Michael turned his head and looked at the two men standing there, wearing casual clothes and staring at him and his mother. He saw the gun one of them was holding in his gloved hand, and then looked to the other side of the garden table as he said “Mum?”

“What’s going on,” his mother said quietly. She had long brown hair, and was wearing a strapless ethnic print dress which came down to his knees, her bare feet in a pair of silver thong sandals.

“Well,” the man holding the gun said as he looked round the rear garden, noting the high fence which cut off the view from the houses on either side, “what is going on is a robbery, and we need to make sure you and your – son – cannot raise the alarm.”

“And what do you mean by that,” the twelve year old boy said as he looked at the armed man. He looked at Michael and raised an eyebrow as he looked at his own clothes, and said “oh.”

“So he likes to dress as a girl,” his mother said as she put her hand on his, 2what is wrong with that?” her son was wearing a pale blue pinafore dress with a floral print, a clasp in the shape of flowers holding back his light brown hair, and white tights, his feet in a pair of blue flat shoes. He was also wearing a pair of glasses, in a matching shade of blue.

“Nothing – he’s very coordinated,” the man said with a smile as his partner produced a roll of silver tape, walking behind Michael and pulling his hands behind his back. He heard the rope of the tape, and then the tug on the skin of his wrists as they were secured together. “but we need to make sure you both stay here, nice and quiet.”

She looked at Michael as the second man wound the tape round his arms and body, the silver band contrasting with his dress as he sat still. Both of them were sitting on white garden chairs, made from metal, the man smiling as he tore the tape free and patted it against his arm before he knelt down and started to tape Michael’s ankles together.

“Put your hands in the air,” the first man said as he put the gun down where they could both see it, and produced a second roll of tape, walking behind her and winding the tape round her waist and the chair back to force her against it. He then put her hands palm down on the arms of the chair, and taped her wrists to them as Michael watched the way her legs were taped together below her knees.

“Sit back,” the man said as Michael pushed himself back, “and put your lips together.”

“I’ll be quiet,” he said as he wriggled round, watching as the man tore a long strip of tape from the roll.

“Yes, I know you will – now put your lips together.” He waited and watched as Michael did what he was told to do, and then pressed the tape firmly down over his mouth, silencing him as he watched the way his mother’s ankles were taped to the front legs of the chair, then her own lips covered with tape.

“Let’s go,” the man said as he and his partner walked off, Michael and his mother looking at each other, too scared to do anything but sit in the sunshine…

Once Upon a Time in Uxbridge

“And that was Mama Cass, coming up next on the breakfast show we have the new one from Thunderclap Newman…”

As the sound of Something in the Air came from the radio, Polly looked at herself in the full length mirror. The thirty-five year old woman was wearing an orange jersey minidress, the fabric hugging her body as the large gold pendant hung down from her neck. Her legs were in a pair of knee high cream go go boots.

“Very nice.”

Polly heard the male voice, but before she could say anything a leather gloved hand was clamped over her mouth, and she heard the voice say “now, don’t say a word. I just want your valuables, and a chance to get away. Nod if you understand.”

Polly slowly nodded as the voice said “good – lie face down on the bed, and put your hands behind your back, nice and quietly.”

The young woman was too scared to do anything else as she complied, and felt the hands take her own behind her back, the cords as they were wrapped round her wrists and pulled tight, securing them together as she wriggled her fingers. She then felt him crossing her ankles and securing them together with rope as well, hearing the squeak of the material as her legs rubbed together.

“Right – where do you keep your valuables?”

“Top drawer,” Polly whispered as all other thoughts except fear left her mind.

“Good,” was the reply as she was rolled over and she saw the intruder. He was tall, well built, dressed in black and with a dark stocking pulled down over his head, blurring and obscuring his features. He also had a folded white handkerchief in his hand, as he said “open your mouth - I need you to be quiet.”

“No – please I need thlkkk,” Polly mumbled as he pushed the cloth into her mouth with his gloved fingers.

“Mummy? Who is this man?”

Both of them turned their heads and looked at the nine year old boy who was standing there, a black wig on his head. He was wearing a black and white leather dress, held up by a black halter neck which came down to his knees, and white knee length boots.

”Nhyhhn, phlsslhhhhlhn,” Plooy mumbled as she looked at the masked intruder, eyes wide open.

“Well now – your kid needs to be like you,” the man said after a moment. “Get over here, kid, and lie on your stomach next to your mother.”

Polly slowly nodded as he walked over and lay down, putting his hands behind his back as the mased man took more cords from his pocket and started to tie his wrists together. “So we can’t go the party, Mummy?”

“Nhtyht,” Polly mumbled as he looked at the cloth sticking out between her lips, then felt the man crossing his ankles before he started to bind them with cords as well. He then rolled the boy over, and pushed a second handkerchief into his mouth as Polly watched.

“You two are going to stay there, right?”

Both of them nodded as he searched the drawers Polly had mentioned, and then left them to struggle on the bed…

Like Mummy

As Tom ran to his room, Clare smiled and closed the front door. She was wearing a green and blue striped t-shirt over a brown vest, brown capri pants and thong sandals.

She could hear Tom signing to himself as she walked into the front room – and then stopped as she saw the man standing there. He was wearing a three-piece suit, a white shirt under the waistcoat and a tie round is neck, and highly polished black shoes – and he was holding a piece of her figuring collection in his gloved hands.

“Ah,” he said with a smile as he saw her standing there, and put the figurine down, “this is a tad unexpected. I had hoped to leave before you came home.”

“With my figurines?”

“and other things,” the man said as he looked at Clare, “but sadly, that is not going to be possible – and I now have to take steps to ensure you cannot raise the alarm. Are you going to give me any trouble?”

Clare thought for a moment, before she said “no – but I need your word you will not hurt me or my child.”

“As long as you do as I say, it will not hurt,” the man said as he looked in a black valise, and took out a length of white rope. “I always come prepared for unexpected returns, so I must ask you to turn and put your hands behind your back.”

Clare nodded as she turned round, and felt the soft rope as within five minutes the man had secured her bare wrists tightly together. She then saw the rope as it was passed round her body, pulled tight as it formed two bands that framed her chest and held her arms firmly against her body.

“Please, have a seat,” the man said as he indicated the couch, Clare sitting down and watching as he came over with two lengths of rope in his gloved hands. He knelt down and crossed her ankles, securing them tightly together and then securing her legs below her knees, so that she could not move.

“Now then,” he said quietly as he removed a black headscarf from the bag, rolling it into a band and tying a knot in the middle, “once I have you…” He stopped as he heard running, and stepped to the door, a finger to his lips as Tom came running in.

“I’m ready Mum… Mum?” Tom then felt the gloved hand over his mouth as the man said “interesting – tell your child what is going to happen.”

“This man… this man is robbing us,” Clare said quietly, “and I need you to do what he tells you to do. You’re going to be just like me – I promise.”

Tom slowly nodded as the man said “he likes to be dressed like this?”

“He does – I think he likes to be Thomasina every so often,” Clare said as she looked at her eleven year old son. He was wearing a pale blue sleeveless dress which came down over his knees, and whiter shoes, a blonde wig over his own hair.

“Well then Thomasina,” the man said as he took his hand away, “I need you to open your mouth for me.” Tom slowly nodded and opened wide, then tasted the silk on his tongue as the man pushed the knotted scarf behind his teeth, then tied the band round his head, the ends at the base of his neck.

He then went back to the bag and took out more rope, walking behind Tom and binding his wrists behind his back as the young boy said “Huhhlrhhttmhmmm?”

“I will be – just stay calm,” Clare said as she watched the man wrap a longer rope round her son’s body, forming two bands as he had with her and forcing his arms against his sides. When he had finished, he said quietly “all right, Thomasina – go and sit next to your mother.”

Tom nodded, actually smiling over the cloth as he walked over and sat next to Clare, resting his head on her as the man knelt down and crossed his ankles before binding them together with more rope. He giggled as the man took the rope between his legs, and then did the same to secure his legs together below his knees.

As he twisted his legs from side to side, the man walked back to his bag and drew out a second scarf, rolling it into a band and tying a knot in the middle of it. Slare looked at Tom, seeing how the material was growing darker where it sat behind his teeth, and then said “you are very brave Thomasina.”

“Fhnkssmhm,” he said as Clare opened her mouth, and allowed the man to gag her as well, rubbing her cheek on Tom’s head as they both watched the man continue to rib them…

Like Daddy

“How do I look, Dad?”

Robert looked at his twelve year old son, putting his head to the side before he said “not bad, Ian – what about me?”

“You look good,” Ian said as he looked at his father. He had short brown hair, designer stubble on his chin, and the red dress did look good on him – the round necked collar and lace short sleeves, the skirt that came to above his knees with the red high heeled sandals on his feet.

As for Ian, he was wearing a purple sleeveless dress, a belt round the waist and the skirt flowing out to a line of lace semi-circles that came to above his knees. On his feet were a pair of flat matching shoes.

When his mother had left them, Ian had heard from his father about what he liked to do – and had discovered he liked to wear women’s clothing as well, so in the privacy of their home, they liked to be like this. As it was Ian’s birthday, they had both decided to dress up specially for the occasion.

“So what are we having to eat,” he said as he looked at Robert.

“Well, I…”

“My my – you both look fine in those dresses.”

Both of them turned to see three women standing in the doorway – all three were wearing tight leather trousers and jackets with short boots, and black eye masks as disguises. “Who are you,” Robert whispered, his eyes fixed on the gun in the hands of one of them.

That lady smiled as she said “call me Hope – they are Faith and Charity, and you fine ladies are going to do exactly what I say. Faith – disconnect the telephone. Charity – we need them to be secured, so start the process.”

Robert looked at Ian, and said “be brave” as one of the other two women walked into the hallway, the third one putting down a bag and removing from it two lengths of brown rope before she walked behind them. Ian swallowed as he felt the gloved hands taking his own behind his back, and then the rope rubbing on his bare wrists as they were secured together.

“Dad – why don’t you do something,” he whispered as he felt the rope pulled tight between his wrists, and then flexed his fingers as Charity took his father’s hands behind his back.

“They have a gun Ian – an di don’t want you to be hurt,” Robert said as he felt the rope forcing his own wrists together, biting his lower lip as he did so.

“Okay,” Ian said quietly as Hope came back in. “Telephone unplugged – I’ll find their mobiles.”

Faith nodded as Charity went back to the bag, removing a much longer length of rope and then walking behind Robert. As Ian watched, she passed the rope round his father and then pulled it tight, forcing his arms against his side as she wound it round again and again, forming two bands that sat round his upper arms and his stomach.

“How… How does it feel,” he whispered as Charity secured the ends before she walked to the bag and brought another length of the rope out.

“Different – tight,” Robert said as he watched the masked woman do the same thing to his son. Ian felt the pressure on his arms as they were secured, but he also felt something else – a tingling of excitement as she tied the rope off, then fetched some shorter lengths and used them to tighten the bands between his arms and body.

Robert grunted softly as Charity did the same thing to him, while Faith nodded. “Okay – take them to a bedroom, make sure they stay there. I’ll come and check in a while.”

Hope nodded as she took Robert by the arm, Charity holding Ian as they were forced to leave the room and walk up the stairs. As they did so, Ian felt the ropes rubbing on him, as he felt something else happening to him.

They were made to go into Robert’s bedroom, both of them sitting on the bed as Charity put the bag she had brought down and removed two more lengths of brown rope. Handing one to Hope, she knelt down and crossed Ian’s ankles the young boy watching as she bound his ankles tightly while Hope did the same to his father.

As she took the rope between his legs and secured the ends, Charity looked at Ian and said “you’re excited, aren’t you?”

“I’m scared…”

“I know – but something else is happening isn’t it?”

Ian looked at her, and then nodded. There was something else happening – a small throbbing between his legs, and he felt something else. Something new as she took a second length of rope, and started to secure his legs together below his knees.


“Dad – Dad, I feel…”

Robert nodded as he said “me too.” He looked at his son, and saw the small bulge on his lap as his legs were drawn together. HE felt the same thing – something about being tied up by these masked women was exciting him as well…

“You’re right, Char – this is turning them on,” Hope said as she pulled the rope between Robert’s legs and secured the ends. “Get them on their sides.”

“Once we have them quiet,” Charity said as she looked round, and picked up a pair of Robert’s socks. As she handed one to Hope, she balled the second one up and smiled at Ian.

“Open wide, kid.”

Ian did as he was told, and then tasted the sweat on his tongue as the balled up sock was pushed into the open space, Charity making sure it was behind his teeth as he closed his lips together. He looked at his father, Robert’s cheeks pushed out as he nodded – and then he heard the peeling sound, and felt the tug on his face as white tape was smoothed over his mouth.

Robert nodded as he was tape gagged as well, and then made to lie on his side as Ian was moved on the bed to face him. Both of them felt their legs move, the ropes tighten as their ankles were secured to their chest ropes.

Faith walked in and checked the ropes, nodding as she said “Good – to work ladies.”

Ian watched all three walk out, and then wriggled round, feeling the restraint as he was unable to move – and also feeling the throbbing between his legs increase as he did so. He looked at his father, who was trying to move as well – and saw the bulge between his legs. Glancing down, he saw the bulge under the silk of his dress – and then groaned as the throbbing suddenly intensified…

Grandma’s House

“Oh my – two lovely princesses!”

Edna smiled as she looked at her grandchildren. The sixty year old was wearing a long sleeved blue dress, the top a lace pattern over and a plain lace skirt over a white underdress, and blue flat shoes.

“Thanks Gran,” eight year old Rhona said with a smile. She was wearing a bridesmaid’s dress – white, held up by spaghetti straps, pink roses on the left side and a lace overskirt, as well as ink heeled sandals.

“Yes, thanks Gran,” five year old David said. He had short brown hair, the same shade as Rhona’s long hair. He was wearing a blue vest and shorts combination, with red trim and pictures of toys on the vest – and a pink skirt with matching heels on his feet. “So what are you going to do with the princesses?”

“Well, the wicked grandmother has to keep them as hostages,” Edna said as she held up a roll of white tape. “So I want you both to sit on the couch, and put your hands together as if you are praying.”

Rhona and David nodded as they put their hands together, watching as Edna taped their wrists together. They often played games like this with their grandmother, so this was not unusual.

Edna smiled as she knelt down, and then taped the ankles of both her grandchildren together before she lifted their skirts back and made sure their legs were taped together below their knees.

“That’s new,” David said as he looked at his grandmother.

“I know – we’re going to make it a little more difficult to get about this time,” Edna said as she turned them both on the couch, bending their legs so that the soles of their shoes were on the cushions, and then she wound the white tape round both of them so that they were held together, and their upper arms to their sides.

David giggled as he wriggled round, while Rhona said “are we going to be quiet as well Gran.”

“Yes,” he heard Edna say, and then the muffle voice of his sister as Edna looked at him a strip of white tape in her hands.


David nodded as he felt Edna smooth the tape over his mouth, and smiled under it as she said “now stay there – I’ll put the television on, and I’ll be back in a little while.”

As she found CBBC, both David and Rhona turned their heads to watch as she left the room.

“Well done,” the young woman with a stocking pulled down over her head said as Edna closed the door, “now show me your valuables – you can join them later…”
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