Fun with Noah. F/M

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Fun with Noah. F/M

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I stepped out of the shower and dressed in a white tshirt and red cotton pajama shorts. You can call me Ruby, 19 years old, stand about 5’2 with black hair and green eyes.

I walked out into the hallway of the one bedroom apartment and went into the kitchen, heated up some leftovers and sat on the couch to watch an episode of one of my favorite anime shows, propping up my bare feet on the coffee table as I eat.
About an hour, or after two episodes, I got up and put my plate into the dishwasher. Afterwards I make my way into the bedroom. “How are we doing in here?” I asked standing at the doorway, smiling at my boyfriend, Noah you can call him, which I had hogtied on the bed.

Noah is about 5’4, 20 years old, short blond hair and blue eyes. He had on a white undershirt with dark blue pajama pants. His hands were tied behind his back with white cotton rope, along with his ankles and the rope that has him hogtied. His upper arms were pinned to his side with more rope along with just above his knees, gagged with duct tape.
“Mmph” Noah muttered looking up at me. I walked over to the desk and sat on the chair, position myself to be able to see him. “Yeah I didn’t think you would get out of that” I say with a smirk. “Mmph mmmmmph” Noah says with a short display of struggling.

I start to work on putting nails on my fingers, long pointy dark purple nails that matched my toenails, that I kept trim short and painted. “There, how you like?” I asked showing Noah after I’m done putting my nails on. “Mmmmpphh” Noah groan, hearing the dread in his groan. I giggled and say “makes it easy to do this” as I wiggle my fingers in a tickling motion teasingly. Noah just shakes his head.
I got up and climbed onto the bed behind Noah, his bare feet sticking up in front of me, and just drove right in and began tickling his feet.

He first curled his toes as he tensed up, and in seconds began squirming and laughing in his gag. I had to use one arm to wrap around his ankles and hold them to my chest as I use my other hand to dance my nails on his soles. His feet are pretty soft and smooth, nice looking, cute little size 6.
It’s so cute, I never want to stop tickling him. Noah squirming and laughing the way he does, and his cute feet flapping around…
But I do care enough to let him breath…at least every once in a while before starting up again.

After about 5 minutes with on and off feet tickling, I push his legs to the side to force him to lay on his right side. I sat on his legs to pin him down as I dance my nails on his side and stomach, going into his armpit. I had him laughing so much he started to tear up.
So after I had my fun, I got off his legs and I untied the hogtie. Noah moaned as he stretched his legs out. I moved up and took off the tape gag, and Noah spit out the rolled up ankle sock from his mouth.

Now so you know, Noah is cleaned shaven, really he could pass as a 15 or 16 year old. “Just wait till I get you” Noah says still a little out of breath. “In that case, I may just keep you tied up” I say laying on my side towards him and poked his nose. I wrapped my arms around him, wrapping my legs around his, and bury my face into his chest and just held him like that. I felt him putting his lips on top of my head, and we lay cuddled up like that for a long time.

“Hey, Ruby” Noah says “think you can untie me now?” “No” I say tighten my hug around him. “Please?” He asks. “I like you tied up” I say. “It’s been almost 3 hours, and my arms feel numb.”
I sigh and say “okay.” I let him out of my grip and he roll onto his stomach so I could start untying his hands.

Sorry for the short story, I hope I can get better at writing in the future. Do hope you enjoy!
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Great story! Your boyfriend is a lucky guy!!
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You’re already a great writer, this story is awesome! I hope your have more stories to tell!
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Great story, thanks for sharing
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Great work!
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Fine story! I envy him! :D
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