no game (m/m)

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no game (m/m)

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"well well" he said, guess no game for you.

I squirmed and mmmpphed loudly into my gag.
He tied me well. No game for me.

What did I do.
After all, I barely knew this guy.

He strapped the ball gag very tight indeed.
Surgical tape was wound several times around my head for good measure.

He trussed me up well.
How did we get here? How on earth did I let this happen.
Not smart.

....A few weeks earlier....

I had just moved to this quiet town in the South of the country.
Ready to embark on another chapter of my life.
I had been fortunate to have a profitable career.
My dream had always been to move to the country side and build us a nice house.
Building a business and selling it, had given me quite the privileged position in life.
We bought a nice plot of land and built our dream house on it.

My girlfriend had known of my preference for wearing soccer kits.
Not soon after we moved in together, she discovered my huge soccer sock collection.
Although she did not fully understand, she was ok with it and did not look surprised when I would head out to a game, dressed in full kit with my socks pulled up over my knees.

she had occasionally obliged to tie me up yet she never really got into it.

It certainly never was as that time way back, in my teenage years when I was tied and gagged an tortured by Chris and Tom (read my older stories if you want to know what happened back then).

That was a long time ago.
I moved on.

After moving in, I quickly joined the local soccer team.
That is where things took a turn for the unexpected.

...back to now...

"mmmmppph" (what the fuck???)

He just laughed.
"I am only getting started".

I did not see this one coming.
As every Sunday, I got dressed for the usual friendly game on Sunday afternoon.
Since their older goalie had gladly left his post to me, I had quickly become the usual goalie for the local team.
They played in bright orange kit, socks, shorts and shirt.

" Don't stay too long" my girlfriend said.
She knew that the game was only a precursor for having a drink with mates after the game.

"no no, this time I will be back in time" I reassured her.

Having put my kit on, I left the house and biked over to the local soccer field.

I got to the dressing rooms and greeted my fellow team mates.

Jeroen was already out on the pitch they said.
As I was already dressed, I decided to head out and do some warm ups.

Entering the pitch I met Jeroen, who was already doing some warming up laps.
We were the only ones out.

I joined him for a few laps around the pitch.

"I am desperate for a pee" I told him and headed out into the bushes behind the pitch.

When I was busy readjusting my jock strap, I was pushed violently from behind.
I fell onto my knees.
Before I knew what was happening, a ball gag was strapped into my mouth.

I started shouting but...
Next I felt my arms being pulled behind my back.
Rope was looped around and in between my wrists. A quick but effective tie.
I fought back and tried to turn around to get a look of my assailant.
He kept pushing me down though.
More rope was added tying my elbows quite painfully together.
I screamed into the ball gag.

Next, he pulled me up and I was face to face with him.
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Post by overkneesoccersocks »

Part 2. Meet Jonas

A few months earlier, I was sat in the changing room, after an intense training.
I got talking to one of my team mates, Jonas.

He was one of the defenders in the local team I joined.
One time, after an intense practice session, we found ourselves lying on the the side of the pitch.

I remember he had very strong calves, which made that he did not like to pull up his socks, yet rather left them slumped down, below his calves.
I also remember that he wore very small shin pads, no straps, probably for the same reason.

He asked me straight up: are you gay?
A perfectly normal question in a village like this.
Why you ask? I asked.

He said he did not mind if that would be the case, but as I took such care pulling up my socks over the knees....sometimes thigh high.
He just wondered.

No. I am not gay I told him. But while on the topic, I told him I did have some doubts in my early teenage years. I remember being confused about the fact that I got aroused by the sight of boys/men wearing soccer kit, especially when they pulled their socks up over their knees. I would get a fizzy feeling when I saw kids/boys in soccer socks running around.

But I soon found out when it came to sex, I was as straight as an arrow.
I shared with him that I did experiment at 17/18 with one or two boys, but very quickly found out that sex with men is not my thing.

He laughed and said that he was sure that I was gay but happy to accept I was not.
But then why the socks?

I do not know I said. I have no idea. Still not. Just that it had always been like that.

We got talking and kept talking. We shared stories about our past, relationships, sex, and much more.
I pulled up my socks again, walked over to the team bar and got us a couple of beers.

Walking back, I offered Jonas a beer and sat down again. I readjusted my socks and stared in front of me.
Do you like bondage?

Jonas blurted out the question without moving a muscle.

This one, I did not see coming but seen as the things we shared, I felt compelled to be honest.
I told him about my love for being tied and gagged, some of the experiences I had.

He just smiled. He told me he had been into bondage since an early age. He was actually gay himself and loved tying up other men and had quite some experience n using rope to secure his victims.

Once we both had opened up, the conversation took an interesting turn.

He asked about my biggest bondage fantasy.

With some anxiety I told him that I would love to be kidnapped in goalie outfit, tied up and gagged, hogtied and left to struggle and maybe some light torture. I would love to be wearing one of my favourite goalie outfits, with my socks pulled up over my knees, shin and ankle guards and soccer boots.

He looked at me and simply said with a mischievous smile :"It can be done".
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Post by Mummybag »

Seems it’s about time to get served… nice start… keep writhing😊
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Post by Canuck100 »

Enjoying it very much so far!
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Post by boundb »

I am always a fan of your writing, and this does not disappoint. Welcome back, I can't wait for more!
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Post by overkneesoccersocks »


"SURPRISED?" Jonas asked...

I instantly realized this was it. We talked about me being kidnapped before the game but I never thought he would actually go through with it.

We talked about every little detail. I had confessed more than I would have wanted to him.
I thought we were just sharing.
He would describe the way in which he liked to tie up his victims in colorful detail.
Adding how he liked to tease and torment them.

I may have gotten a bit excited and carried away when I started opening up on how I was intrigued and interested to find out more.
This was simply me being naïve and bloody horny at the same time.

The things one says when aroused by a thought or an idea.
But here and now, I suddenly realized he actually might think this was ok to go through with.

The though alone sent shivers through my spine.
I started protesting loudly through my gag, throwing him angry looks and pushing him away with my shoulders.

He probably though I was acting so in turn he got into roleplay.

"Shut up you b*tch", he pushed back.
He kneed me softly, but hard enough for me to go down on my knees into the high grass.
Luckily I had pulled up my orange soccer socks over my knees so the landing was ok.

I turned around again, but that stupid ball gag was strapped in tight and the ball was bigger than the one I was used too.
He quickly started wrapping this blue surgical sports tape around my face, plastering the ball gag in tighter with each turn around my head. You know, the type of tape you see soccer players wearing in game.

It is very stretchy but also very tight material. Like a fiber cover being plastered over your face.
I was in big trouble. not knowing whether to give in or fight back.
After all, this is what I had asked for.

He used the entire roll on my face, leaving no skin visible below my nose.
That ball gag was not coming out.

"Now" he said,
"let's see how well you do being kidnapped".
"Are you going to be good or do I need to convince you to be good?"

With his big right hand, he grabbed hold of my chin, gripping it tight and turning it up and towards his face.
I was still on my knees, with my hands and elbows tightly bound behind my back.

"WELL?" he repeated the question?
"Are you?"

With his right hand still firmly placed under my chin, he ruffled through my hair with his other hand only to stop and grab my hair and tilt my head even more back.

"WELLLLL?" He repeated one last time.

You know how it is when you really really want something, like really want to experience something, live it, feel it, with every fiber in your body until that it is, it actually happens. Then reality suddenly and violently replaces fantasy and you go from desire straight to doubt. Ok. this is really happening but what if I don't like it, want it....

When we were discussing my kidnapped goalie fantasy, I might have also mentioned that I would want to play the obnoxious, somewhat fighting back type of victim. not one to go down or be subdued when asked or forced. I would want to put up some fight. I might also have added that when we would go for it, I would want it to be a total surprise. I should not know when or where it would happen. The only thing we clearly agreed were some hard limits (eg no sex) and I would be given the chance to back out when it started. We agreed he would ask once he had the ball gag in front of me, whether I was ready.

He did not ask.
He never asked.
He just shoved the ball gag in my face and strapped it tight.
He did not ask.

I was sat here, tied and gagged, only a few meters away from team mates who were warming up on the pitch.

I was not ready.
I decided to wimp out of this one.
I was not READY!

So instead of acknowledging his question, I decide to run for it.

He must have read my eyes though because in a split second, he let go of my face and pushed me over on to the grass.
Next, he pulled down my orange nylon soccer short, revealing my white jock strap.

He expertly tied a quick crotch rope and pulled the end of the rope in between my buttocks and legs.

Next he helped me up again and pulled the rope as a leash.

"No more funny business or this one goes around your dick instead" he threatened.

The sight must have been ridiculous. There I was, stood in the bushes, bright orange soccer socks pulled over my knees, shin pads and boots on, only wearing a jock strap and my match shirt, tied and gagged with a crotch rope that hung from my middle as some kind of leash.

He did not give me the time to answer.
He pulled the rope and I started walking...
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Post by Inkstain »

Luvitluvitluvit! And this is a TRUE story? God, I'm jealous of your life!
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Post by overkneesoccersocks »

Thanks @Inkstain !! Well, my story about my teenage bondage experience (an afternoon of soccer bondage in the true sevtions (2 parts, one for everyone and one for adults)) was a true story in broad lines. I did allow myself some literary freedom to experiment, mixing truth with fantasy, although most if it ,say 90% did happen as I described.

This story however is 100% true and accurate. It happened quite recently. It has been a very long time (years) since I had such a great bondage experience. I needed some time between it happening and now before I was ready to share it.
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