Another time I tied my cousin (M/F)

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Another time I tied my cousin (M/F)

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This time I want to talk about another cousin, Xena. I would go to Xeenas hous often to play with her older brother Trent, we played video games mostly but sometimes we would play pretend, and sometimes when playing pretend would involve me being the villian, and more often than not me being the villian meant someone was getting kidnapped.....

Disclaimer for those that like (M/M) I did tie Trent a couple times but I really didnt care for it, I can post a story if you are interested.

Xena was a couple years younger than us, she would always but us when Id come over, so it was easy to "rope" her into our games. This particular time, I forgot what game we were playing, but basically while Trent was playing video games I told him I would be right back. He had no idea I was about to start a game.
I went into Xenas room, she was watching some movie and playing with dolls

"Hello" she said, "What are you doing in here"

"Oh Nothing" I said super chill. We both new what was about to happen. After sitting with her for a moment I got up the courage and put my hand over her mouth.

"I mew im" She tried to say unfer my hand, her lips slightly moving under my pressed palm.

"Im bored with video games, I want to play, but I need you as bait" I told her. In reality, this was the game for me. I loved to bind Xena. I was not sure if it was because she as so chill and basically never protested or even moved in anyway, letting me tie her up in anway I wanted. It was odd but she just went along with it. Maybe it was her attitude of still being a cocky little brat, acting like she was in charge even when she was bound, and when gagged she still had never waivered in confience.

I grabbed some cables for video games, the kind that were used to connect the playstation to the tv with the 3 prongs, they basically littered the house and this was before I ever learned how to tie or had any gear of my own. This is before my previous story so I had not even considered shoe laces yet. I but her bands behind her back and wrapped the cables as much as I could, then tied them off tightly. Xena chuckled

"You know I always get out" she taunted

"Well then Ill have to make it extra tight" I said. I never tightened it too much, though.

Next I pulled her ankles together and repeated the procsses, wrapping cables around her ankles and ending with a tight not, however while I was tying Xena asked me somthing she never had before

"Umm why do you always tie me up?"

I froze for a second, I knew that I had an incomprehensible desire to tie and gag girls but I had never been asked. My parents always told me it was bad and shut down any discussions of it. But now I had to acutally think about this desire and I did not really like it, but I was in the middle of tying up my cousin and I wasnt going to stop.

"I just think its fun to tie up girls" I said flatly.

"But why?!" she replied.

"Its just fun ha ha!" I tried to play it off, but I knew if she pressed the issue Id have no good anwser. I finished tying her feet then I got a long shirt.
"Time to shut you up" I said

"No I dont like the gag" None of my cousins like to be gagged, but I never listened.

I pulled the shirt into her mouth and tied it off tied.

"uch" she tried to say yuck through the thick leave gag.

At that time Trent came it.

"I am the villian! I have your sister now you must battle me!"

We played a game, while we were fighting I was secretly trying ti watch Xena struggle. She pulled and tugged at the cables and eventually got out. I lost to the hero, a typical ending for a villain...

There is a second story I remember with Xena, I think it was the same day I cant remember. Its not a real bondage story but here goes....

Later that night Xena's friend Sienna came over. It was like 11 pm and Trent fell asleep, I hung out with Xena and her friend. I had found a roll of duct tape and wanted to tape Sienna. I had already tied Xena so I didnt want to over do it.

"Im gonna tape you up" I kept telling Sienna, but she was really shy.

Eventually Xena said "Please leave her alone Ill let you tape me up"

Xena than layed on the bed face down. She crossed her hands behind her back and put her ankles together.

I felt bad at that point and ended up going home, sometimes tying just isnt worth it.

Sorry to end on a sadder note but this is the story I wanted to tell
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Thank you for this cute little story!

My favorite part is: "But why?!" That is a very good question :lol:
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Nice story
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