My first time tied up

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My first time tied up

Post by StealthCharlotte »

So I’m autistic so my social interactions and writing might be a bit weird. I’m high functioning so I’m mostly normal but with some large quirks. I have wanted to be tied up bound up and helpless for a really long time. But, I want it to be not really fun. Maybe slightly Painfull or uncomfortable. It’s confusing but I really wanted to feel helpless. I can’t feel helpless unless I really want to escape. Since I was little I always like the blanket being wrapped around me tight. I always liked my car seat that I was strapped into. But none of that was enough.

2 weeks ago I finally told my sister I want to be tied up. I have a sister and brother who are twins and share a room with my sister. When I talk out loud I don’t always make full sentences especially when nervous. I whispered in my sister ear “I want be tied”. After a few questions and whispering she understood. Our parents were out of town for the weekend and she told me if she tied me up she will have total control of me. I agreed not really thinking about it but just really wanting to be tied up. I was stimming a lot this weekend (rocking back and forth with knees to chest, grabbing my shoulders). Stimming is caused by autisim. I just wanted to relax and not have to control anything about my body.

She ordered me to go to our bedroom and change into just a bra and tights with no underwear under tights. I take aerial silks class as well as ballet so I’m flexible and have lots of tights and leotards and such. I go to the bed room and get changed into a pair of tan tight and white bra.

When she came in she grabbed my wrist and handcuffed my wrist behind my back . (Dad is a security guard so there are a few pairs around the house). My whole body felt butterfly as she locked my wrist in steel. I wanted more. I started pulling against the metal trying to see if I could skip my small wrist out. I couldn’t and it felt so good. My brother was still in living room with no idea what was going on.

My sister pulled one of her used knee socks out of the hamper and stuffed it in my mouth. It’s was kind of gross but I got used to it. I tried to push it out with my tounge. She then Taped over it with lots of duct tape The socks was so big for my tiny mouth. My cheeks were poking out.

She then grabbed me and put me on the ground face down. She straddled me facing my feet with my wrist in her crotch. She started duct taping my ankles. She wrapped my entire legs with tape. I was covered in pink duct tape from right under my bum to my ankles. She got up and grabbed 2 metal rulers. She then taped them on the back of my knees so I could not bend my legs at all.

After that she put me on her desk face down snd started taping my legs to her desk. My entire body was on her desk and my feet were forced to point since my anckles were taped tight to desks. As I struggled i some how felt free. Not free from the tape, but free from myself. Free from worry. Free from mental struggle and feeling autistic. There was nothing I could do and so I didn’t need to worry about anything. It felt so good

After that though she decided to tape my arms better. She told me after it’s called reverse prayer. Basically my palms were together behind neck. Tape went over hand and was wrapped around all the way to elbows pinning them together. It’s was very uncomfortable and hurt a little. I tried to beg her to let my arms go but no real sound came out. I wiggled as much as I could but nothing made my arms more comfortable.

She undid my bra strap and started to rub my back. She also massaged my bum over the tights. She didn’t warm me at all and she started spanking my bum hard. I tried to scream but could t make much noise at all. I wanted to get out so bad. The spanks hurt so much. I cried from the pain. But as much as I wanted to get out, I was completely helpless. Completely stress free. For the first time in my life I didn’t need to think about what to do or what to say or remember to look people in the eye. I had no control over anything. No one expected me to talk to them.

My sister then pulled the tights down from over my bum. She spanked my bare bum. I was crying in pain, but also felt so relaxed and calm. She then moved to my tights covered feet and tickled. I’m so ticklish. My upper body bucked as I tried to scream and laugh with a gag in. I wiggled my feet as much as I could but there wasn’t much I could do with the tape. I felt myself struggling to control my pee. Part of me got sad for a moment because I realized I still had some control. It’s expected of me not to wet myself so I have to try and meet the expectations of me. But eventually I could t hold it and wet myself. The tickling was to intense.

After the tickling she started to untape me. She pulled my bra off. It really hurt as she ripped the tape off my arms. She pulled of my tights which were completely destroyed. She was already naked. It wasn’t completely weird since we change in front of each other normally. She handcuffed me again. She took me to the bathroom. She attached a rope to the handcuffs and then tied it to the shower head hoisting my arms up banding me over. She turned on the water which was freezing cold at first. I was still gaged so my scream was quiet. It warmed ipa md she started to use a wash cloth to wash my body. She spent a lot of time getting the tape marks off my arms. She spent a lot of time washing my hair and massaging my scalp. She undid my gag which hurt to and washed my face. She turned off the water and dried me off. She told me if I said anything to my brother or parents she would spank me twice as hard as she did.

She took my hand cuffs off and I got dressed. I was so tired and overwhelmed I took a nap. We then ate dinner. My brother says I was being moody. I will say I was a lot over whelmed. We played some computer games but I wasn’t really into it. At bed time my sister handcuffed all 4 lims to the bed.

I havnt been tied as extream since that day but I want to again so bad. I loved it so much and need that break from myself. Now every night my sister handcuffs me to the bed. She sometimes tickles or spanks me a little. But nothing like the first day. Sometimes she makes me wear diapers to bed and tickles me until I wet myself.
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Post by subintights »

I really appreciate and relate to this story. The mental and physical escapism of bondage is like nothing else, and to me serves as form of meditation itself. Hope these continue to help you!

Post by h56jh1 »

Asperger's syndrome is more common than many people know. here is a favorite story of mine, maybe you will enjoy it as well.
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Post by Dpsiic »

Interesting story, you got your wish to be tied.
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Post by tiedinbluetights »

A very good first story @StealthCharlotte; you write very well, better than me! I can relate to the need to be tied-up, just to calm my anxieties and relax. So long as your sister/TUG-partner is a caring person who respects your limits and understands your needs, have fun. But please don't let her, or anyone for that matter, push you too far by abusing you and your trust in them; always be mindful of the risks.
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Post by TightsBound »

I’m glad you were able to finally being tied up and helpless. Your story was very well written, I think you should consider writing more. Here’s hoping we get to read about your next tie up soon!
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Post by TheOldPirate »

Thanks for that "duh" moment, because it makes perfect sense that someone on the spectrum would enjoy these sort of sensations. I'm suddenly wondering if bondage and other BDSM activities should be presented as options; could be that kink and aspy go hand-in-hand often enough.

I dated a gal who was mildly on the spectrum, and she enjoyed being straitjackted, bound, and sensory deprived. She truly went into an altered state, as what was 2-3 hours in reality felt like only 30-45 minutes to her.
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Post by Paris_bondage »

Your point of view is very relevant. As an autistic person, you describe very well the feeling of relaxation that comes from being tied up. But know that this feeling, many other bondage lovers also seek it and experience it.
For my part, I am a psychiatrist and I spend my days helping other people. When I'm tied up, what I'm looking for and what I feel is exactly what you're describing. And that, before having read you, I would not have been able to describe.
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Post by CarouselCowboy13 »

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us here. Your writing skills are excellent. Hopefully you will write more about your experiences. Glad you got to be Tied Up
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