This Time, I Get It! (m/m)

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This Time, I Get It! (m/m)

Post by Canuck100 »

It is the winter of 1987, and I am 13 year old. The week before, I had tied my 15 year old friend Yannick (see "I Won, for Once!") after he bet with me that we would win a wrestling match against me even if his hands were tied behind his back. Well, he lost and proved to be a very willing and cooperative "victim".

So this one day I was at school. I went to a private school - very common here in Montréal, and not very expensive as it is subsidised by the government. We call them "collège"; It's somewhat similar to "Catholic schools" in the USA, but not religious and generally much less conservative. But the school uniform is similar : for girls, plaid pleated skirt or pants, blouse with a V-Neck sweater or cardigan. For boys, dress pants, shirts and ties, and again V-neck sweater or cardigan. I was in "Secondaire 2", equivalent to Grade 8 in English-speaking parts of Canada or in the US.

I'm in the locker room, talking to my crush Jessica and her friend Marie-Ève who are leaning against the lockers. I try to act cool, chatting with the girls, standing in the middle of the hallway.

I was engrossed in the conversation, and in Jessica's eyes, when suddenly a strong arm passes over my shoulder and pins my own arms. By the time I react and look down to see what's happening, a hand cups my mouth, firmly hand-gagging me.

"Hé salut, what's up les filles?" I recognized my friend Yannick's voice, who was addressing the girls. The girls were laughing by now. Yannick is 2 grades above us, and it kind of boosted my own social status to be seen hanging out with my popular athletic friend, so it was kind of cool to have him do silly stuff like this to me. Sometimes he'd sneak behind me and pull my wool hat down over my eyes, or he would handgag me like now. Other times he would come from behind and wrap his sweater or a scarf around my head and hold it there, that kind of stuff. So this was nothing new, although his timing was very inconvenient, as I was flirting with Jessica at the moment. I tried wriggling my way out from his grip, but he held me firmly.

"Hey girls, you know you have to be careful if you hang out with him... Canuck's a beast!" he tells them. "You know what he did to me last week?"

NOOOO! HE WOULDN'T DARE! He can't say tell this to the girls! I struggled some more but he just held his hand more firmly on my mouth, his body pressed against my back. I tried to protest but it came out as "MMMPPHHH"s.

"He tricked me into getting tied me up and kept me prisoner for hours! He also gagged and blindfolded me, and he wouldn't let me go!"

I must have turned beet red; I thought I would die from embarrassment. I didn't want everyone to know about my interest in tie up games, and certainly not the girl I was flirting with!

"What?" Jessica was giggling. "How did that happen?". Yannick was, after all, in secondary 4 (equivalent to grade 10), stronger than me, so the story was hardly believable.

"Yup that's right, I spent the afternoon being his prisoner" he continued while I rolled my eyes. "He tricked me into getting tied up. Good thing his parents came back from work, or I'd have spent the whole day as his captive. But next time he comes over to my place he's REALLY gonna get it" he added cheerfully. "Well, I've gotta go to class. Be careful around him!" .

When he let me go I tried hitting him with my elbow, but he was quicker than me and was already running towards the stairs that led to the classrooms, leaving me red faced in front of the girls. There was a short awkward pause.

"Did you really tie him up?" a smiling Marie-Ève asked, apparently amused by my embarrassment.

"Well, yes, but not exactly the way he described it". I proceeded to give them a brief summary of the events that had transpired on snow day, and explained how he exaggerated the whole thing, but I was cut short by the school bell. It was time to go back to class, and the girls were in another class so we had to part ways.

Jessica turned around, gave me a shy smile and said "see you later, mister kidnapper!". I think I turned one shade of red brighter.

It wasn't until the next day that I saw Yannick again. He was already at the bus stop when I arrived - we took the same city bus to school (no yellow buses here in the city, kids just take regular transit to go to school).

"What were you thinking telling them about the time I tied you up?" I asked him, still a bit miffed about how embarrassing the previous day's conversation was.

"Oh come on, it was just funny", he said. "Anyway I saw Jessica at the end of the day and she asked me more details about when you tied me up, and if I was really going to tie you up next time! I told her you'd be getting it really bad".

I stood there, saucer-eyed. He said these things casually, as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

"But I think she's got the hots for you". He hit my shoulder. "When I told her about how I'd tie you up, she even said "oh I would loooove to see this""

The bus was arriving at the stop, so we had to interrupt the conversation and get on it. Yannick saw some friends from his grade, I saw some friends from mine, so we joined our respective groups of friends.

Not much happened in the following week. But two weeks later, I was invited to spend the weekend with Yannick at this "chalet". It's very common here to have a cottage or country house, usually by a lake or near a ski hill. My family had a cottage by a lake, but we only went in the summer. Yannick's family's chalet was very close to a ski hill, so they went more frequently in the winter and he sometimes invited me to go with them.

Yannick has a sister who is the same age as my own sister - they're 2 years younger than me, so they would have been eleven at the time of this story. For this specific weekend, Yannick's sister had been invited to spend the weekend with my sister. So the girls would stay at my house, in the city, with my parents, and I would go with Yannick spend the weekend at with his parents at their chalet where we would go skiing.

So Friday arrives, and I pack my alpine skiing equipment and clothes for the weekend and join his family for the treck "up north". It was a 1 hour 1/2 ride. As it wasn't the first time I went with them, I quickly got my bearings when we arrived at the chalet. Yannick and I took our stuff downstairs to the finished basement, where his bedroom was located.

The weekend started normally enough. We played games, watched movies, went skiing all day on Saturday at the ski hill nearby. We had a nice raclette dinner - you heat and melt slices of raclette cheese on an electric table-top grill with small pans. You serve the cheese over grilled charcuteries, potatoes, veggies, etc. It's Swiss, but quite popular in Québec.

Before we went downstairs to cap off the night, his parents asked us if we wanted to join them on Sunday for a snowshoe excursion : they would go in the forest and to the top of a nearby mountain, where there was a small heated refuge cabin and they'd come back. It would take the better part of the day.

I was just about to say yes, but Yannick cut me off.

"Nah, I feel like just hanging out with Canuck here at the chalet" he said. "Maybe we'll go skating or something. What do you think Canuck?".

Well, I was his guest, so I agreed with him. I didn't really mind either way.

After dinner, we eventually retreated to his bedroom in the basement.

We hung out for a while, play cards, read comic books from his collection (Astérix, Tintin, Lucky Luke, Mafalda, etc), talk about girls. A regular evening for boys our age.

It was getting quite late when he stood up and went to open his sportsbag he had brought with him from the city. He gets some stuff out of the bag, but I don't pay much attention at first. But I got goosebumps when I finally noticed what it was that he was taking out of his bag. On his dresser, he now had ropes, zipties, scarves, terry cloth bathrobe belts, leather belts, socks and a balaclava, neatly organized.

"Yannick, what's all this for?" I asked nervously, even though I already knew the answer. I felt my cheeks becoming red. And some stirring down there.

"Oh, this? That's the stuff I'm gonna use on you tomorrow" Yannick says nonchalantly while sorting his tug-kit.

"What? Here?" I asked. "But your parents?"

"They'll be gone for most of the day anyway" Yannick said while coming back to his bed. There were two beds in his room, so we both slept there.

"Oh come on, are you really planning to tie me up?". I don't know why I was trying to discourage him, I really, really wanted this to happen. But it made me nervous. Even though I kind of knew that he was into tugs himself, I still feared he would think it's silly and would ridicule me about it. "You wanted me to tie you up and gag you! To see 'if you could escape'!".

"I know... But I told you I would tie you up this weekend", he said. "And I told Jessica too!"

"Oh come on, what did you tell her again?". I couldn't believe he would tell my crush that he would tie me up.

"Yeah I saw her in the hallway on Friday and she asked me if I had tied you up for revenge", he explained. "I told her I might do it this weekend. I was planning on doing it tonight - my parents don't ever come downstairs at night anyway. But since they'll be gone tomorrow, it's even better! I can keep you prisoner all day if I want!".

My eyes must have been like saucers, because he quickly added "Oh come on, I'm not being serious. It won't be all day... It'll be fun anyway! And if you manage to get free I'll let you tie me up again. I wouldn't count on that if I were you, but who knows?". He threw a pillow at me from his bed.

"I'll be free in no time anyway" I told him somewhat grumpily, while throwing the pillow back at him. I was way more miffed about the fact that Jessica knew that I was going to be tied up by Yannick, than by the fact that I was going to be tied up.

We eventually changed subjects but I couldn't stop thinking about his plans for the next day. I had a really hard time falling asleep.

When we woke up at around 9am on Sunday morning, his parents had already left for their snowshoe excursion. They had left a note on the kitchen counter telling us what we could have for lunch, and that they expected to be back at around 3pm.

I was very nervous ; I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen. I had tons of experience with self-bondage, but the prospect of getting tied up by my friend Yannick was way more exciting! But eager as I was, I didn't really dare mention it to Yannick just yet; I preferred to wait until he took the initiative.

So we had breakfast, chit chatting about everything except the d*rn tie-up situation! Arrgh!

"You want to take your shower first?" Yannick asked. "Then we can decide what we want to do."

A bit perplexed by the fact that he didn't mention tugs so far, I agreed and went to shower. I showered, thinking about the tie up stuff that was on Yannick's dresser, hoping it was going to get used today. But my hopes were a bit crushed at the moment.

Once my shower finished, I had to go get my clothes, as they were in the bedroom where we slept, but the bathroom was on the main floor. Wearing only my boxers and a t-shirt, I made my way back downstairs.

Once downstairs, I turned left in the passageway that led to Yannick's bedroom. But at the moment I had passed in front of the storage room, I sensed some movement. Before I had time to react, I was bearhugged from behind and a hand covered by a black wool glove covered my mouth firmly. I got goosebumps, even though I knew that it was Yannick.

"Do as I say and nothing bad will happen to you" he told me. His acting was quite convincing, this was fun!

I nodded into his hand, smiling.

Yannick pushed me into his bedroom. He stopped in front of his dresser, on top of which there was a mirror. He was standing behind me, all dressed in black, one hand on my mouth, his other arm wrapped around my torso, holding my arms. He was wearing ski underpants, a hoodie, wool gloves, a polar fleece neck warmer and a black wool hat. Only his eyes were visible, and the story they told was that he was having fun and visibly proud of the way he surprised me.

He pushed me forward on his bed, on which I landed face first on his plush bed comforter. He landed on top of me and positioned himself so that his knees would be on each side of my arms and hold them firmly.

"Ok! I give up! You can tie me up! But let me get dressed first" I told him.

"Allright... get comfortable because you'll be tied up for a looong time" he replied.

He got off me and I went to put on my clothes; grey sweatpants, a charcoal polar fleece hoodie, and socks.

He handed me two pairs of ski socks.

"Put these on your hands"

Me being the ever-cooperative victim, I insert my hands into the first pair of socks, which went up to my elbows.

"Put these on too" he tells me.

"You'll have to help me out, I can't use my fingers" I tell him.

So he stretches the second pair of socks so that I can insert my fists into them. Already my hands are pretty much rendered useless.

"I'll blindfold you for the next part" he says. He looks around and picks up a wool sweater that was on his bed. It was cream colour, made with thick, soft fuzzy wool, and had brown Scandinavian - or is it Icelandic - patterns on it. He folded the top part of the sweater onto the bottom part, leaving the arms on the side. Then he put the sweater over my eyes - it covered my entire face - took the sleeves behind my neck and tied them in a knot over my mouth.

"You're gonna like this" he tells me. "Put your hands behind you back".

I do, knowing that there is not point pretending that I'm not enjoying this, really. I feel him taking my wrists and pulling them closer together. I heard a soft "zip" sound, felt some tightness around my fists, and then I wasn't able to pull my hands apart anymore.

"Hey, what did you do right there?" I asked him.

"Oh I'm not done yet, but I just zip-tied your hands together" Yannick tells me. "I used 3 ties to make handcuffs. Clever, no?".

"Not fair, but very clev-mmpphh..." his hand pressed my mouth over his sweater.

"Can't wait to gag you, snarky-guy!"

He let go of my mouth.

"But how I am suppo-mmph..." he shut me off by hand gagging me again over the sweater.

"Ssshhhh...." he said in my ear. "You're being kidnapped, remember? I decide if you get to talk or not"

I moaned. But I was enjoying his kidnapper act.

A few seconds later I felt something tightening around my upper body, holding my arms behind my back. It was turn after turn around my upper body, with a knot every second turn or so. Finally I felt him fiddling with my zip ties cuffs, and a final knot anchored my hands in the small of my back.

"Ok, what do I do next..." Yannick wondered out loud. I heard him pick up something.

He untied the sweater sleeves and took it off my face.

"Ok, open up!"

Probably after having registered the efficiency of the gag I put in his mouth when I tied him up, he had prepared a similar gag for me. He held a long ski sock in front of my face. In its middle point, the sock's partner was knotted, and he inserted the knot in my mouth. The knot was quite chunky, so it forced my mouth opened. He tied the ends behind my neck. He then picked up a bandanna, folded it into a band, and used it as a cleave gag to firmly hold the sock gag in.

"Ahhh.. I like you better like this". He picked up the sweater again, but this time he put it on my head, wrapped the sleeves around my neck, over my mouth and finally tied them behind my neck. Basically my head was cocooned by his sweater. In termes of blindfolds, it was quite cozy and comfy.

There was a short pause, and then I felt a sharp, but short, pain on one of my nipples, which he had pinched. and I could only emit a "MMPPHH!".

"Well that gag works!" he said with a cheery voice. Apparently satisfied, he held me by the arms from behind and pushed me on his bed where I fell face first in a soft thud. He pushed my face onto the bed, just to annoy me.

Yannick picked my legs up and pushed me so that my entire body was now on the bed. I then felt something tightening around my ankles. He wrapped rope around them and cinched it, tying them up firmly. Then he repeated the process below and above my knees.

I then felt my ankles being pulled up. Yannick put his weight on my bent legs and somehow linked my ankles to my ziptie handcuffs. I was now hogtied, face down, on his bed.

"Now that should hold you for a while... Are you ok? Nothing's painful?" he asked. I grunted and nodded to let him know that I was fine. "Do you think you can get free?"

I grunted twice and shook my head. I really didn't think I'd be able to get free. The socks on my hand, the hogtie, the gag... I'd be Yannick's prisoner for as long as he wanted! It was now only about 9:30 and I was wondering how long he'd keep me prisoner!

"Can't get free? " He rolled me over so that I was lying on my side, facing him. "Ok, I'll go take a shower then! Have fun". I heard him leave the room.

For a minute I struggled a bit, making the bed squeak, but I was tied way too well, I was going to stay tied up until Yannick decided to untie me. I had tons of experience with self-bondage, but you always know that you can escape when you tie yourself up. Got some close calls, but I always managed to get free. But being tied up by someone else is another level. Being defenseless and unable to do anything is quite exciting. And to be frank, a major turn-on as well.

I lay there enjoying my helplessness, breathing slowly through his sweater, struggling minimally just to remind myself that I was completely Yannick's prisoner. I was having a really good time.

After maybe 15 minutes, he came back from his shower.

"Haha, just as I left you. You didn't make any progress it seems. Having fun?" he asked.

I decided to stop pretending I wasn't enjoying this. "Uh uh", I nodded.

"Good!" He pushed me so that I was now lying face down. "I'll give you more time to try to get free". He held one of my ankles. "Maybe this will motivate you?"


And with that he tickled my feet. I bucked wildly, trying to avoid his fingers, but he straddled my shoulders, facing my feet, and tickled them mercilessly. I was screaming through my very efficient gag and bucking under his weight; he was laughing while he was tickling me.

Finally, after an agonizing minute or so, he stopped.

All I managed to do was to dislodge the sweater that was covering my head. It now laid partially on my head, the sleeves untied. I shook my head to try to push it aside, but Yannick was still straddling my shoulders, so it was stuck under him. I could see with one of my eyes, and breath some fresh air. I lay there, panting.

He got off me and lied down beside me for a minute. He gave me a minute to catch my breath, and then started messing with me by covering my face with the sweater, then letting me see again. He did that 3 or 4 times, laughing at me and my inability to stop him.

"I gotta find a way to make sure the blindfold stays on your head..." Yannick said. "Let me try something..."

He sat down beside me and took the sweater again and spread it on the bed. He slid it under my face and retied it as he had done earlier, wrapping the sleeves around my face and tying them behind my neck. But then I felt him pick up the hood of my hoodie and raise it over my sweater-cocooned head. He rolled me over so that I was laying on my side, grabbed the strings of my hood and tied them in a knot.

"Here you go!" he said. "Now when I tickle you again, the blindfold will not come off". He tickled my sides briefly. My whole body jumped. "See? Now I'll undo the hogtie, so you'll be a bit more comfortable".

He untied the knot that linked my hands to my feet. I moaned as I was able to stretch my legs, relieved from my strenuous predicament.

"Ok... how much time should I give you to try to get free?" he asked while patting my back. "An hour?"

I knew there was no way I'd be able to get free by myself, but as I was enjoying my current situation I grunted to let Yannick know that I agreed.

"An hour it is then! I'll go get something to drink, don't go anywhere!"

What a cheezy joke I thought.

He got off the bed and the room became quiet. I assumed he went upstairs, but it was hard to tell as the basement and the stairs were carpeted.

I struggled a bit, just for the fun of it and enjoy the sensations. I rubbed my face over the bed to try to get the sweater off my head, but with my hoodie's hood tied over it, it was impossible to do.

After a while, I decided to try standing up, to see if that would give me some leverage. By swinging my legs over the side of the bed, I managed to sit up.


My blood froze. Someone was at the door! Were Yannick's parents back? No, they wouldn't have rung the doorbell.


I heard the door opening from afar, and Yannick saying something - but I couldn't hear what it was that he was saying and who he was saying it to.

Who could it be? I was one thing to play tugs with Yannick and have some friends know about it, but now I didn't want other people to find out! I panicked and struggled wildly, trying to untie my bonds. I twisted and turned my arms, pulled on my ziptie handcuffs, to no avail. I really did not want to be found tied up! I tried my best at being a contortionist, but nothing worked. I tried to see if I could work my legs loose, but that didn't work either. But Yannick had tied me in a way I would never get out of. Where was he, the stupid idiot who had left me tied up in his bedroom?

Then I heard it. Yannick roaring with laughter.

"GOTCHA!" he said between fits of laughter. "It was me who rang the doorbell. There was no one at the door. I wanted to see how you'd react! You gave me quite a show!"

I was mad at him, but at the same time soooo relieved! I'd have to get back at him for this one!

I tried lunging at him, hopping blindly towards where the voice was coming from, but all I managed to do was to hit the doorframe and fall down on the floor. He laughed and helped me stand up.

"Ok, back on the bed!" he caught me in a bear hug and carried me to the bed, on which I landed, again, with a thump.


"I'll read something while you enjoy being my prisoner" he said.

I heard him settle down on his bed, and then the rustle of the pages of a book.

The next 60 minutes or so were eventless. I just enjoyed my captivity, while he read a book on his own bed. I subtly struggled in a way that made me "enjoy" my captivity, but I didn't want to push things too far, to a point where there was no coming back. Yannick was, after all, right beside me. But I was having a great time nonetheless. I just tried not to show it too much.

"Time's up!" he eventually announced “You lost!”. He came over to where I was lying down and proceeded to untie my legs. Next up was the hood of my hoodie, and then he untied the sleeves of the sweater and took it off my head. I felt good to see and breath some fresh air. I had been breathing through the sweater for more than an hour.

"Let's go upstairs, I'll need the scissors to cut the zipties"

I couldn't reply, as I was still gagged. I "mmpphed" to attract his attention to this fact, but he just smiled, ignored me and proceeded to go upstairs. I followed him to the kitchen, where he got the scissors from a drawer.

"Turn around". I did and and cut the ziptie that was linking my two hands. It felt good to be able to move my arms freely. I still had the socks on my hands though, and I waited for him to cut the zipties that were tied around my wrists. After 10 seconds, I turned around to see what he was waiting for. He was just looking at me, smiling. He was up to something.

"Can you untie your gag?" he asked.

I still had two socks on each hand, held in place by zipties around the wrists. So even though my hands were not tied together anymore, they were still absolutely useless. I still brought them to my face and tried to untie the knots with my useless paws, rubbing my face to try to get the gag off. Yannick was laughing his head off.

"Wanna use the scissors?" he teased between two fits of laughter, knowing they wouldn't be of any help in my situation.

I punched him on the shoulder, a bit frustrated.

"I think I'll leave you like this for a while, it's too funny!" he told me.

"MMMPPPHHH!" I moaned. But I couldn't do anything about it.

He walked towards the living room. I followed him. He grabbed a magazine and plopped down on the couch. I had enough. I jumped on him before he had time to open the magazine and put him in a headlock and landed on top of him on the couch. We wrestled and eventually we fell down on the floor. He managed to straddle me and hold my arms above my head.

"OK!" he said, laughing. "I'll remove your gag! Flip over and I'll untie it"

So I turned over under him so that I was face down, which would give him easier access to knots that held my gag in place. He untied the gag and I was finally able to get the knotted sock out of my mouth. I stretched my jaw, it felt good after such a long time with a gag in my mouth.

"Finally!" I told Yannick. "I need a drink, my mouth is dry".

We went back to the kitchen where he took a glass and filled it with cold water.

"Oh come on, I can't grab the glass with the socks on my hands, I'll drop it".

Yannick got a straw and put it in the glass. I rolled my eyes, but still drank the water, as I needed it.

We went back to the living room, where we watched a bit of tv, with my hands still covered by the socks.

Thirty minutes later Yannick eventually cut the zipties, so I was completely free for the first time in about two hours. It was now 11:30am.

Although Yannick's parents would still be out for a few hours, the tie up games ended right there. For that day at least. We had lunch and went skating in the afternoon. There would be more tugs with Yannick though. But I'll save them for another occasion. Stay tuned to learn about the time I "invented" the armbinder!

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Post by Killua »

Wow, that was really an amazing story. You know, I originally planned on sleeping right now and just thought I browse one quick time trough the board again, maybe I would spot a story to read tomorrow... but I just couldn't resist when I saw you posted a new story...well... I guess I need a lot coffee tomorrow as price for reading it now :lol:

But that's worth it. I really enjoyed your story. You described it really well. I'm really happy you take your time to describe things im detail, it really helps imagine what happened and how you must've felt back then.

It's great how you pointed out some differences between the schoolsystems and the culture with those cabins.

I love to read about your experiences even though I'm quite jealous that I never had a friend like yours to do games like that (I had some experiences too, but they are by far not good enough to write a story about them)

I really hope to be able to read more about your other games. It's a really great and detailed story. Love it.
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Post by Axeljohansson »

Wow, again an awesome story! Thanks, I loved it. Specially the blindfold which seemed very cosy although maybe very warm too? :D
Can’t wait to hear what happened next.
I like to be blindfolded when I’m tied up :)
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Post by Xtc »

I like the way that this is not a simple list of who did what , with which and to whom. A diverting read.
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Post by Canuck100 »

@Killua I'm glad that you found my story worth staying up late! Hope the coffee was good and strong enough to keep you awake today :)

@Axeljohansson I thought you'd enjoy this blindfold... ;) Yes it was warm-ish, but still very comfortable. And to be honest I loved it that Yannick used his own sweater tp blindfold me. There's something about being forced to inhale someone else's smell, you feel even more powerless. I just enjoyed it a lot. It wasn't the last time we used this kind of blindfold.

@Xtc I do put a lot of details in my stories, and sometimes it takes a while before I get to the tying up part. But the stories I enjoy the most are those with more details, more context, more "meat around the bone", so I tried to replicate that a bit.

Thanks for the nice words guys!
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Post by Xtc »

I can only agree with you about context. It is too often omitted from a lot of tales.
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Post by BDBrit »

I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing! :D
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Post by Canuck100 »

BDBrit wrote: 1 week ago I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing! :D
Thanks @BDBrit , another story is coming up soon!
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Post by Paris_bondage »

Thank you! What a great story. You know my fetish for wool sweaters. Having your head wrapped in your captor's sweater is the best experience ever.
Thanks again.
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Post by Xtc »

Looks like you've got a hit on your hands. Congratulations.
They all say boxer shorts are cool,
but little Speedos always rule.
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