College misadventures: Actress debut (mf/f)

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College misadventures: Actress debut (mf/f)

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Hi! If you haven't read my previous stories: I'm Isaac, and I'm mostly sharing some of the stories I shared with my partner Alice, and some of our friends around the time we were attending university.

At the time of these stories I was a young man, tall and lean, going to the gym on and off to stay in shape. I had dark brown hair (sometimes a bit long, sometimes with one themple shaved) and usually wore black, while I loved to goof around, I usually kept a more serious attitude at first
Alice, was a head or so shorter than me, with brown-blonde hair past her shoulders, she had a very expressive face and very vivid eyes. She enjoyed excersing, keeping herself fit but a bit curvy. She had very vivid brown eyes and even though she was a touch shy with new people, once she felt comfortable she was extremely energetic and, usually, said yes to almost any plan.

P.D: I'm thinking of collecting my stories, from now on, on this topic, updating the subject as I go. I don't know if this is the best approach or there's a more accepted way of doing it on this forum, so feedbackon this topic is greatly appreciated.

Acress debut

This anecdote starts the summer I started university, when I agree to help an old friend, Max, to finish filming an amateur short film for a local contest. After some internal drama, some members of the crew left the production and they were short on people, and shorter on time, having only two or three days left to film before starting to edit the footage. They wanted help behind the cameras and a replacement for one of the actresses. None of the team knew very much what they were doing, they filmed without a script or much organization, resulting in an inefficient process with delays and tons of unnecessary footage.

Knowing this, I agree to help, out of curiosity, as I didn’t care about the contest and it could be something to pass the time and maybe get a cool experience. After I agreed, Max “subtly” asked me if I could convince Alice, at that time we had been dating for almost a year already, to appear in the film. He said that they were filming a black and white noir detective story, about a grumpy detective searching for a serial killer with a cultist theme. The story had 0 originality and all the cliches you could cram into 15 minutes of footage. They needed someone to play the detective’s partner/assistant and the other girl on the team already played one of the victims. After a phone called with Alice she agreed, intrigued about acting on camera for the first time.

To put some order and smooth the filming Alice invited Anne, an old friend of hers who had started filming school that year, and who we suspected, and sometime later confirmed had been attracted to Alice in secret for a while. Anne accepted immediately and jumped into the director/producer role immediately after a short meeting with the old team, creating a short script, buying supplies, and preparing a filming plan to shoot the remaining scenes in one day.

When the day arrive I joined the crew on an abandoned two-stories house in the outskirts of our town. The place was isolated and fit perfectly as the cult hideout. While Anne and Max left to pick Alice and re-shoot an old scene with the new cast, the rest of the crew spent the morning transforming the house from “safety hazard” to “just very dirty” and decorating it as the lair of a secret satanic cult, with blood writings on the walls and a makeshift altar upstairs.

In the evening Anne arrived with the rest of the team, the costumes for the actors and the first surprise of the day: Alice wore her character’s outfit, chosen in part by Anne, and it was obvious that her role wasn’t what we had imagined at the start. Her blonde-brown hair was collected on a ponytail and a white headband, she wore a light brown cardigan and underneath, a light blue sleeveless dress with white polka dots, a modest cut and a ruffled skirt that reached to her knees and a pair of sandals. The dress and the cardigan were bigger than it needed to be, so she had snugged it to her waist with a simple brown belt. Her outfit was more appropriate for an “innocent and old-fashioned” assistant that for the hard-boiled detective she had imagined.

At firs,t Alice was visibly uncomfortable with the outfit, adjusting the dress, the cardigan and her hair every couple of minutes, so while the rest of the cast prepared themselves, I tried to ease her nervousness, reassuring her that the outfit looked great on her, even if it wasn’t her usual style. And seeing the rest of the cast in their costumes helped her relax and she quickly was eager to start. The rest of the costumes were simpler, but look sillier in comparison: black clothes and long cheap cloaks and face paint for the killer and his henchmen, a suit, some sizes too big, for the detective and corpse make for the actress playing the previous victim.

Anne and Max directed the crew and gave the guidelines for each scene as we went, so most of the acting was improvised, which, alongside our lack of experience, meant repeating scenes several times:

Outside the house. The killer and his henchmen arrive by car. They put on cloaks and enter the building. After some time, Alice appears trailing the car by foot (how was she abled to keep with a car by foot? Who cares!) and she sneaks towards the building as the shadows of the cultists are projected on the windows of the second floor.

Inside the house. The front door opens, and Alice enters trying to remain completely silent. She advances silently through the corridor while conversation can be heard upstairs. She opens one of the doors on the ground floor and finds a room covered with black plastic sheets and something on the middle covered by black plastic bags.

(This part was repeated multiple times due to someone giggling or Alice stumbling into something on the dark corridor)

Alice enters the room and lifts the plastic bags to reveal the previous victim of the cult (who obviously blinked on several takes while pretended to be dead) gasps audible and stumbles backwards towards the door, when she bumps into the cultists who just appeared.

“Cut!” said Anne “Perfect, now, the next scene is the killer threatening the detective with the life of his partner. Max and part of the team will go outside to the cars to record their part while we prepare the scene.” She turned towards the team and started directing how we needed to fix the lights and added casually “While we fix this, there’s some bright orange rope in one of the bags, can someone tie up Alice, so it seems realistic on the camera.”

Alice opened her eyes, a bit surprised, and look towards puzzled. I was fixing some lights to the wall so I could only shrugged as it was news to me, and before I could go and grab the rope one of the henchmen took the initiative. He grabbed the long coil of rope and approach Alice who was standing arms crossed on the middle of the room, it was obvious he was a bit uncomfortable and embarrassed about the situation and didn’t know how to start, she sighed and put her arms at her side “It’s ok, just loop it around so I can’t fight back and that should do it”.

The henchman followed her instructions and started looping the rope. The coil was too long and when he finished, Alice had multiple loops of fairly loose rope around her arms and her body, from her hips to below her chest. “oh no! please don’t hurt me!” started Alice on a very overacted helpless voice and twisted her arms for a bit, with the rope instantly falling to the ground. When she was completely free, she stepped outside the rope on the ground, and saluted her “audience” “Ta da! The new Houdini”

“No, no no! That won’t do” Protested Anne “We need something that holds for some time, or keeping continuity will be hellish, let me do it” Anne took the ropes from the ground, and before Alice could pose again, she grabbed her wrists and started tying them together in front of her. When she finished, she moved to the arms, pinning them to her body with the remaining rope. At this point Alice and me were enjoying the show and throwing complicit looks at one another.

When Anne was finished, instructed Alice to go sit down on one of the walls of the room. But, on the way there, Alice struggled for a bit on her new bounds and the rope started fall again, freeing her hands instantly and the loops resting of rope resting on her hip. “Arrrrgh!” protested Anne in frustration “Could you stop doing that? Can someone tie up a real knot here?”

Taking my chance, I raised my hand and took the ropes. Using the scissors we were using for the tape to fix the lights, I cut the ropes in two parts. Alice presented me her wrists, with a smirk on her face, and I started looping the rope around one, and then, to her surprise, I turned her around and brought her other hand, crossing them together and tying them at her back. Then I tied her arms and torso with the rest of the rope, taking care to tighten the loops enough so they wouldn’t fall off, but not too much as to be uncomfortable during shooting. It wasn’t the most restrictive bindings, but they would hold unless Alice started struggling for real.

She tested her restrains for a bit and then resigned herself “Ok, you got me now, help me sit down” I helped her by her arms as she sat down on the floor with her legs together, to keep her skirt modest.

The detective (in a car) maintains a furious conversation with the killer (inside the house) while he gesticulates wildly, surrounded by his henchmen and in front of Alice tied up on the floor, who struggles lightly and shoots killing looks at them.

Without a script, the conversation was completely improvised and, at the fourth take Alice was getting bored sitting on the floor, so she decided to improvise herself. “We are on the abandoned house!” She started shouting “The one outside town”. The cultists looked at one another confused, then at Anne, that gestured them to continue, and the killer continued “Shut her up! Quickly! And exited the room to finish his conversation.”

Anne, without missing a bit, handed a strip of duct tape behind the cameras to one of the henchman, who approach Alice, who sat defiantly on the floor with her back straight, and put the strip over her mouth. The gag wasn’t very effective but Alice played along Hmpfing a bit and adopting a more scared and defenseless attitude as the henchmen threatened her.

While most of the crew remained on the ground floor to shoot a fighting scene, Alice (untied), Anne, the killer and me moved upstairs to prepare the final scene. The room upstairs was decorated with candles and a folding camping table, with benches attached, covered with a thick grey blanket to resemble a stone altar.

“Ok, this is were the killer will try to sacrifice Alice, before the detective comes for the rescue” Started Anne “Alice, can you lay down on the altar, please” At this point we were a bit tired already, so there were less fooling around. Alice climbed to the table and laid down. To keep her skirt in place, we tied her ankles together, and then her wrists above her head, each of the ropes were tied to one end of the table, so she could move around to increase the tension but not fight back against the killer. We tested the lights and then the killer left to see the fight scenes downstairs.

A bit exhausted, Anne and me sat down on the benches at each side of Alice. We started to do some small talk, laughing about the clumsiness of the shooting and the silliness of the script, it was quite surreal maintaining a conversation above Alice, while she had to raise her head from time to time to join in. After a while, she added “hmm if they are going to take a while, maybe you could untie me, this isn’t the most comfortable position.”

“Don’t you complain” Replied Anne “you are lying down and you don’t have to do nothing else”

“Hmm yeah, but I’m tied up, this table seems like it’s going to fall and I have the feeling that I’m going to move and my dress is going to show something private to the camera” Alice replied pressing her legs together. “Then” I added “don’t move” and poked her gently on the side.

“Hey! Stop that” Protested Alice wiggling about on the chair as I poked her. Anne was quite amused by the scenario, and she didn’t miss a bit in tormenting Alice “Oh! This reminds of something” She left the table, grabbed the duct tape and approach Alice from over her head “We need you to be silent during this scene” She gagged Alice with a simple layer of duct tape, as before, and Alice played along, not wanting to fight to much “HMPF!” Protested staring at Anne furiously.

Upstairs, the killer walks around the altar, chanting, with a knife on his hands. Alice, tied up on the altar, struggles and adds some “HMPPFS!” from time to time. The killer walks towards Alice and raises the knife, suddenly, the detective storms the room and shoots the killer (gunshot added during port-production) BANG! Killer and knife on the floor. “HMX!” Exclaims Alice rising her head a bit to see her rescuer.

Max grabs the knife from the floor and cuts the rope that binds Alice’s hands to the altar (After this proves to time consuming, on the next takes a person just let’s go the rope from below the table) The killer rises and starts to fight the detective.

Meanwhile, Alice, with her hands tied up, but free from the table, ungags herself, sits down and frees her feet. She stands up from the table and looks at the fight while trying to free her hands fighting against the rope. Another gunshot is fired during the struggle and Alice takes her hands to her mouth, turns around and starts running downstairs.

(This process was repeated multiple times, having to tied up Alice to the altar again, if needed. By the end, her outfit was a bit less neatly put together, giving a bit more of realism to the scene and the only real knot on the rope was the one tying her hands, as it was the one not repeatedly been untied and retied)
The last shot was Alice, hands tied, running from the building, as another gunshot sounded inside, and a mysterious hand grabbed the door frame of the front door.

The filming ended around 4-5 AM. After the filming, everyone started picking up the equipment, but Anne, Alice and I made our excuses (we already had helped more than enough) and left with my car. I was quite tired, so I didn’t pay much attention to the conversation between Alice, at the co-pilot seat, and Anne, seated behind, focusing instead on driving.

Later, Alice told me that Anne had been teasing her until we left her on her house, mostly, as I realized when we reached Alice’s house, because she still had her hands tied up in front of her. When I parked the car, we were both completely exhausted, I yawned and Alice followed suit, covering her mouth with her hands. Then, she looked at her restrains and presented her hands to me “Please, can you free me? I feel completely spent” And she looked the part, the ponytail was mostly undone, and the cardigan had felt to her elbows, alongside one of the straps of her dressed. The vision gave me the last bit of energy I needed to not fall sleep right there on the wheel. “I don’t know if I have the energy to do it, that knot seems pretty tight, let’s go to bed and see what we can do” She pressed her hands to her body, covering herself and answered in a fake offended tone “I knew I couldn’t trust you” and together we entered the house.
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Cool story! Filming amateur movies often leads to tie up scenes, it seems. There are quite a few similar stories in the archives, each with its own twist. Yours is well written and an interesting read. Looks like you have more stories to tell, possibly involving Anne and Alice : looking forward to reading them.
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This was fun, plenty of fun, both the experience as well as the story the way it is narrated. Although, the end, you should have untied her then. But okay, everyone was safe. Hoping to read more from you!
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Very nice read. Enjoyed it. Thank you.
Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment.

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Nice story. Plenty of background to build up towards the TUG. Thanks for sharing
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