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I struggled against the restraints that kept me tightly pinned down, but all my attempts to squirm around were in vain. I just couldn't break free! I was completely trapped inside my friend's thick, expedition-grade mummy sleeping bag and there was virtually nothing I could do to free myself from it suffocating embrace.

Damn Nick! I'd once again fallen head-first into another one of his stupid traps, I thought, silently cursing myself for being so naïve. Knowing him, he'd probably keep me in here for an entire hour or two!

Unbeknownst to me at the time, my hunky blond buddy planned on keeping me captive for quite a bit longer.

His puffy, dark blue bag was incredibly thick and narrow. It wasn't a new bag either. In fact, it was the same old sleeping bag Nick had been using ever since we were teens, going out on camping trips with his dad and uncle.

Nick was several years older than I was, and although I practically considered him to something along the lines of an older brother, he'd grown into one, big, handsome man.

I was pretty handsome and in shape myself, if I may say so. But even with my good looks, sharp facial features, 60kg build and quaint 5'7 stature, I was a scrawny twerp compared to my blond friend.

The buff, muscle-bound beefcake was almost a full head taller than I was, standing tall at 6'4 and weighing in at well over 230 pounds. He had always been big and strong growing up; bullying smaller teens, earning his place as captain of the football team for four years in a row....all that typical jock stuff.

A lot of those jocks went out of shape when they reached their late 20s. They would wind up drinking too much beer or end up slowing down and generally letting their good habits go.

But not Nick!

All those days training at the gym and working in construction were DEFINITELY paying off for him.

We were no longer neighbours like we used to be back in the day, but being best friends, I often hung out with him and spent time at his place. Besides, I had a rather shitty apartment and was more than happy to enjoy the space and luxury that his large, suburban home had to offer.

But yeah, I'm getting a little ahead of myself, aren't I?
Where were we? Ah yes, the sleeping bag.

So yeah, Nick was apparently planning on going with some friends to camp up north this winter and had gotten his old mummy bag re-stuffed with additional down filling.

When I asked him why he didn't just get a new bag, he brushed me off and mentioned something about his "lucky bag" still being in good shape.

Ever the fool, I accepted his invitation to join him in the basement and try out his newly-overstuffed, trusty old bag.

The basement was a little cooler than the rest of the house and being dressed only in my socks, track pants and a thin t-shirt, I actually took comfort in the warmth that his super fat, smelly old expedition bag had to offer.

The moment I slipped inside and allowed him to zip me up, it really hit me how thick this thing was.
The baffles were literally full to bursting, giving the narrow blue bag a definite worm-like appearance.
It was a frightening sight, to say the least.


At first, I laughed and squirmed around a bit, enjoying the feeling of the soft nylon brushing my skin and accepting the fact that I could barely move due to the extremely thick loft hugging me real tightly.

The ever-present smell of my handsome friend's body didn't fail to tickle my senses either. It smelled pretty damn strong in there, which made sense considering Nick had been camping out in this thing for ages and had obviously never washed it.

It didn't exactly stink, but it was kinda strange being completely engulfed and surrounded by the scent of another man. I hate to admit this, but for some strange reason, the warm, slightly musky aroma that spilt into my nostrils every time I breathed in, didn't quite turn me off. In fact, quite the opposite.

When the big, muscular blond brute zipped the bag up all the way and tightened the big, puffy hood around my head and face, I laughed and closed my eyes for a bit, enjoying the warmth and security his extremely thick and restrictive cocoon had to offer.

'Man, this thing is crazy fat!' I thought to myself.

With the hood closed up around my head and the drawstrings pulled tight, I was left with only a puny sniff-hole to see and breathe through.

The amount of sheer loft that surrounded my body and covered my head and ears was so great that I basically lost touch with everything going on outside the bag. I could hear very little besides the soft swooshing sounds that occurred every time I moved. With nylon being so noisy, it's a wonder people got any sleep inside these thick mummy-style bags!

This was exactly like being trapped in a cocoon. A really warm, comfy and THICK cocoon!

Unbeknownst to me, however, Nick was busy preparing me for an unplanned overnight stay.
In my haste to try out his newly stuffed bag, I'd apparently failed to notice that I was resting on a narrow camping cot, with a bunch of thick ratchet straps dangling down from both sides of it.

By the time I felt the straps tightening around my trapped and heavily cocooned form, it was too late.
The jock had me strapped down and buckled up. No amount of struggling or squirming was gonna get me out of this predicament.

I was screwed!
And so my journey began.


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Certainly interesting to see this chapter in first person- only thing I will say is it would be interesting to be able to see the original version of the chapters as well- to like, see the difference.
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So are we starting anew now, sir?
I’m young and impressionable, I need someone to guide me through this world... preferably on a leash... and then tie me up afterwords... or before... and I guess a gag could be used as well... :D
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Great to see this returning.
Banner courtesy of bondagefreak ^_^
Link to story here - viewtopic.php?f=17&t=7723
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[mention]Pup[/mention] Alright, I've posted part of the original version, here:

Have fun comparing the two. I do hope you will agree with me that this updated version is a more fitting introduction to the story.

Pretty sure I tagged you along with the rest of my regulars when I posted the announcement about the 2.0 version coming to life.
Here's the link, in case you missed it:

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bondagefreak wrote: 4 years ago Have fun comparing the two. I do hope you will agree with me that this updated version is a more fitting introduction to the story.
Yeah I would agree the changes are a nice improvement- don't get me wrong the old chapter was great- but this is more consistent and representative of the rest of the story.
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"Hey! Nick, stop!" I protested, suddenly feeling some kind of thick restraint clamp down over my wrists and upper thighs.

Before I could react, I felt the same thing happen to my feet and chest.
Nick had obviously been busy loosely fixing up a bunch of straps to the gurney I was resting on!
His sleeping bag was so thick and puffy that I'd been completely oblivious to his tinkering.

With all the straps in place and at the ready, it took him less than three seconds to pull three of them tight and secure me in place.

"Haha! Gotcha." Nick laughed, tightening the remaining four gurney restraints, effectively strapping me down inside his smelly old bag.
I felt like a fish on a hook at the moment.

"Let me out!" I demanded, struggling and laughing at my own predicament.

"Not a chance, buddy." The blond jock laughed, securing all the straps he'd just tightened.

"Fuck you, man!" I barked, my voice heavily muffled up by the giant layer of heavy down that was smothering my face.

"Fuck me?" Nick laughed. "Haha, you're the one who's fucked, Stevie-boy!"

I attempted to respond something from inside the bag, but the moment I opened my mouth to protest, a feather fell into my throat, tickling my palate and causing me to cough and gag.

"Haha! Dude, I can't believe I have you all strapped down inside my bag like that. This was too easy!" the big, blond stud laughed.

I coughed and gagged some more, trying to spit out the small feather that had lodged itself at the back of my mouth.
"Pffttt....ugggh...pffftt!" I coughed and spat.

I wanted to bring my arms up and use my fingers to remove it from my mouth, but I couldn't.

A trio of thick straps kept my arms and torso pinned down uselessly to the camping cot.
The first one secured my wrists down to my sides and went over my crotch. The other two straps kept my lower and upper arms pinned down, nice and snug.

Even if I DID somehow manage to get an arm free, there's no way I could've reached my mouth, not with the strap Nick had secured over my neck.
My entire body was strapped down, with only my head, toes and fingers being able to wiggle around a bit in the confines of the soft, incredibly overstuffed bag.

"I need to shut you up..." I heard Nick mumble. I could hear him muttering and moving around not far from where I was, but with the sheer amount of down tightly hugging my head and face, it was very hard for me to hear or see what was going on.

Shortly after I managed to spit the tiny feather out of my mouth, the opening over my eyes opened up and I could see my friend's handsome, cocky face looking down at me.

"Nick! Let me gmmmpphh..." I was about to protest as the jock slipped his hand inside the thick hood and picked my head up with his big, strong hand.

Before I managed to finish my sentence though, a huge wad of cloth was jammed inside my mouth and was roughly being shoved in.

"Uggghhh!" I cried out, eyes bulging at the size of the intrusion.

"Haha!" Nick laughed. "Chew on that for a while." he said, forcing the big balled-up rag inside my outstretched lips and bulging cheeks.

Ugh god! The thing tasted FOUL!

I looked at the greyish, once-white cloth and recognised it as being the thick rag he used to wipe down all his home gym equipment after each workout.
I tasted and smelled like it hadn't been washed in months!

I was horrified and cried out accordingly.

Nick thought nothing of it though and just laughed at me while brutishly using his giant arm muscles to force the oversized wad into my protesting mouth.

What a jerk, I thought to myself.

The rag wouldn't fit in all the way, but the hunky blond jock didn't care.
He wrapped a generous amount of big, black, industrial-grade duct tape around my mouth and face, pulling the roll real tight every time he circled around my head.

"Cry out all you want, bitch." he laughed, severing the tape after his sixth pass around my head and over my mouth.

I coughed and gagged on the smell and taste of my gag. But none of my protests would make it out of the basement, or even out of the thick sleeping bag for that matter.
The giant, foul-smelling sweat-rag was staying in.

I thought Nick was just gonna close the hood up over my face again, but it rapidly became clear to me that he had something else in mind when he crouched down behind me and fished out a grey Russian military gas mask from the large duffle bag that was under the cot.
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I glared up at Nick, who was towering above me and looking cockily down into my eyes.
"I'm gonna have a lot of fun with you." he taunted, showing me the scary, grey gasmask he was holding in his hand.

I tried to squirm and protest but it was no use.

"You got something to say, buddy?" he asked, pinching my nostrils shut and playing around with my breathing.

"Ugggh! Uggghmmmpphh!" I cried out, unable to get a word out past the enormous wad of cloth he'd stuffed into my mouth.

Fuck! The wad was BIG. The soiled rag filled my entire mouth up to bursting. I had to breathe slowly to keep from gagging and choking on the sheer size of it.

"Can't say much now, can you bitch!?" Nick laughed, pinching my nostrils shut repeatedly, 'causing me to cry out and groan in frustration.

"Alright, let's get you masked up." he finally told me, letting my nostrils go and allowing my lungs to finally fill up with air. "You'll be spending the night in my bag and I don't want you suffocating in there, haha." he chuckled, stretching out the rubber military mask and expertly forcing it over my face and head.

I cried out a little bit as the rubber mask pulled on my hair, but my whimpering was quickly drowned out by the tight confines of the thick breathing unit.

A set of round eye slots allowed me to look up at my captor's face, but the tightness of the gasmask around my jaw and lower face didn't add much in the way of freedom or comfort.
If anything, the mask only reinforced my gag and kept my jaw clamped shut, forcing me to chow down into the monstrous mouth stuffing Nick had imposed on me.

"Ummgggphhh..." I protested from inside the military breathing unit.

My nostrils flared open, and the heavy sound of filtered breathing echoed into my ears as the air was inhaled and exhaled through the mask.
A small flap underneath the inhaling nozzle allowed me to breathe out and exhale, as was standard for these types of masks.

My heart was beating faster than usual, but it took a moment for me to realise that I just had to take slow, steady breaths and everything would be alright.

Here I was, zipped up in a fuckin' arctic-grade mummy bag, strapped down to a cot in my hunky friend's basement, gagged with his post-workout sweat-rag and forced to breathe through a gas mask.

Nick spent the next five minutes laughing at me, using his big hands to smother the end of my short breathing tube and 'causing me to panic from lack of air.

Of course, he always removed his hand in time and allowed me to fill my burning lungs up, but he barely allowed me a full breath of air before resuming his torment and clamping his hand over the mask once again.

"Ugggghhhhmm" I cried out, uncaring about the fact that my pleas were heavily muffled up by the oversized mouth stuffing that Nick had plugged my unwilling mouth with.

Nick paid my muffled pleas no attention.
Instead, he crouched down and started going through the bag he kept under the cot.

I looked up at him wide-eyed through my fogged up circular eye slots as he stood back up and started attaching a fifty centimetre long hose to my breathing nozzle.

The hunky blond jock's arm muscles bulged as he screwed the hose extension to my gasmask and applied enough pressure to make sure it was securely screwed on.

The addition of the long hose didn't change anything to my breathing, other than the fact that it smelled a lot like rubber every time my nostrils flared open to get some air.
I didn't mind the smell of rubber that much.
In truth, it even smelled a bit better than the inside of his musky sleeping bag.

To my utter horror though, Nick wasn't quite done having fun with me just yet.

"Ugghhm?" I cried out questioningly as the jock gave me a mischievous smile and bent down to remove one of his old basketball shoes.

"MMmnnpph! MMMnnnpphh! MMMNNPPPHH!" I protested, giving him angry eyes through my mask and shaking my head frantically in an attempt to convey my unhappiness.

"Oh yes, Stevie. You had this one coming." he laughed, using a deformation of my name and smiling cockily down at me.

Growing up, Nick had always protected me from the other big jocks and meaner teenagers that would have picked on me. We weren't related by blood, but both of us being neighbours and growing up as single children, he took me in as some kind of younger brother.
In truth, he was a good friend, but he could also be a jerk and a bully to me as well.

Just 'cause he didn't allow other guys to pick on me, didn't mean he didn't pick on me himself.
Being his protégé over the years, also meant I was his primary and preferred target for pretty much every hazing experiment or mean prank he could think of.

Even now that I was in my early 20s, Nick still kept me on a tight leash. A figurative one of course...

He'd often use his size and strength as an advantage, wrestle me down, put me in spontaneous-surprise headlocks, teabag me, fart in my face, call me his bitch, his boi and deform my name...which is STEVEN by the way and NOT Stevie or Stevie-boi!

Deep down inside though, I knew Nick liked me a lot and cared about me like a brother.
He was just an ass about it sometimes.

I focused my thoughts back to what Nick was doing and all my anger and fear was renewed when I saw him smiling evilly down at me while plopping his giant, basketball shoe off his socked foot.
The SAME sneakers he'd been wearing since fuckin' grade 11 in high school!

Nick was a tall, heavily built, super handsome blond, blue-eyed hunk. But his feet were the complete opposite. Sure they were big, REAL big! But they weren't pleasant to be around. Quite the opposite.
Nick has the funkiest, STRONGEST smelling feet of ANY guy I'd EVER known, and he knew it.

The knowledge that his feet smelled bad enough to make other guys sick to their stomachs almost made him proud.

Being his protégé and spending long hours cooped up in his room during hot summers, gaming on a console with him and his jock buddies, I'd been victim to his potent foot stench more than once.

Now that he worked in construction, his feet smelled even worst than they did back when we were in school...if that was even possible!

The huge, beat-up basketball trainer came off and I watched in terror as the hunk opened it up and slid my breathing tube inside it.

I shook my head frantically from side to side, but it was no use.
Nick just held the end of my breathing tube inside his putrid hightop sneaker and waited for me to take a sniff.

"UGHHHMMMMPPHH!" I screamed, as the warm, familiar stench of my best friend's giant, disgusting shoe filled my mask and surrounded my face.

"UGGGHHH!" I coughed and gagged, closing my eyes and shaking my head frantically.

"Haha. Sniff my fuckin' shoe, bitch." Nick laughed, towering over me and relishing the sight of me dealing with his incredibly powerful foot stench.

Luckily for me, the torment didn't last much longer.
I had tears welling in my eyes from the potency and rankness that had built up inside his shoe and I guess he sorta took pity on me.

After a few more laboured sniffs, Nick let my breathing hose down and slipped his shoe back onto his foot.

"Alright. You'll be staying in my bag for the night." he told me, ignoring my muffled protests and closing the overstuffed hood up completely around my gasmask breathing tube before knotting it shut.

"Mmmppphhff!" I barked, trying to tell him I didn't wanna spend the night zipped up in his bag and gagged with a ripe cloth.

It was no use.
The giant puffy hood closed up around my breathing nozzle, plunging me into complete darkness and further insulating my already heavily muffled protests.

I was completely cocooned now.
My only access to the outside world was through a hose attached to my military gas mask.

"Sleep tight. Don't go anywhere." I heard my handsome captor laugh, giving each one of my restraints a final pull and making sure the hood drawstrings were knotted up tight.

I cried out, but he didn't care.

I heard him walk up the stairs that led to the main floor of the house and heard the heavy basement door close.

He couldn't just leave me here like this!


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I had no way to tell how much time had passed. All I knew if that it was getting really warm inside the bag and that I'd inhaled and exhaled through the gasmask at least a thousand times so far.

I wasn't sweating yet, but it was really toasty warm inside the bag.

Thick, heavily overstuffed down baffles surrounded me and kept me trapped, as though I'd been swallowed up by a giant worm of some sort.

The bag was so stuffed that even though my frame was rather slender, the fat insulating loft hugged me tightly, trapping my arms and legs down and leaving me no space to wiggle around.

This was unlike anything I'd ever experienced before, and even though I really wanted out, I had to admit, it WAS a really comfy prison.
If it hadn't been for the cruel gag inside my mouth, I might've actually enjoyed being snuggly trapped inside this thick, puffy blue worm.

I eventually fell asleep and remember waking up and feeling a little disoriented.
It was still pitch black inside the bag, but it had gotten a lot warmer.

More time passed until finally, I heard some noise from outside my puffy prison.

Someone was coming down the stairs!

Was it morning already? Had I spent the whole night sleeping inside Nick's bag?

The hood opened up and I had to quickly close my eyes and give them time to adjust to the blinding light that was now filtering through my gasmask eye slots.

"Heya buddy. You okay in there?" Nick asked, looking down into the open hood and flashing me a toothy grin.

I attempted to respond through my gag but quickly gave up, realising I couldn't offer any decipherable response to my friend's query.

"Let's get you upstairs." Nick said, suddenly igniting a spark of hope in me.

I thought he was gonna finally free me, but quickly realised my mistake when the big hunk picked me up, cot, sleeping bag and all, and started carrying me up the stairs.

I was a little freaked out about being dropped. But Nick didn't seem to have any trouble climbing the stairs while lifting the narrow cot up in his arms. His biceps, shoulders, pecs and abdomen muscles bulged as he lifted the cot up and carried me to the main floor.

My shirtless friend carried me into the living room and folded the cot's retractable legs down, before laying me down on the living room floor, at the foot of the couch.

The TV was on and most of the lights in the house were shut.

Nick walked into the kitchen and opened himself up a beer before joining my captive-self in the living room and plopping himself down on the couch.

Damn it! It was probably only 10 or 11 pm right now.
And there I was, thinking that I'd slept through the entire night and was about to find freedom. Sigh.

Nick scooted forward a bit and bent down to open up the sleeping bag hood some more.
I felt his hands reach under my head and was thankful when I realised he was taking the gasmask off my face.


"Haha! Look at you, all bound up like that." he laughed, ruffling up my hair with his hand and giving me a light tap on the left cheek.

"Mmmppphhff." I cried out in protest, glaring up at him.

"Want that rag outta your mouth?" he asked. The offer seemed too good to be true, but I wasn't about to refuse it.

"MMmmmpphhh! Mppphh!" I pleaded, my eyes quickly going from angry glare to pleading puppy mode.

"Haha! Alright, calm down." Nick purred, slowly unwrapping the tape from my face and allowing me to spit the massive wad of cloth out.

"Ppfffftttt!" I spat. Trying to get the rag's foul-tasting fibres out of my mouth.

"You didn't think I'd leave you down there all night with that gag in your mouth, did you?" he asked, once again ruffling my hair up playfully.

Actually, I thought he would. So his question definitely came as a surprise to me.
Before I had a chance to answer though, the handsome jock spoke again.

"You want me to let you outta my bag?" he asked, 'causing me to practically jump in excitement.

"Yes! Please!" I yelped, wanting nothing more than to get out of this infernal, yet ever-so-cosy cocoon.

"Alright, then I'll give you a choice..." the jock said, scooting forward again so that he was crouching right over me.

"If you don't wanna spend the night zipped up in my bag, you're gonna have to kiss and lick both of my feet." he chuckled, smirking down cockily at me.

"What!? No!" I barked, launching myself in a fit of struggling.

"If you don't agree to pay a quick tribute to both my feet, you're gonna spend the night in the bag and I'm gonna stuff some nasty shit in your mouth to keep you quiet." he threatened. "I got a few pair of boxers in the laundry that could really use a cleaning," he added, 'causing my eyes to bulge out in fear.

"Nick! What the fuck!? This isn't fair!" I shouted.

"Your choice, Stevie. You can either stay bound up in there for the rest of the night. Or you can just give my feet a quick tribute." he repeated.

"Noooo. Come on! This ISN'T funny." I complained, seriously wanting out.

"Alright...sleeping bag it is then." he said, producing a loud, exaggerated sigh and pretending to get up, no doubt to make me believe he was gonna get something to stuff my mouth with.

"No! Wait!" I cried out, dreading the thought of gagging on his worn boxers.

"Alright, I'll do it." I told him after a long pause, a look of utter defeat and misery washing over my face.

"Haha! I knew you would buddy boy!" Nick exclaimed, ruffling my hair up with renewed enthusiasm.
From the look on his face and the tone of his voice, it sounded as though I'd just made his day.

"Alright, let's get you all ready." he mumbled, reaching over to the smaller, secondary couch and grabbing one of the thick cushions that adorned it.

The horny jock lifted my head up and stuffed the thick cushion right beneath the thick sleeping bag hood, forcing my head up and allowing my neck muscles to relax.

"Here, let's get the hood out of the way." he said, grabbing my hair rather roughly and pulling my head out of the bag before pulling the drawstrings tight and closing the hood up, right around my neck.

"There..." he mumbled, knotting the cords together, completely sealing my neck and body inside the super thick mummy bag, leaving only my head out in the open.

I tried to turn my head around a bit to see what was playing on TV, but the hood was so massively overstuffed and bulging that it kind of swallowed my head up and hugged both sides of my face tightly.

I could barely move my head or face at all!

Still, apparently Nick though I had too much freedom.

He grabbed the thick strap securing my neck down to the cot and gave it a strong yank, 'causing the back of my head to sink even further into the massive loft and cushion.

"There! All nice and snug. Haha!" he laughed, contemplating his work. "I don't want my little prisoner going anywhere." he chuckled.

This was bad, I knew. Really bad.

The jock took a sip of his beer and looked down at me with a strange smile on his face.

The look he gave me was a little weird. Weird enough to 'cause me to avert my eyes even though I couldn't really move my face in any direction.

Suddenly, I felt his big hand on my face, felt his fingers run through my hair and then cup my chin before squeezing my cheeks together.

"Fuck!" he suddenly barked, taking another quick sip of his beer. "I can't believe how fuckin' cute you are right now. You're lucky I'm straight, buddy, 'cause your face is definitely fuckable." he told me.

My eyes shot wide open and my face burned red as those last words left his mouth.

Okay, this probably wasn't the first beer he'd had tonight. But coming from Nick, that was definitely a little strange. Still, he wasn't drunk, he wasn't even tipsy! He was in full control of his motor skills. Which meant that he really meant what he said...

I didn't quite know what to say, so I said nothing.

"Alright, Stevie. Time to give your big buddy Nick the respect he deserves." he chuckled, scooting forward and spreading his legs so that his sneakered feet were resting near my head. One foot over my cocooned chest and the other one on the floor, above my head.

I gulped a big lump of saliva and prepared for the worst as the beefy blond hunk removed his left hightop sneaker and let it fall to the floor next to my cot. The shoe was big and hit the floor with a loud thump.

Right away, a strong, cheesy scent started musking up the living room. But that wasn't the least of my worries.

I was now faced with something FAR deadlier.

The moment I caught sight of Nick's giant, socked foot, I wanted to sink down into the bag and die.

I felt my stomach churn and instinctively tried to move my head away. Only, I had nowhere to go and my head wasn't going anywhere either. Nick had already thought about that.

"Haha. Trying to escape, are we?" the horny jock laughed, wiggling his socked toes in anticipation and bringing his size 13 foot a little closer to my face.

He was wearing a big, old, black sock.

The sock was thick, but the material was thinning out in some places and a hole was clearly visible at the base of his big toe.

The thing looked as though it hadn't been washed in ages...which it probably hadn't.

"Good thing I got you all bagged up and strapped down, eh? Haha." Nick laughed. "Yeah, you're not going anywhere..." he mumbled.

The jock slowly angled his massive foot up over my face, 'causing me to eye it in fear and let out a pathetic whimper.

"Aww now, come on." he chuckled, probably secretly enjoying my reaction. "It can't be that bad. Haha!" he laughed. "Come on, just a quick sniff." he prodded, slowly bringing his huge, socked foot down over my face and covering my nostrils up with his big, fat toes.

My eyes shot wide open as the moist, warm, socked foot came down on my face.
I strained my neck muscles in an attempt to sink the back of my head further down into the loft, but Nick anticipated my effort and kept his socked toes pressed firmly over my nostrils.

"Haha. Nah, you're not going anywhere, bitch." he laughed, noticing my pathetic attempts to get away.

"Come on!" he finally barked, quickly losing patience. "Sniff my foot!" he ordered.

Against my better judgement, I did was he told me and allowed my nostrils to flare open.

BIG mistake!

Nothing could have prepared me for the strength and raw potency of the stench that began filling my nostrils at that moment.

My eyes popped wide open and my brain focused entirely on the giant socked foot that was pressed over my face.
I felt myself going into shock and nearly going cross-eyed from the rankness of the hunk's rotten foot odour.

If the sock had been a white one, it would've been brownish-yellow by now.

"Haha, yeah I've been wearing these fuckers inside my boots and bad boys for two weeks now." Nick laughed, referring to his big old Reeboks as his "bad boys".

Two weeks on Nick's feet was the equivalent of two months on a normal jock's feet.

When my hunky friend lifted his foot up off my face, I nearly gagged and puked on the spot.

"Ugghh!" I coughed, closing my eyes tightly before opening them up again.

"Hey! Quiet!" the jock suddenly barked, not appreciating my coughs and loud protests.

"You want this fuckin' big sock in your mouth?" he asked, grabbing my hair and pointing towards his socked foot with his other hand.

I immediately clamped my mouth shut, crinkled my nose in disgust and shook my head no.

"Then be quiet and sniff it!" the brute barked, keeping a tight grip on my hair before pressing his giant foot back down, right on top of my puny face.
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Post by Batsox »

I really like this story! :D please continue the good work!
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Post by bondagefreak »

Batsox wrote: 4 years ago I really like this story! :D please continue the good work!
Hey batsox! Really glad to see you on here my friend.
Welcome back! ;)

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I spent the next minute or so, sniffing my big muscular buddy's giant socked foot.
To be fair though, I actually only breathed in twice during that minute. I spent most of it holding my breath, desperately waiting for the foot to leave my face.

Nick was lying back on the couch now, sipping his beer and watching TV while occasionally glancing down at me.

After another minute or so, he kicked his other hightop sneaker off and presented me with his second socked foot.

"Ugghmph!" I cried out in protest, crinkling my nose in disgust as a new wave of warm foot musk thickened the air around my face.

The blond man chuckled at first and seemed greatly amused at the fact that his potent foot stench was making me sick.
But he quickly lost patience when I cried out a second time, and promptly threatened me back into compliance.

"Quiet, bitch!" he growled, effortlessly planting his left foot down over my mouth and using it to silence me.

"You want something to complain about? Here..." he said, planting his other foot over my vulnerable nostrils. "Sniff my sock cheese."

My next sniff was followed by a series of deep coughs and gagging noises, all of which were being muffled by the heavy foot now resting on top of my gagging orifice.

The jock chuckled and gave me a cocky smirk.
"Yeah, choke on that." he laughed, 'causing me to nearly gag once again.

The blue-eyed muscle-hunk spent another minute or so, sipping on his beer, watching TV and alternating between watching me and watching the big TV screen.

"How's it smell down there, princess?" he asked, chuckling a bit before removing his feet from my face so that I could talk.

I coughed some more and breathed in and out through my mouth.

"Horrible! It smells horrible. Your socks fuckin' reek!" I complained.

"Nah...I think you're lying. I want you to tell me my socks smell good." he laughed, scooting forward and planting both his feet on either side of my face. His soles were huge! Longer than my head.

"What?!" I asked, taken aback by what he'd just told me.

"Tell me my socks smell good." he ordered, smirking down at me, but keeping his steely blue gaze fixed on my eyes.

"Nooo! Nick!" I cried out, a mixture of shock, frustration and disbelief painting itself on my face.

"Do it. NOW! I wanna hear you say it." he ordered.
"You either tell me my socks smell good, or I'm shoving one of them inside your mouth and keeping you strapped down for the night." he threatened.

"Okayyyy! Fuck..." I cried out, giving up.
The LAST thing I wanted was having one of his big, black, cheesy fuckers shoved in my mouth. "Ugh." I protested, crinkling my nose in disgust before saying what he wanted me to say. "Your socks...smell good." I mumbled.

"Louder!" Nick barked, using his left foot to tap my face.

"Your socks smell good." I answered, keeping my eyes partially shut and being careful not to breathe in my with nose while his feet were this close to my face.

"Your socks smell good, SIR!" he barked, using his foot to tap my face harder. "Say it!"

"Your socks smell good, Sir." I answered, averting my gaze but keeping the look of disgust on my face.

"Good." Nick answered, finally satisfied. "Since you like my socks so much, it's time I introduce you to my feet!" he laughed, raising his left foot up over my face and peeling his big, black sock off, 'causing a bunch of lint and other bits and bobs to fall onto my face and into my mouth.

I immediately burst into a fit of panic and started gagging and coughing rather severely.

"Bon appétit!" the hunk beamed, laughing hysterically.

"Uuugghhh! Uggghmm." I cried out, attempting to spit out the bits of lint and gunk that fell into my mouth, while simultaneously fighting off the urge to puke.

Nick bent down, grabbed my hair and allowed his large and very raunchy sock to dangle down in front of my eyes.
"Quiet! If you don't stop your whining, I'm gonna ball this big, smelly old sock up and I'm gonna feed it to you." he threatened, 'causing me to look up at my friend's giant work sock in sheer terror.

"You wouldn't like that, now would you?" he asked, keeping a tight grip on my hair.

"MMM..MHH" I answered, wide-eyed and shaking my head 'no' in panic.

"Then stuff those complaints where I can't hear them!" he ordered, letting my head down.

The jock then proceeded to peel his second sock off. The same thing happened, but this time I kept my mouth tightly shut to avoid having a tablespoon worth of rotten toe gunk fall down my throat.

"Ahhh...finally, a chance to get some fresh air." he spoke, tossing his huge socks to the floor and wiggling his toes out in front of my face.

I was really careful not to cry out or say anything, but I couldn't help but look up at my muscular friend's giant soles with a look of disgust, dread and utter fear.
Nick's feet weren't skinny or bony. They were big, really big. His soles were wide, his arch pronounced and his toes, really fat and plump.

The skin on his soles wasn't dry either. Quite the opposite in fact!
His feet were always simmering and stinking the place up.

"Cheer up, princess." he chuckled, looking down at my frightened expression with a triumphant look on his face.

Easy for him to say, he wasn't the one about to face off with these two giant stinkers, I thought to myself.

"And remember. One more complaint and you're gonna be spending the night chowing down one of those big socks of mine." he reminded me.

I swallowed hard, looked into my captor's eyes and focused my attention back on the dreaded foot that was closest to my face.

I tried my best to keep calm and stay in control, but the more I looked at the jock's giant foot and noticed how much lint, hairs and bits of unknown funk was lodged between and underneath his enormous toes, the more I wanted to escape and run for my life.

I fought against the lofty material keeping my head relatively still and crinkled my face up in disgust as the foot approached.

No amount of struggling seemed to matter with these thick straps pinning me down.
The mummy bag felt even thicker and warmer than it did before.
God, I just couldn't move around at all in this thing!

"Haha. Trying to escape again, are we?" Nick laughed, scooting forward a bit, before taunting me again. "Yeah, there's no escape for you now. You're fucking stuck inside my sleeping bag and you're not going anywhere." he said, smirking and chuckling cockily.

"Now open your little pretty-boi mouth up and stick that tongue out." he ordered, 'causing me to swallow hard in apprehension.

Nick's expression was fierce and I knew my friend well enough to know that he was in "bully mode" right now.
The only thing that would appease him would be my unwavering obedience.

I complied and stuck my tongue out, albeit unwillingly.

Nick didn't waste any time.

"Here. Suck on this." he growled, roughly shoving his big toe straight into my mouth, 'causing my eyes to bulge out and my body to freeze up.

I tried protesting, but only ended up mmpphing and sucking on his large toe instead.

Nick just laughed and continued stuffing his plump toe into my mouth, 'causing me to cry out and whimper.

After a few seconds of teasing, his toe came out of my mouth with a loud pop, but the worst was yet to come.

"Alright, now stick your tongue out and start cleaning all that cheese out from between my toes." he ordered.

"No. No! That's fuckin' gross!" I cried out, too grossed out to worry about possible consequences.
I didn't care about having his socks OR his boxers inside my mouth right now.
Cleaning out the gunk stuck between his cheesy toes was OUT of the question!
I just couldn't do it.

Nick suddenly grabbed my hair and forced me to look up at him.
He gave me a hard slap on the face before glaring down at me.
"Stick your tongue out. Now!" he growled, using his piercing blue gaze to force me to submit.

In that moment, I knew he was the Alpha and without thinking, I quickly stuck my tongue out.

The short-tempered jock kept a tight grip on my hair and placed the top of his foot on my tongue before sliding his foot upwards, 'causing me to lap up his entire sole.

I ended up licking both of his soles pretty well during those next couple minutes.

Next, I was forced into cleaning his feet and sucking his toes.

Each one of his big, plump toes got its turn inside my mouth and each one tasted just as bad as the last.
I felt sick to my stomach and was seriously fighting the urge to vomit, but still managed to keep my cool.

Keeping my eyes directly onto my friend's handsome face was the ONLY thing that kept me sane throughout the ordeal.

I focused all my attention on him and his hot face rather than allowing my eyes to focus back on the big, rancid feet I was being forced to service.

Even though my sobs were audible and my eyes were watering, the big bossy jock forced me to clean out his toe gunk, lick up the link and bits of stuff stuck under and between his toes and kiss his big, cheesy soles.

To make matters even worst, after all that forced foot worship and after all that I'd been put through, Nick didn't even keep his promise...

Instead of freeing me and allowing me to go and sleep in the guest bedroom, he just laughed at me for believing his initial promise and grabbed his two socks before knotting them up together and creating one BIG wad.

My desperate struggling and loud protests were of no use.
I had no defence against the big blond bully's muscular arms.

The giant wad of sock went it, forcing me to gag on my friend's potent toe funk and rotten foot cheese.

I tried calling for help, but Nick just laughed at me and stuffed the big knot of smelly socks deeper in before knotting the thing behind my head.

"Haha, yeah...thanks for the tongue-bath, fucker." he laughed, ruffling my hair up teasingly.
"Hope you enjoy your dessert!" he added, laughing heartily and completely ignoring the fact that I was choking on the size of the sock-wad and gagging rather severely on the taste and smell of it.

When Nick started opening up the hood and shoving my head inside his super thick bag, I cried out and shook my head 'no', repeatedly.

The jock didn't pay my protests any attention, however.

He just shoved my head deep inside the overstuffed hood and closed it shut over my face, leaving only a small hole a few centimetres above my eyes...barely big enough for me to get any air inside the fat bag.

"See ya tomorrow, sock-boi." he laughed, knotting the drawstrings tight and leaving me alone in the living room for the rest of the night.

"Uhhgggmm....mmph." I cried out, shaking my head inside the thick, overstuffed hood...desperately trying to get Nick's giant ball of sock out of my mouth.

This was gonna be one VERY long night indeed.
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I barely slept at all that night, so foul and rotten the socks in my mouth were!

Luckily for me, Nick got up early the next morning and didn't waste much time in waking me up from my light slumber.

He teased me a bit, laughed at the way my cheeks were literally bulging and how pathetic I looked chewing on his nasty old socks.
I couldn't help but notice the absolutely ENORMOUS boner he had going on in his shiny blue nylon trackies.

He obviously relished the sight and thought of me being forced to cope with his cheesy, two-week-old fuckers.
Knowing that I was unable to call for help and unable to have any say in the matter must've felt really good for him. Even more so that it was his very own, cheesy, ripe old socks that were denying me my freedom of speech.

Nick reached inside the massive sleeping bag hood and undid the knot of socks at the back of my head.

To his great amusement and my utter frustration, even with the knot undone, I was unable to spit the giant wad of stuffing out of my mouth, so big and thick it was.

"Mmmphhff....uugghgmm" I pleaded, heavily muffled by the oversized mouth-stuffing Nick had jammed past my lips.

"Haha, dude! You're fuckin' USELESS!" Nick cried out, almost laughing himself to tears. "You can't even spit my socks out!" he teased, rubbing his sleepy eyes and laughing heartily.

I cried out and begged in my gag. But the jock just gave me a light tap on the cheek and continued teasing me.
"Damn, you're pathetic." he chuckled. "I should totally just leave you in there all day with my big old socks plugging your trap. Hahaha!"

After a good minute or two, Nick finally took pity on me and ungagged me by pulling the filthy sock-wad out of my mouth.

I coughed and gagged on the sour taste and cheesy lint that coated my mouth and tongue, but even so, I didn't dare offer a complaint!

I was finally being freed and wasn't about to give Nick an excuse to further delay my release.

Finally, I was allowed to go to the toilet and change into the clean t-shirt and pair of undies I'd brought with me yesterday, just in case I'd end up staying at Nick's place overnight.

I barely had time to use the toilet and change, that Nick barged into the washroom and ordered me to follow him.

Still tired and weary from having spent the last 12 hours or so, bound up and gagged in a fat, winter bag...I froze and nearly spun around and ran when I followed Nick into the dining room and saw a pile of rope waiting for me on the kitchen table.

Before I could even take a step back, Nick had a hand wrapped around my upper left arm and pulled me into the dining room, forcing me to sit on one of the solid, wooden chairs around the large table.

I complained and started mouthing off, but the manly jock gave me a harsh slap on the face and told me to be quiet.

Nick was really good with rope and proceeded to bind me up, real nice and tight to the sturdy dining room chair.

With my feet and ankles bound up to the back legs of the chair, my wrists bound behind the backrest and about twenty meters of rope wrapped around my chest and abdomen, I wasn't going anywhere.

Nick ordered me to keep my mouth shut and not make a sound while he went to the kitchen and started making breakfast.

He later took great pleasure in hand-feeding me my meal. First a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, then a tall glass of milk and finally, a banana, which he kept shoving in my mouth WAY too quickly, causing me to choke and gag.

After having fed me, the big, buff, shirtless jock stretched his arms and muscles out and popped my cell phone out of his pocket.

"What's your password?" he asked, sitting down in the chair across from me and looking into my eyes with a serious expression on his face.

"What?! Why?" I asked, not wanting to give him access to my phone and more importantly, access to my personal contacts.

Nick was my friend, but he was also a real jerk sometimes and I didn't fully trust him not to take advantage of my helpless situation.

Still, the jock pressed me hard.

"Password. Now!" he growled, his voice lowering into a sharp, impatient tone.

I sighed and lowered my head, not knowing what to do.
The hunky stud looked at me expectantly and I knew he'd find a cruel way of torturing me if I didn't give him what he wanted.

"01997" I answered, revealing the password to my phone which was mostly comprised of my year of birth.

The jock tapped the number on the screen and immediately got access to my phone.
"Haha. Thanks, fucker." he chuckled, suddenly putting the phone down and getting up.

I turned my head around to follow him as he walked behind me, worried about what he was going to do next.
"What...what are you doing, Nick?" I asked, worried beyond reason.

The jock gave me no explanation.

"Open." he ordered, grabbing my nose from behind, pinching my nostrils shut and shoving a big wad of cloth into my protesting mouth.

I cried out and fought my bonds, but his ropework was perfect and my efforts were no match for his size and muscle!

I immediately recognised the old rag he'd gagged me with yesterday afternoon, but was powerless to do anything about it, even as it was shoved inside my mouth and secured with half a dozen wraps of duct tape going around my head.

I cried out furiously from inside my thick gag, tired and frustrated about being once again bound up and gagged mercilessly.

To top that off, Nick now had full access to my phone, which meant he could pretty much take photos of me and send it to every Facebook, Phone Book and Whatsapp contact I had on there.

This was bad. Really bad.

"Calm down, buddy." Nick told me, sitting himself back down on the chair facing me and opening my phone up once again. "I just need to text your parents..." he mumbled, quickly typing stuff as he spoke.

"Mmmmhhh?" I whimpered, worried about what he had in mind.

"No silly, I'm not gonna tell them you sucked my toes clean last night, haha. I'm just gonna let them know you're coming on a week-long trip with me this afternoon." he explained, answering one question, but raising ten more.

A week-long trip? A trip to where?!

I wanted to ask him what he meant, wanted to find out what he had planned, but the fat rag of cloth shoved and taped into my mouth kept me from being able to utter even the simplest of queries.

"Haha, your mommy wrote back telling you to have fun." Nick announced cheerfully, after a few minutes of silent texting.

Slowly, the jock put my phone down, got up and put his hand on my head.
"Alright, Brad's coming over in about two hours and I have to get ready and do my workout downstairs." he told me, raising my chin with his hand so that I was forced to look up into his mesmerizing blue orbs.

Brad was coming over?!
I couldn't stand that douchebag and really didn't want HIM of all people, seeing me all bound up and gagged like this!

I gave my big, blond captor a frown and let out a muffled grunt to express my discontent.

"You gonna be nice and quiet while I get ready?" Nick asked, still holding my chin.

I sighed and grunted again, before lowering my gaze and nodding my head 'yes'.

"Good." the jock said, letting my face go.

I thought he was gonna leave it at that, but found myself more than a little taken aback when the hunk slipped his big, putrid hightops off and took one of them from off the floor.


The thing was almost a meter away from my face, but even from this distance, I could feel the heat and moisture emanating from it.

"MMmmmhhh?!" I cried out in my gag, freaked out at the sight of Nick picking his big, raunchy shoe up off the floor.

"Fell asleep with my bad boys on, last night." Nick laughed, wiggling his bare toes on the dining room floor. "Got them all wet and spongy. Need to let them air out a bit." he chuckled, bringing the worn-out, old sneaker up
to my face level and slowly opening it up.

The blue-eyed stud puffed his chest out and looked down at me with a cocky smirk on his face.
I looked up at his eyes, sheer terror plainly displayed all over my face.

The jock put a big hand behind my head and slowly closed the distance between us.

"Wanna take a whiff?" he asked, bringing his raunchy old shoe closer to my face.

"UMMHHH HHMMM! UUUMMH HHMM!" I cried out, frantically shaking my head no, breathing loudly through my nostrils and fearfully looking up into my captor's eyes.

"Haha, I think you do." he purred, purposefully pretending not to hear my heavily muffled screams.

"Here. Take a whiff." he ordered, pushing the back of my head and forcing my face inside his MASSIVE shoe.

I took a small sniff and ended up gagging on the spot and nearly going cross-eyed from the potency of the rotten stench that had built up in there over the years.

My violent reaction and sudden trashing nearly made Nick double over with laughter.

His shoe was warmer and steamier than a fuckin' sauna!

His white Reeboks DID look pretty worn-out on the outside, but that was nothing compared to what they looked like on the inside...

I'd often glanced at the inside of his shoes during the rare occasion he wasn't wearing them, and was always grossed out by how yellowish-grey the once-white interior had become. The inside of Nick's giant basketball shoes were quite literally LITTERED with balls of lint, leg hairs and sweat stains.

"What's wrong, punk?" Nick chuckled, pulling my head out of his hightop sneaker. "Got a problem with my shoe?"

My nostrils flared, desperate for some fresh air while my other senses attempted to recover.
I barely got any time to do so. Nick was once again, back on my case.

"Haha, yeah...I think it's time you two got to know each other a little better." he chuckled, opening his shoe up even wider before grabbing the back of my head and preparing for the kill.

"Uuugghgmm...uugghgmmmm...mmmggpphff." I cried out, my head shaking and my eyes bulging out in fear.

"Haha. Good thing I got that big, fat rag stuffed in your mouth, eh bud?" the jock laughed, ignoring my panicked pleas and calls for help. "I have no idea what you're trying to tell me and you can't call out for help. Haha." he chuckled. "You're my bitch."

I shook my head violently and tried freeing myself from my expert restrains. Trying, for the life of me, to get away from the giant, putrid basketball shoe.

"Alright, now let's get your little face taped up inside my bad boy." he mumbled, forcing my face inside his massive size 13 basketball shoe and holding it in while reaching for the duct tape.

My face taped up INSIDE the shoe, was a pretty accurate description of what I looked like a few seconds later.

Nick's giant, old-school hightop was SO big, that it wasn't going on my face...rather, my face was the one going inside it!

The shoe was big, heavy and putrid beyond belief.
And here I was...getting my face taped up inside it.

Nick ignored my muffled screams and heavy gagging noises.
The jock just taped his big, putrid trainer over my face and left me there to suffocate on his rotten stench and cry out in the thick rag that was plugging my mouth up.

I spent the next TWO HOURS, coughing and nearly choking on every whiff I took.
I was sweating like crazy from the stress of being made to sniff the inside of Nick's incredibly foul-smelling shoe and worrying like mad about Brad's arrival and what this "week-long trip" was all about.

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, the doorbell rang.

Brad had arrived.
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Post by Johnsnow »

I read you past story and I liked it but 2.0 is definitely way better
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Post by sniffingyoursocks »

Sorry Sir it took me so long to finally give my feedback on here.

Finally I read the whole six chapters.
And yeah, I definitely think they got better in this new version.

Poor, poor Steven. One could think. Though I'm already pretty envious of little Stevie-boi.
Wish I had a friend like hunky Nick in my childhood.

I know, the way he's forcing Steven into submission isn't right, but's damn hot.
Nick's feet...sound really, really bad. They reminded me of the feet of someone else 8-)

Thanks for restarting this awesome story, Master.
Reading these first chapters remind me of starting to read this story three years ago and starting to poke the writer. Haha, good old times :D
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Post by bondagefreak »

[mention]Johnsnow[/mention] [mention]sniffingyoursocks[/mention]

Welcome to the forum John! Thanks for the comment. Hope to see you regularly commenting.

I'm glad you're both enjoying these first few chapters.
And I'm glad you mention that this "2.0 version" is way better.
I think so too! 8-)

Many of my readers have started reading this story many years ago and the first few dozen chapters have become a rather fuzzy, distant memory. If I posted the original chapters here for a side-by-side comparison, a lot of you would be VERY surprised at how much the original chapters differ from this refit version.

Everything from chapters 1-7 has been trashed and re-written completely from scratch.

Chapters 7-15 will receive some slight tweaks and moderate editing. The plot and events won't change at all, but the quality of the writing will change to match the quality of the more recent chapters.

I have to admit though, I AM a little disappointed at the fact that I only have THREE new readers following this tale.
Restarting this from the beginning, I was expecting to gain at least a handful or two of new regulars that might have been previously put off by the large chapter count on the previous forum.
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Post by Johnsnow »

I agree that starting over helped unlike alot of people I started reading this story on the old forums about a month ago and for every chapter I read you posted 1-2 more so it is definitely helpful just to start fresh and be at the same level as everyone else.
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I heard the door opening and heard some distant laughing and chuckling as the two handsome jocks greeted each other.
I hadn't seen Brad in quite a while, but the image of his stupidly superior, handsome, smug face was still imprinted in my mind.


The voices quickly became louder and clearer as Nick closed the front door and invited his guest in the house and into the dining room where I was sitting.

Even though I couldn't see anything with the tongue of Nick's giant shoe covering my eyes, I felt my face become bright red at the thought of my high school rival seeing me like this.
Brad wasn't even my real "rival". Being the same age as Nick, he had graduated several years ahead of me, meaning that I only had dealings with him during my earlier years in high school.

Brad had previously set the record for the fastest swimmer in our regional county, and for several years, he had held that title.
Then I came along and topped his record by a fraction of a second.

BIG mistake.

At the time, I had no idea that my performance and skill would earn me one of the school bully's displeasure.
Luckily for me, Nick and Brad were both good friends and over the years, Nick had served as a kind of buffer between me and the hateful jock.

Still, Brad used just about every opportunity to humiliate me, sometimes with and sometimes without Nick's knowledge and approval.

I couldn't believe I was just sitting here, all bound up in front of my old high school nemesis and with my face completely engulfed inside Nick's putrid shoe, no less!

"Uggghhmm!" I grunted, momentarily dragged away from my thoughts by the offensive stench I was being forced to endure.

Brad entered the dining room and immediately burst into laughter.

"Holy shit. Dude!" he laughed in disbelief, examining all the ropework and even grabbing hold of the giant sneaker taped to my face.

"Fuck!" he cried out, still examining my bonds. "He's just sitting there, sniffing your shoe!" he laughed, sounding positively thrilled at seeing me like this.

"Yeah...he's been like that for a few hours now." Nick spoke in the background. "I figured he could use a little lesson in humility." he added, chuckling mildly.

"Told you so!" Brad replied. "Been telling you to show this faggot his place for a long time now."

"Uffffhggg...uuumm!" I protested, telling the jock to fuck off for calling me a faggot.

It was probably a good thing I was gagged so well. Especially considering the fact that Nick would probably punish the crap out of me for telling his friend off.

Brad seemed to have a pretty good idea of what I was trying to convey though.
He laughed heartily, before ruffling my hair up and placing his hands around the sneaker and the back of my head.

"Don't worry, faggot. We'll have lots of time to get your training started this week." he chuckled, causing me to curse as well as I could in my thick gag.

"Sniff for me, foot boi!" he laughed, pushing my face deeper into the shoe.

I grunted in frustration and held my breath, but eventually my lungs demanded more air.
I sniffed.

"Fuck!" Brad suddenly laughed, releasing my head. "Look at him. He's tensing up and almost choking every time he takes a whiff inside there. Haha!" he cried out, obviously in love with the "corrective measure" Nick had imposed upon me.

"Uggghhh....uggghmmpff." I coughed, choking and gagging on the vile stench that filled the shoe.

"Did you bring everything?" Nick asked his friend, completely ignoring me.

"Yeah and lots more!" Brad answered. "Haven't done my laundry in a while, so I brought along all the good stuff for our little slave-boi here." he added, ruffling my hair up once again.

"I got the tent on discount and brought all my sleeping bags. The Jeep is packed, we just need to fit your stuff in." he told Nick.

WTF! Brad had just called me "slave-boi" and Nick hadn't even stepped in to correct him!
What the hell were they talking about? They wanna go camping?! My mind was racing and trying to make sense of all of this. Everything that was going on looked like something that had been all planned out and discussed in advance by both my captors. Was this a setup of some sort?

I trusted Nick and even though he was a total jerk more often than not, I'd choose his "tender mercies" over Brad's, ANY day!

Nick had often kept his bully friends at bay and warned them not to mess with me.

Growing up, I was sorta like "off limits" to everyone else.
But that was a while ago, and with Brad now entering the picture, things could change.

I just hoped Nick's bossy and controlling attitude would step in to protect me once again, especially since Brad would be coming on this camping trip with us.
If need be, I would suck up to my best friend and adopt a "bootlick" attitude, in the hopes of gaining his favour.
My only hope right now, was for Nick to become selfish about me being his "property".

Both jocks continued talking together and planning the trip as if I wasn't there.

"I have my stuff packed and ready. I'll just need to load them up in your Jeep". Nick told his buddy.
"Then we need to get some snacks and get my slave ready for the road trip." he added, laughing mildly at his own words.

Yes! This was Nick's possessive nature kicking in, I knew.
Nick probably thought nothing of it, but for me, those words rang almost as sweet as freedom itself.

If Nick considers me to be HIS slave, then sucking up to him shouldn't be that hard.
He might not give Brad THAT much room, after all.

I made a mental note to myself, to try to butter up and court Nick at every opportunity possible.
This was my best option and possibly, my only one.

"Alright, let's go load up the Jeep and get this show on the road!" Brad exclaimed, following Nick down into the basement and leaving me all alone inside the dining room.

The next half hour was a long and painful one for me.
The bonds were tight and my chair tie wasn't very comfortable.
The tape was unrelenting, and thanks to Nick's excessive use of it, the pressure on my jaw and lower face was building up steadily.

The blond muscle jock's horrible shoe wasn't going anywhere and the smell of his cheesy, rotten soles was still being forced into my nostrils.
Brad's arrival and what this entailed, proved to be almost as bad as smelling Nick's footwear.
Almost, but not quite.

Even as I sat there, breathing the inside of my friend's rancid basketball shoe, I could hear Nick and Brad loading up their stuff in the Jeep.

From the sound of it and the amount of laughing coming from downstairs, it sounded like they were having a good time.

After what seemed like an eternity, I heard the Jeep doors being closed, and finally some footsteps making their way up the stairs that led to the main floor.

Nick and Brad were back in the dining room and from the sound of it, they both appeared to be excited about the days ahead.

"Okay, let's get you ready." Nick said, walking up behind my chair and putting his hands on both my shoulders.

Both jocks got to work and started releasing me from my bonds.
I knew my freedom would be short-lived, but the ropes loosening their hold on me felt good.

I was finally released from my bondage prison, all the ropes that kept me bound to the chair were removed.
To my relief, Nick also started to peel off the duct tape that was securing my face inside his putrid shoe.
The tape was quickly removed and although some pain was felt on my neck and head as the tape came off, I gladly welcomed the fresh scent that hit my nostrils.

After being forced to smell Nick's incredibly rank basketball shoe, I had almost forgotten the scentless perfume of fresh air.

The tape that held my mouth tightly sealed was being pulled off and I was able to move my jaw again, which felt quite good.

I didn't dare get up from the chair until I was told to. But I didn't have to wait long before receiving my next set of orders.

"Go use the toilet and clean yourself up." Nick ordered. "You look like shit." he added.

Of course I looked like shit. What did he expect?!
I'd spent the last twelve hours or so, bound up and duct-taped. I doubt anyone would be glowing at this point.

As I got up from the chair, it seemed like litres of blood started rushing to my head, causing me to feel sick.
I felt like the room was spinning.

"Come on, we don't have all day." Nick said impatiently as he pulled me into the washroom.
"You have ten minutes and I want you out. Ten minutes!" he repeated as he slammed the washroom door shut, leaving me alone with my battered reflection in the mirror.

I couldn't help but wince as I looked at myself. I did look like shit. Deep creases and lines marked my face, from the duct tape gag.
My face was pale and my light brown hair looked a mess. What have I gotten myself into?

I started to wonder whether or not I should allow myself to break down, then and there...perhaps Nick would end the game, I thought. But perhaps he was serious about all of this. The more I thought about it, the more distressed I became.

Glancing back at my reflection in the mirror, my inner voice told me to stay calm and stay in control. I needed to play along for the rest of the week.

I had trouble admitting this to myself, but part of me loved not being in control, being at the mercy of my best friend, the same person who protected me, but also bullied me and used me at times.
Brad's arrival did change things for the worst though. I didn't trust him in the least and I couldn't help but be worried that he still had a personal score to settle with me.

I had only a few minutes to clean myself up, and I had no idea of exactly how much time I had left.

Quickly, I lowered my head into the sink, letting the cold water onto my hair and face. There was a shampoo bottle, near the bathtub. I grabbed it, and poured a handful of it on my scalp, letting the gel-like liquid foam up in my hair before running my head under the tap once again.

I used some soap to wash my face and grabbed one of the cloths that was on the counter near the sink to wipe my hair and face dry.

I didn't have anything to brush my teeth with, my eyes scanned the room quickly, before settling on Nick's toothbrush. The thought crossed my mind for an instant..."No way" I whispered to myself.
Luckily some mouth rinse solution was kept under the sink.

I quickly let the substance fill my mouth and let it rest for a few seconds until my tongue started to burn mildly. After spitting the mouth rinse in the sink, I quickly took a piss to relieve my bladder and washed my hands.

Looking back up at my own reflection in the mirror, I was at least satisfied to see the cleaned up, handsome figure staring back at me.

How bad would I look when the week would be over though? THAT was the question.

I took a deep breath. My heart was beating loudly in my chest, but I knew I would eventually have to open the door and face my two captors.
Only something bad can come from trying to delay this, I assured myself.

Quickly I turned the door handle and opened the door before stepping out of the washroom.

Nick and Brad were leaning on the wooden railing that lined the stairs leading to the basement.

I overheard them joking around, giggling about how much fun going out to the cottage would be.
I didn't know what cottage they were talking about. As far as I knew, Nick didn't own one.
So it was most likely Brad's.

Great, just great, I thought to myself.

Both my captors stopped talking when they saw me step out of the washroom.

"About time!" Nick barked. "We have a few hours of driving to do and we need to get you nice and cozy for the ripe." he added, 'causing Brad to chuckle a bit.

The whole time Nick was talking to me, Brad didn't interject. Perhaps this was a sign of how things would be for the days to come.

"Once we're on the road, you won't have the chance to take a piss." Nick barked, taking a step closer and closing the gap between us. "You don't ask questions. You don't talk unless I tell you to. If you make a fuss, you're going to pay for it later tonight. Understood?" he growled, pointing a finger straight at my face.

I nodded my head approvingly, my eyes cast downwards in a discouraged, resigned expression.
Nick didn't seem satisfied with my answer, nor did Brad for that matter. "I don't think he does." Brad replied with a smirk.

"I can't hear you, Steven! You piss me off, you pay big time! Go it?" My blond friend repeated loudly.
He was already irritated by my unresponsiveness. He wanted to hear me say that I understood his orders.

"Yes Nick, I understand." I offered.

"You understand what?!" he barked.
He again wanted me to word it out. I must've made him feel good about himself, having this much power over me.
Of course, I would comply. Nick was a real jerk sometimes, but when I remember to keep my place, he was usually lots of fun to be around.

"I won't piss you off, I'm going to do what you tell me and I'm not gonna complain about it." I answered. "I promise." I even added, hoping the words would calm Nick down.
They did.

"Good." he answered sternly. "Oh and one more thing..." he continued. "You don't call me Nick anymore. Until I say otherwise, you call me Master Nick. Understood?"

I couldn't help but look at him in surprise. He was positively glowing with confidence and pride. The hunky jock was taking my week of captivity VERY seriously.

"Yes Ni...Master Nick" I quickly corrected.

"And you call me Master Brad." my other captor ordered, sporting a cocky smirk.

This was getting ridiculous, I thought to myself.
Who the hell did they take themselves for?
Truth be known, I was more afraid than angry. But most of all, I was humiliated.

Not only would I be sucking up to Nick in front of my former adversary, but now I was being told to talk to both of them as if I was their slave!

"Answer him!" Nick barked, snapping me from my thoughts.

"Yes...Master Brad." I answered, taking the time to produce a loud sigh before uttering the last two words.

I couldn't help but hate him, seeing his arms crossed over his puffed out chest, looking triumphantly down at me.
He was slightly shorter than Nick and not quite as bulked up and muscular.
But Brad was still, a lot bigger and heavier than I was. There was no doubt in my mind that if a fight broke out, I'd be at a SERIOUS disadvantage.

Nick seemed satisfied that I'd called them both "Master" but still saw fit to add some additional weight to his earlier words.

"I don't have time to beat this into you right now, but you'll have plenty of time to learn this week. Now we need to get you ready." he finished. Brad moved behind me and firmly placed his hands on both my shoulders, forcing me to move forward.

Nick led the way down the stairs into the basement, followed by myself and Brad closing in at the rear.

The garage door was opened and we all stepped onto the room's cold cement floor.
I was told to put my shoes on, which I did, but was never given the chance to go upstairs and retrieve my phone and other personal effects.

Brad's Jeep was there. Loaded with mountaineering equipment...and although I couldn't see the backseats through the tinted rear window I was facing, I wondered where I was going to fit.

Nick opened the back door on the passenger side, confirming my suspicions. The back was LOADED with equipment; the tent, some camping chairs, a few boxes, a big lunch cooler and MANY sleeping bags. I could only imagine what they had in store for me at this point.

Nick ordered me to sit down on the cold cement floor, but before I could comply, Brad was already forcing me down. Yup, he was definitely a lot bigger and stronger than I was.

A bag was unzipped and a few lengths of rope were thrown onto the ground beside me.
This wasn't good, I know.

Brad roughly made me lie down on my belly and pinned me down by crushing my back with his knee and using one of his hands to pin my face down to the floor.

I wasn't even resisting, so I could only guess that using excessive force made him feel manly and powerful.

I kept silent as I felt a new bondage prison working its way onto my body.

My legs were firmly bound together at my ankles and knees. Now both my arms were pulled back and I could feel Nick binding my hands and wrists together.

The big blond hunk was binding me up real tight while Brad used his size and weight to keep me pinned down to the floor. Soon, my hands, feet and legs were bound up. I was ready to be thrown into the Jeep.

But instead, some more rope was taken out of the bag. Nick started playing with the rope at my feet, then at my wrists, before suddenly giving my bonds a big tug.

"Ahhhw!" I cried out, as my body arched backwards.

"Shut up!" Brad yelled, grabbing a handful of my hair with one hand and hand gagging me with his other hand.

Again, I felt another tug and quickly realised that Nick was working me into a tight hogtie.

"Mmmphh..." I cried out, my protest instantly muffled up by Brad's big, smothering hand.

Being held down by him was already humiliating enough, I didn't need him to quiet me down with his hands.
I tried to squirm around and cry out, but that only annoyed Nick.

"Stuff his mouth up!" the blond hunk barked, as he continued tightening my hogtie.

My hands were now touching my feet, and my back was arched backwards. This was painfully tight.
I didn't want to remain like this the entire trip!

Nick finished off the knots, effectively completing the hogtie and spent a few seconds going over his knots to make sure everything was nice and secure.

Brad released me from his handgag and sat on the floor before pulling one of his big, Nike sneakers off.

I watched in horror as the large, size 12 US shoe came off.
A strong smell of cheesy sweat immediately filled the air around me.
The air escaping from the big leather shoe felt warm and musty.


Brad did it on purpose to show me his big, socked foot before slowly peeling off his white, yellowish sock, which looked positively ripe and rotten.

Of course, I knew what was coming my way.

"No! No please!" I pleaded, turning my head to look up at Nick.
"I'll be quiet...I swear!" I continued, as Brad slipped his barefoot back into his big, smelly shoe and crouched down over my head, with his big, nasty sock in hand.

I felt the hair on the back of my head being grabbed and pulled, yanking my face up off the floor.

"No! Wait! Master..." I cried out, begging my friend for mercy. "I'll be good I promise!"
Brad didn't slow down or allow Nick to change his mind. He just brought his big, filthy sock in front of my face.

I quickly barred my teeth and clamped my jaw shut. I didn't want that dirty thing in my mouth!
"Open!" the stud ordered, 'causing me to grunt in frustration and stare wide-eyed at the rotten sock that threatened to stuff my mouth.

Nick didn't seem impressed at all with my pleading though.
"Open your mouth! Now!" he barked, his tone sounding even more impatient than Brad's.

A tear rolled down my left eye and I sobbed in resignation.
Slowly, I surrendered and opened my mouth up.

"Good boy." Brad teased condescendingly, tightening his grasp on my hair and forcing my face further up off the ground.

"Open wide." he prodded. "There you go." he mumbled, shoving his big Adidas sock past my lips and into my mouth.
"Haha, dude! You have no idea how long I've been waiting to shove my sock inside this faggot's mouth." he told Nick, causing my friend to chuckle lightly.

"Uggghhm...uuggghmm." I screamed, angrily trying to push the thick, filthy wad of sock out of my mouth.

The only thing my protests managed to do was allow Brad to further shove the sock in and pack my cheeks up to bursting. The second time I tried mouthing off, I only ended up getting the smallest of grunts out, before choking and gagging on the size and taste of my muscular rival's sock.

The sound of tape soon filled my ears and Nick's big hands quickly started wrapping hockey tape around my head to secure Brad's sock in.

The sock was too big to fit completely inside my mouth and my lips wouldn't close, but that didn't matter.
Nick wrapped the thin, extra strong tape a dozen times around my head, sealing my fate and shutting me up for good.

The sock tasted REALLY bad. But that was the least of my concerns.

I felt tears running down my face.
Lying my head to the ground, I closed my eyes, unable to look at either of my captors.

The pain was already starting to build up in my shoulders. The hogtie was too tight and uncomfortable, but neither jocks seemed to take notice or care about the fact that I was sobbing pitifully on the cold floor.

Nick and Brad easily lifted me up off the ground and threw me into the back of the cluttered Jeep, right onto the floor behind their seats.
I had bags and equipment around me and on top of me.

No place to move, completely helpless, unable to call for help or even refuse to come on this trip...
The fact that Nick was my friend, didn't make this right.
This was nothing less than a kidnapping.

The back door was closed. Nick got in the front passenger seat and Brad got in the driver seat.

The Jeep was driven out of the garage and soon, we were heading for the closest highway.

"All right!" Nick exclaimed enthusiastically. "It's a five-hour drive to where we're going, but if you're good, I might make your hogtie a little less severe during the trip. Got it?" he asked, turning around in his seat to get a quick look at me.

I couldn't reply with the huge sock stuffing my mouth, but Nick knew that I couldn't refuse his offer.
I'd do anything to get out of this cruel ropework. If that meant quietly chewing on this damnable sock, then so be it!

The Jeep picked up speed and soon enough, we were on the highway, with loud rock music playing on the radio.

I had no idea where we were going and had no idea what was in store for me once we got there.
I braced myself for what was to come later today.


Steven, about to have Brad's big sock taped in his mouth - courtesy of talented artist and forum member "LK3869"
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It must've been around noon when we left Nick's house. The sun was high up in the sky, and somehow I had managed to doze off even though the radio was playing loud and the ropes were digging into my skin.

I tried to squirm around a bit, but the movement only made me realize how much my shoulders were on fire and how bad my thighs were aching.

I was still in a strict hogtie, with my hands touching my feet and my body arched back painfully.

Nick or rather, MASTER Nick, had made it clear to me that ANY fuss on my part, would earn me some added discomfort.

So I kept quiet, which wasn't hard considering Brad had stuffed his putrid sock into my mouth.

The thing was big and filled my lips and cheeks up to bursting.
I could only whimper, but the loud music playing up front easily took care of drowning out any noise I could produce.

I was on the floor at the back of the Jeep, stuck between the crowded back seat and the two front seats.
Being big guys, Nick and Brad both took up a lot of leg space and had their seats backed out quite far from the front dash. I was literally squashed in the middle.

What added to my discomfort, some of the equipment had slid off the back seat and was now resting on my bound up form.

I had a very big, very heavy rolled-up sleeping bag on my head and some hard equipment on my shoulders.

My only hope was for Nick to release me from these bonds like he said he would if I behaved myself.

What seemed like hours had passed. I was beginning to doze off once again, but the pain was becoming unbearable. I thought my limbs were going to burn up. I wanted to scream, but instead, I began sobbing uncontrollably and moaning inside my thick gag.

What had I done to deserve this? How could they just tie me up like this and force me into this trip against my will?

I couldn't control the tears that followed. The anger, the fear, but mostly, the humiliation that I was being forced to endure. All these emotions seemed to be pouring out of me in that instant.

This wasn't just a game anymore. I wanted out! I didn't want this and I was no longer a willing participant.
To my great dismay though, I was powerless to do anything about it.

Where were we going? What would they do to me? How far would they go with their stupid game?
My mind was reeling with questions, yet I was provided with no answers to fill the void.

I continued sobbing and struggling against my tight bonds.
The ropework was knotted down real tight and I was making absolutely no progress in getting rid of my foul-tasting gag.

I tried to move my head up off the floor, to release some of the tension building up in my neck. But the heavy sleeping bag was keeping my head pinned down and stopping me from moving my head up at all.

"Uuugghhm!" I grunted in frustration, causing me to further choke and gag on Brad's big, filthy sock.

I felt a bead of sweat rolling down my forehead and tried telling myself that I needed to calm down and take deep breaths. Everything would be ok. I just had to play along for a little while longer.

Exhausted from the lack of sleep on the night before and winded from all my struggling and moaning, I eventually managed to dose off again and quickly sank into a light slumber.

Sometime later, the Jeep came to a halt.
I was still half asleep and didn't care to make out what my two captors were saying to each other.

Nick handed Brad some cash and made some remarks about burgers and hot dogs.
"Don’t forget the beer!" he added, while his friend unbuckled himself and opened up the driver-side door.

"Duh!" Brad laughed. "I'll be back in ten minutes." he added, before closing the Jeep door and running off.

By this time I was fully awake and could only assume that we had stopped at a small town along the way, to stock up on food and supplies for the upcoming days.

Being on the Jeep floor and unable to observe my surroundings, I had no idea where we were or in what direction we were heading.

The music volume was suddenly turned down, reminding me that I was now alone with Nick.

I didn't say anything, although I was silently praying that he would remember me and keep in mind how well behaved I had been so far.

I'd been crying out, struggling and moaning quite a bit during the last couple hours, but given how loud the music was playing up front, it was highly unlikely that Nick had taken notice of the fuss I'd been making a bit earlier.

A few minutes passed, but there was only silence between us.
I didn't dare make a sound.

After what seemed like ages, I felt the leather seat up front move a bit.
Nick was now staring down at me from the front seat.

My head to the floor, I closed my eyes, unable to even look at him.
If shame was a visible substance, it would've been floating all around me by now.
I just wanted to crawl under his seat and disappear.

I heard the sound of a seatbelt being unbuckled, then the sound of movement up front.
I was a bit shocked when I felt Nick's hand on my face. He was reaching down towards me, from his front seat.

He tossed the big sleeping bag back up onto the back seat and roughly grabbed my chin, yanking my head so that I was looking straight up at his face.

The big jock just stared at me for a moment, looking into my eyes.

"You've been crying." he stated, suddenly breaking the silence.

I could only imagine how pathetic I must've looked, with my eyes still red from my emotional breakdown earlier.

I wanted to ask him to let me go. I wanted to ask him where we were going and wanted to tell him that this wasn't fun anymore. But even without the gag stopping me, I wouldn't have been able to formulate the words.

I began sobbing again and couldn't stop fresh tears welling up in my eyes.
I couldn't help it.
I had always been a proud person, Nick knew that.
I was clean and picky, almost to the point of being called snobbish at times.

Yet, these two bullies were humiliating me and treating me like crap...tying me up against my will, stuffing their worn socks inside my mouth to stop me from protesting.

I felt totally degraded and almost...sub-human.

I began sobbing, breathing in quickly through my nose as tears ran down my face.
I felt like a wimp, but I didn't care.

"Fuck..." Nick suddenly mumbled, releasing my chin, so that I could once again rest my head down on the carpet floor.

The blond hunk got out of the Jeep, closed his door and came at the back of the SUV.
He opened the back door on the driver's side, where my head was resting.
I was worried someone would see me like this, but I didn't see any cars anywhere close by, even though we appeared to be in a parking lot.

Brad had most likely parked far away, to avoid the prying eyes of the townsfolk.

Nick started moving stuff around the back seat. He removed the equipment that had fallen on me and somehow made enough room in the back to get in and close the door.

The jock sat himself on the back seat, causing my head to rest between his big, sneakered feet.

My moaning and sobbing seemed to annoy him somewhat, probably making him feel a little guilty.
Good, I thought.

The hunk started playing with the rope that was keeping me hogtied and after a few minutes, I felt the knots loosen and I was released from the unbearable position.

I could tell Nick was annoyed. He mumbled a few curses at me, telling me I was a "wimp" and a "cry baby", but I didn't care. Being released from the hogtie easily compensated for the demeaning titles he showered upon me.

Even though my hands were still bound behind my back, my body was no longer arched in a painful position.

Nick grabbed my upper arms and flipped me onto my back so that I was looking up at him.
He pulled me up until I was in a sitting position between his legs and allowed my head to rest on his left knee.
I was no longer sobbing, but fresh tears still lined my face.
Nick was different now...almost caring.

As I looked down at his big feet, I noticed he was wearing white socks inside his fat hightops.

The muscular jock quickly forced my head up and began unwrapping the sticky hockey tape that was wrapped around my face.
Even when the final layer came off though, I didn't spit the sock out of my mouth, for fear of what would happen if I did.

Instead, Nick pulled it out of my mouth himself.
He just held my head in one hand and used his other hand to pull the giant wad out.

As soon as Brad's big, stinky sock came out, I received a mild slap on the cheek.

"Stay quiet." Nick ordered. "No talking." he added, pointing a finger at my face whilst gently caressing the back of my head with his other hand.

The handsome jock opened a water bottle up and brought it up to my mouth so that I could drink.
It was a little humiliating, having Nick hold my head like this and help me drink...but I didn't care.

My throat was dry and my lips were parched from the sock gag. The water was more than welcome.
Especially since it would help wash away the rancid taste of his friend's putrid sock out of my mouth!

Nick didn't provide me with any information about where we were going or what would happen next.
But I knew better than to ask him.
He had made it VERY clear that I was to remain silent and that's exactly what I would do.

After being allowed to gulp down some more water, my bonds were carefully inspected, but to my great relief, the gag wasn't replaced.

Nick seemed satisfied that the ropes binding my ankles, wrists and knees were still tightly knotted.
He seemed content enough to leave it at that.

Grabbing my chin and my hair with both hands, the big, blue-eyed jock forced me to look up at him.

"You gonna stay quiet the rest of the trip?" he asked, glaring down at me slightly.

I didn't respond at first...trying to avoid his gaze. But the jock just shook my head, forcing me to focus on him.
He frowned at me, expecting a response to the question.

Through my bleary eyes, I could see no malice in his own.
And so I looked up at him and nodded my head mildly before setting my gaze back down.

A few hours ago, he might have beaten me for this kind of unresponsiveness, but right now he was being gentle.
I felt

I didn't know where we were going and I didn't know what the two bullies would do to me this evening, but for some reason, I felt calmer now.

"Alright, lie down." Nick ordered, helping me to lie back down with my stomach to the floor and my head between his sneakers.

"You stay quiet for the rest of the trip. I don't wanna hear a single peep from you." he told me.

I nodded, which he seemed to accept.

Nick opened the back door and got out. He got back in the front seat and turned the radio volume back up a little.

A few minutes later, Brad came back with some food and drinks and passed the stuff to Nick, who placed the grocery bags at his feet, up front.

The driving resumed and pretty soon the Jeep was running full speed on the highway.

I was feeling a bit better than before. I wasn't gagged for once, and Nick had given me some hints that he was still able to be kind when he wanted to. Plus my limbs felt a million times better now that I wasn't in a stupid hogtie anymore.

"Ahhhh" I heard Nick exhale, up front. "This feels good." he said, 'causing both Brad and I to wonder what the hell he was talking about.

It didn't take long for us to find out though.
"Ugh,..DUDE! What the FUCK?!" Brad yelled, interjecting loudly.

"Sorry. Haha." Nick laughed, "I need to let my feet air off a bit."

Brad was obviously not liking the strong stench that was filling his SUV.
I couldn't see his face, but I knew from the tone of his voice that he was more than a little repulsed by the smell of Nick's socked feet and shoes. "Aww...c'mon! Dude!" he yelled through the music.

"Okay, okay! Calm down..." Nick laughed. "I'll throw them in the back!" he said, before tossing both his trainers into the clutter on the back seat.

The Jeep was getting really smelly from Nick's exposed feet, but the two hunks just opened their windows up a bit, allowing some fresh air to spill in.

None of them noticed one of the sneakers sliding off the back seat and landing right in front of my face.

"Uhh." I gasped in horror.

I was bound up on the floor with no room to move around or manoeuvre, and now I had Nick's giant basketball shoe just a few centimetres from my face.

Good thing I wasn't gagged! At least I could breathe through my mouth and avoid the nauseating fumes coming out of there.

I laid there a few minutes, hoping Nick would notice my predicament and toss the shoe back onto the back seat. But neither of them cared to check up on me.

The music grew louder and I grew fatigued.
For some STRANGE strange reason, I raised my up off the floor and took a good, long look at the sneaker lying in front of me.

I turned my head to see if Nick was looking. He wasn’t.
I looked back at the giant basketball shoe in front of me. It's sole was on the floor.

I slowly raised my head up over the sneaker and looked down into it, while still inhaling and exhaling through my mouth.

It looked positively rancid in there.
The inside of the shoe was a dull, yellowish-grey and was filled with sock lint, leg hairs and gross stains.

I had no idea what came over me at that moment, but for some reason, I plunged my face straight into the putrid sneaker's gaping maw and inhaled deeply.

My eyes nearly fell out of their sockets and I instantly felt my stomach churn.
I felt like I was gonna be sick, but I also felt something else stirring down below.
My dick, it was getting hard! Really hard!

It must've been a result of Nick's built up pheromones soaking up the huge Reebok shoe. It HAD to be!
Why else would I be feeling the urge to grind myself against the SUV floor right now, I wondered.

I quickly spun my face around to see if either of my captors had noticed what I had just done.

No. Brad was focused on driving and Nick seemed to have dozed off.

I looked back down at the big, worn-out shoe.
God, it STANK in there!

With my head, I managed to tip the sneaker on its side and without thinking, I laid my head down sideways on the floor and buried my face inside it.

I kept my mouth shut and breathed in through my nose.
The moment I took a whiff, I pulled back out gagged on the potency of the stench.

It smelled absolutely ROTTEN in there!
But for some reason, the shoe was calling to me.

I stuck my head in there, again and again. Each time, pulling out with a crinkled nose and a heavily disgusted face.
I HATED the smell, yet my boner was throbbing like it never had before.

I wanted more. Nick's foot stench was absolutely RIPE and overwhelming. If I had been alone I would have been moaning and jerking myself off right now.

All I could do now was lie down, sniff quietly and grind my throbbing member against the floor of the vehicle.

I closed my eyes and began dozing off slowly. My face was a mere centimetre or two away from the shoe's opening.
I was comfortable like this. I felt...confused, but safe.
Something definitely wasn't right. But I was too tired to try and sort out what I was feeling.

Slowly, I dozed off and allowed myself to fall asleep.

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After dozing off for half an hour, Nick woke up and looked through the new grocery bags to see if there was something he could quickly munch on.

The trip was uneventful and they would be arriving at the cottage in less than an hour.
Nick was anxious to arrive and get settled for the evening.

It would soon be supper time and cooking a bunch of hot dogs over a campfire sounded particularly good at the moment.

This trip would be lots of fun.
A few nights under the stars, out in the wild, lots of beer and of course, good company.
He and Brad would get a LOT of fun with Steven over the next few days.

Once they got to their destination, they would decide on whether or not to set up camp or wait for the following day and spend the first night sleeping in the cottage.

He had been to the cottage several times before, but Brad had recently set up a camping site clearing, on the edge of one of the lakes about half an hour from the cottage. It was a pristine lake, with no man-made constructs and virtually no visitors to taint its shores. Quite simply, the perfect camping spot.

Nick knew they were getting closer when the cackling sound of gravel came from under the Jeep's tires.
They were now driving on narrow, unpaved trails and driving upwards into the mountains. The nights were always colder up there, Nick remembered. It was already getting cooler now that they were picking up elevation.

He quickly turned around to check up on Steven.

But what he saw really confused and amused him.
Little Steven was sleeping, belly-to-floor, with his face deeply buried inside one of the sneakers he had thrown in the back a bit earlier!

Wait, that's not possible, he thought.
The sneaker must have fallen there after Steven had drifted off into a slumber, he told himself.
But no, that's not possible either! Steven had his face literally INSIDE the shoe and was taking in deep, steady breaths through his nostrils.

What the fuck?! Was he actually getting off on the stench?

Nick turned around without saying anything...completely mesmerized by what he'd just seen back there.
Steven was actually willingly sniffing his big, putrid basketball shoe! Forcing the little guy to do it unwillingly was one thing, but having him do it on his own initiative was another. The thought was giving him a MASSIVE boner and he sat there with a huge tent in his nylon trackies.

Had Steven just recently developed a thing for his footwear, or has it been secretly going on for a while now, he wondered.

Steven was completely oblivious to the fact that he'd been seen and that his growing obsession was no longer a secret.
Nick would use this to his advantage, of course. But for now, he'd just play along as though he hadn't seen anything.

Things were working out even better than he'd planned...something that caused the brutish hunk to rest his head back against the headrest and smile.

* * * * *

The sound of a door being slammed shut woke me up suddenly.
My eyes flashed open and the reality of my situation came flooding back into my mind.

The Jeep wasn't running anymore. We were stopped.
My eyes grew wide as I realized I had been sleeping with my nose inside Nick's dirty, old hightop sneaker, the entire time!

I silently cursed myself under my breath and tried to wiggle away from the big shoe before turning my head around the other way, pretending to be asleep.

Luckily, the back windows were heavily tinted and I was able to quickly move away from the shoe without one of the jocks noticing me.

I could only hope one of them hadn't glanced in the back during the drive. Somehow, I felt confident they hadn't.

My heart began pumping loudly in my chest when the back door opened and I was told to wake up.

Slowly, I moved to look up at my captor, eyes half-closed to make him believe I had just woken up....which I had, mind you.

It was Nick and I was a little relieved to note he looked a little sleepy himself. Most likely he had been sleeping too, which boded well for my little secret.

I couldn't help but blush when he picked up his big sneaker off the SUV floor and slipped both of them back onto his socked feet. I felt strange, like a mixture of shame and guilt.

Luckily, he hadn't noticed my uncontrolled facial reaction.
I kept my head down, slightly annoyed that I didn't have better control over my own body.

"Sit up." the jock ordered, after having slipped his shoes back onto his feet.

That was easier said than done! Especially with my hands tied behind my back and my feet and knees bound together.

I rolled around until I was lying on my back, raised my knees in the air and used the motion to raise my head and upper body off the ground.

I turned around slightly to see Nick looking down at me from outside the opened back door.
"Turn around and get your legs out here." he ordered.

The back of the Jeep was crowded with junk, but I had a small frame.
I managed to bend my knees enough to turn around 180 degrees and ended up sitting on the SUV floor with my legs and feet outside the vehicle like Nick had ordered.

No gentle praise followed. Not even an approving nod or anything.

Nick grabbed my lower legs and started unbinding my feet.
He wasn't rough, but he wasn't gentle either.

My feet were set free and the rope was thrown back into the Jeep.
My knees were also freed from the restraints before I was ordered to climb out of the SUV and stand up.

Nick started going through the equipment on the back seat until he found one of his sports bags.
He started going through its contents and found what he was looking for.

Zipping the bag back up, he turned back towards me to reveal a thick, leather collar.
I looked up at him and opened my mouth in disbelief as he unlocked the collar and circled it around my neck.

"Close your mouth." he ordered, not wanting to hear a peep from me.

I complied. The collar was thick and high. It covered a large portion of my throat and neck and severely limited my head movement. I didn't like it at all.

Nick made sure it was really nice and tight...too tight for my liking, actually.

I complained about it, or rather tried to. But all I got was a slap on the face for my effort.

The giant 6'4 muscle-beast grabbed hold of my hair and yanked my head up so that that I was looking straight into his eyes.
He was a full head taller than I was, so meeting those piercing blue orbs of his meant looking up...which only further accentuated my subordinate position in this stupid game we were playing.

"Want me to tape your mouth shut?" he asked, looking down at me threateningly.
I could tell he was annoyed. When we were alone, we'd often fool around together, but when his jock friends were around, he got real cocky and no longer accepted even the slightest bit of uncooperativeness from me.

I shook my head no and resigned to casting my gaze downwards, like a good pet.

After going back to the SUV and looking through some other bags, he produced what appeared to be, a leather clip-on leash.

I was seriously fucked. What, was he going to leash me up like a dog now?!

Nick made a point of showing me the two chain links attached to my collar. One at the back of my neck and one at the front of my throat.

He grabbed hold of the front chain link with his finger and pulled me in closer towards him, yanking my neck down and forcing me in a slightly bent down position. Without a word he attached the black leather leash to the front of the collar, effectively taking away any chance I had of getting some freedom.

He held onto his end of the leash tightly and after closing the back driver-side door, started a circular motion with his wrist until most of the short leash was rolled up around his hand and in his grasp.

He left me with about one foot of leash between the collar and his hand...which was the equivalent of no freedom at all.

I literally had to crawl behind him as he marched to the cottage.

Over the next few days, I would learn that failing to keep up with him resulted in a beating or worst.
Nick half-walked, half-dragged me to the wooden cottage.
Brad was already inside, opening up the windows and checking to see if everything was in working order.

The inside of the cottage was larger than it let on from the outside.
The front door led us directly into a large open room which seemed to contain both the kitchen and dining room as well as the living room.

At the back of the kitchen area, an open archway seemed to be leading to another set of rooms. Most likely a washroom and a bedroom or two.

I scanned the cosy abode and was pleasantly surprised by how well equipped the living room appeared to be, what with the large flat-screen TV and all. The room also housed a La-Z-boy, a Play Station 4 gaming console, and a really big couch.

This place was equipped like a real house! For some reason, when the word 'cottage' was brought up, I had the image of an old, dimly lit shack in the back of my head. But this...this was much better!

If it wasn't for this stupid game Nick and Brad were playing, I could actually have some fun here.

I knew though, that I would have very little fun on this trip. I was collared and leashed up like a dog. I also had a feeling that I wouldn't get much slack from either of my captors in the days to come.

A sudden tug on my leash dragged me out of my thoughts.
"You need to use the toilet, boi?" Nick asked.

"No." I replied, shaking my head.
Brad looked at me inquisitively from across the room, then suddenly, a sharp pain was felt on my back thighs.

Nick had used the end of the leash to lash out at me hard. The sharp pain caused me to squeal and fall forward onto my knees. My thighs burned in pain and my collar was now choking me as I kneeled on the floor.

"I'm sorry...I’m sorry." I cried out, whimpering pathetically.

I received another hard lash on my legs and another.
"Please, stop!" I cried out, but this seemed to irritate Nick even more.

Three more strikes from the leather leash followed, on my bottom and my lower legs, each of them making me yelp in pain as the thick leather collided with the skin under my thin pants.

"Please! I'm sorry Master! more." I cried out.

"Let's start over!" Nick growled, pulling me back up to my feet by yanking on my leash. "Do you need to use the toilet, boi?!"

"No, Master." I offered pleadingly, sniffling back a stray tear and looking down at the floor.

"Much better." he purred, pulling me in close towards him and picking my chin up with his hand. "If I have to remind you to use my proper title another time, you'll be spending the rest of the day in a hogtie, understood?" he continued, talking to me in a low, almost intimate tone and looking straight down into my frightened eyes.

"Yes, Master" I whimpered obediently.

I couldn't help but wince when I heard Brad snicker. He was obviously enjoying the show.

"Good boi." Nick commended, unable to hide his growing smirk at the sight of me submitting to him this easily.
"Now get down and kiss my feet." the blond jock suddenly ordered.

If emotions were any easier to read, I would have the word "shame" painted plainly on my face.

I had two choices: either kiss Nick's feet and get it over with, or do anything else and risk making him angry.
Getting whipped or beat up, wasn't something I was looking forward to. So I crawled down like an animal in front of the giant muscle jock, planted my mouth on one of his sneakers and kissed.

I wasn't sure if he wanted me kissing his sneakers or kissing his actual feet! I didn't dare ask and even less, try to take his sneakers off...not that I could with my hands bound up tight behind my back. So I just kissed both of his giant basketball shoes and looked up, waiting for further instructions.

Nick was sporting a cocky smirk on his face, but his smile disappeared and he quickly adopted a more serious expression.
"I didn't tell you to stop." he scolded, frowning down at me in a harsh, disapproving manner.

It didn't take me long to understand that he wanted more.
So I bent down again, but this time, I kissed and licked both his sneakers with feigned passion.

For some reason, what I was doing made me tingle in excitement.
I could feel Nick looking down at me, no doubt feeling positively superior to me in every regard.

I felt my face heat up and could only imagine how red in embarrassment it must have been.

What's worse, Brad was standing only a short distance away, watching me drool over Nick's sneakered feet.
An agonizing minute passed and finally, I was ordered to stop.
"Alright kiddo. I need to cut this short." Nick said, nudging my head up with the tip of his saliva covered sneaker.

"Don't worry. You'll be spending lots of time with my old stinkers this week." he offered, throwing me a wink.

I must've been red like a tomato by that point.
I could lie to myself, but I knew deep down inside that I was almost looking forward to spending time with his big sneakers.

"The big boys need to unpack the Jeep now." Nick told me. "Only question is what to do with you. I don't want you running off and getting into trouble." he snickered, pulling me up to my knees and ruffling my hair up.

"You can take the room you took last time, the one just past the bathroom." Brad mentioned, handing Nick one of the sports bags he had brought in from the Jeep.

"...'kay, thanks." Nick answered, accepting Brad's invitation.

I felt my body being roughly yanked off the floor. Nick was holding my leash and giving me no slack at all.
I was being lifted off the ground, by my neck. "C'mon! Get up!" he barked, kicking me in the rump.

"I'll be in my room, tying this little faggot up." he told to Brad. "Then we can grab a few beers and start unloading the Jeep."

"Alright. Lemme know if you need help!" Brad laughed, as we made our way out of the open dining area.

I was on my two legs now, but Nick wasn't just content holding my leash. He was holding my collar as well and quickly marching me into the room that would serve as his bedroom during our stay at the cottage.

The room was bland, small, but looked cosy nonetheless. A queen-size bed took most of the space in the room.

Nick turned on the light switch, and opened up some curtains, revealing a small window with a view of the woods outside.

He let go of my collar and closed the bedroom door.
Finally, we were alone.

I was uneasy. Nick was...or rather, USED TO BE my best friend. Now I wasn't so sure anymore.
One thing I had learnt so far, Nick wasn't quite as harsh with me when his friends weren't around.
But that could change.

He came up close to me until he was standing only a few centimetres from my face and started fiddling around with my collar.

The leash was detached from it, and I couldn't help but let out a quiet sigh of relief as the collar was removed as well.

"Get on the bed. Now." he ordered, pointing down towards the large mattress.

I complied, lying down on my stomach, with my hands still bound tightly behind my back.
Nick got on the bed as well, planting one of his knees between my shoulder blades and the other one over my lower back.

"Uhm." I whimpered, distressed by the way Nick was climbing on top of me and straddling my puny form.

HOLY FUCK he was heavy!
His giant thighs alone were thicker than my waist, and from the many playful wrestling matches we'd previously engaged in, I knew he could pretty much snuff the life out of me simply by sitting down on me and crushing me beneath his huge ass.
I was a literal BUG compared to this guy.

In any case, the massively built up muscle-god grabbed the heavy-looking sports bag he'd carried into the room and put it down right next to where I was lying on the bed.

I said nothing and just watched as he unzipped the bag and started rummaging through its contents.
I was gonna be tied up....again.





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I love how rough they are with Steven. I hope they hogtie him around the tree this time.
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Hey, it looks like four new readers have answered the poll! Glad to see this reboot attracting some new eyes! 8-)
Would love to hear from you guys.

Scottstud94 wrote: 4 years ago I love how rough they are with Steven. I hope they hogtie him around the tree this time.
Don't mean to burst your bubble, my friend. But none of the later scenes or plot points are going to be edited from this point on. Only the language will be.

Steven being allowed to come along on the fishing trip with Nick and Brad (after a fair amount of begging, mind you) was an early turning point in the story. Had Steven remained hogtied around the tree, Nick and Brad would have possibly never taken the decision to "share" him. The "sharing" of Steven is pretty much what ignited the spark of distrust between the two Alphas.

No worries though. I'm sure you'll still enjoy some of the other scenes I intent to repolish.

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[mention]Johnsnow[/mention] I am curious. Up to which chapter did you manage to read before the old forum went down?

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oh gosh... I don't remember exactly what chapter and i'd hate to spoil the story for the people who haven't read that far so i'm going to send you a pm with what was happening.
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