Harry and Max's Solo Adventures (m/m)

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Okay I officially hate Tommy - stuff like this really gets me heated. He might be bluffing, but it's still shitty what he's doing, especially when bringing up the threat of Harry having to move away again. I wouldn't do it but I feel like if I was in their shoes, I'd have to have pics from when Tommy was tied up as back-up because he just doesn't seem to care when it comes to others. And I forget: are they are all genuine friends, or do they hang out with one another because they are on the same team? Because they need to ditch Tommy...I really hope that someone or several others are able to step in because he doesn't deserve to have Harry and Max as his slaves for even one day.
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Tommy really is an asshole. I don't like him at all. To treat your friends like that isn't nice and threatening to publish those pictures to make Harry move away again take things too far. On the other hand I really like the idea of them beeing someones slaves even if I hate Tommy :lol: Btw, the way they are tied is great, but it seems quite exhausting to stand like that for some time, poor Max. They are lucky Tommy isn't using ballgags and stuff which get quite uncomfortable after a while.

Anyway, great story again. I waited an eternity for you to publish your next part. It's great to see your characters are still the same, especially how Harry tried to protect Max. Your characters are still absolutely great.
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We need more adventures. Hopefully soon.
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Right, I'm finally back with a new story. I'm glad you all hate Tommy; he's always been a bit of an arsehole - taking things too far and such like - but he's definitely taking a turn for the worse. Anyway, here it is:

Tommy's Machinations - Part 1: The Text

Tommy wasted no time in exploiting his new power over Harry and Max. Once he eventually freed them, his first demand was for the Boys to surrender all of their tie up materials to him. True to his word, he did delete a photo of them for 'good behaviour' but it was unclear just how many photos he had taken. Both boys suspected it was many more.

The week afterwards proceeded as normal. Neither Harry nor Max wanted to tell anyone about what Tommy had done. The most obvious person to tell was Nick, but he couldn't exactly do anything to Tommy without risking getting into serious trouble. Besides that, he had taught Tommy how to tie them up effectively, under the belief that Tommy was their friend. Harry didn't want to burden him with that guilt. No, the best thing they could do for now was await orders and try to endure until they could find a weakness in Tommy's plan.

Harry was the first to receive an order on the following Saturday. The text alone was ominous: Harry, come to my house within the hour. Make sure you're not hungry or thirsty and don't need the toilet, 'cause you won't be doing any of those things for a while! This was going to be a long day. Before leaving, he made his excuses to his mum and texted Max to see if he had also received a summons. He hadn't. Harry suspected that this was one way of Tommy keeping control; not letting them see each other, which would've made this more bearable.

As instructed, Harry arrived at Tommy's House within the hour. At first, Tommy was pleasant and friendly (so the neighbours wouldn't suspect anything). Harry did not acknowledge him, and followed him inside, where he was led into Tommy's bedroom, which - of course - was at the back of the house.

"Right," Tommy said, "now you do as I say. Give me your clothes."
"What?" Harry said indignantly. "And you call us gay."
"Shut up, idiot!" Tommy snapped. "It's so I can be sure you're not carrying anything you shouldn't be."
"Fine," Harry grunted after a while. "Are we alone?"
"No," Tommy said, like a typical annoyed teenager. "Mum and dad are away overnight, but I've got to watch and feed my stupid nine year-old twerp of a younger brother. It's so annoying! Anyway, chop chop."
Harry took his shirt off and handed it to Tommy. "And where is he?"
"Oh, he helped me plan your day today, so I've left him alone for a bit."
This was not reassuring. Harry sighed, before handing over his trousers, leaving him in just his socks and boxer briefs. "What now?"
"Give me your socks, and turn around."

Harry did as instructed. Tommy carefully grabbed his wrists and crossed them behind his back, expertly tying them together and cinching the rope, making sure to leave the knot out of reach of his fingers. "How does it feel?"
Harry tried to twist his wrists. "Tight."
"Good," said Tommy. He immediately grabbed Harry from behind, clamping a hand over his mouth. "Let me hear you struggle."
Harry tried to sound as sarcastic as possible. "Mmmm," he said. "Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm."
"Sound like you mean it," Tommy ordered, lightly pinching Harry's nipple and twisting.
"MMMMPPPPPHHHHHH!" Harry complied. "MMMMPPPPHHHHH, MMMMMMMPPPPPHHHH, MPPPPPHHHH!" He thrashed about to try and break Tommy's grip.
"That's better," Tommy said. "Now, open wide."
Harry watched as Tommy lowered one of his socks in front of him. It had been turned inside out. "Mmmppphhh!" Harry cried as his sock was forced into his mouth. He tried to keep it out with his tongue, but Tommy's fingers were too strong. Holding the sock in with his hand, Tommy lowered his other sock in front of him. He had turned it inside out and tied a large knot in it. He placed the knot over Harry's mouth and pulled the sock around his head, tying it around the back, thus pulling the knot tightly into Harry's mouth and holding the other sock in place. It was a Good job Harry hadn't been sweating much.
On the brighter side of things, Nick had taught Tommy well, meaning that his rope skills weren't uncomfortable or painful. It was probably the only blessing in this situation. Harry found himself thinking of this as he was tied up. Tommy continued by tying Harry's arms to his torso just below shoulder height and at elbow height, thus pinning his arms in place. In typical fashion, he found a way to take it too far by taking a small length of rope and tying it to the rope running around Harry's front. He then carefully measured the tightness of it as he threaded it through Harry's legs and tied it to his wrists, meaning that any attempt to pull his wrists in any direction would give him a wedgie. Great.
He was then made to sit on Tommy's bed with his back against the headboard, whilst Tommy tied his ropes against it, ensuring Harry could not shuffle away. He then turned his attention to Harry's legs. He gently pulled up Harry's right ankle so that his leg was fully bent with his knee pointing to the ceiling and tied a rope around his ankle and another further up his leg, pinning it in place, and repeated with the other leg. Instead of tying them together, he took another rope for each leg and attached it to the headboard of the bed, keeping them pulled slightly apart.
"Hmmmm," Tommy said, "I feel like it needs a finishing touch."
"Mmmpph mmpph?" Harry replied.
"Ah, I know!" Tommy said. He grabbed the roll of black tape and wrapped it several times over Harry's mouth, sealing the socks in place. "That'll keep you quieter!"
"Mmmph!" Harry said, significantly quieter than before.
"Ok, here's the situation," Tommy continued. "You can have half an hour to try and escape. I've left the front door unlocked so you can leave. I'm going to spend that time with my brother, make sure he's ok. When I get back, we can have some real fun."

It was clear that Tommy had no intention of letting Harry go. Half an hour would never be enough time to free himself fully. He started trying anyway, before he discovered the problem. Tommy had measured that wedgie rope perfectly. If he sat with his wrists still, it was slack enough not to notice it. If he moved, it was pulled uncomfortably taut, forcing his briefs upwards too. His escape was further complicated when he realised that he had no idea where Tommy had gone with his clothes. That snake! All he had was his briefs and socks, which were steadily getting wetter from being in his mouth. Eventually, he resigned to sit there and wait for Tommy.
"Ugh, I hate kids," he said, returning a few minutes early. "You try to have fun with them and then they just cry. Pathetic."
"MMMPPH MMPPHHH MPH MMPPHHH MMPPHH!" Harry tried to shout. He really didn't like the sound of that.
"Anyway," Tommy said, ignoring him, "Since you failed to escape, you're spending the rest of the day like that. We're going to have so much fun!"
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Great to read a new part. You always come up with knew ideas how to tie them. At least Harry isn't too uncomfortable as long as he isn't moving is hands.

I wonder what that monster did to his poor brother...

I hope someone teach him some manners someday... in a very uncomfortable way... that brat would deserve such a cruel brother as Max's who would torture him for a change...
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Fantastic new part! Wow Tommy really is evil haha
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Right, it's finally done. I have not been this busy for a long time, but I finally found the time to write the next part of this. Hope you enjoy!

Tommy's Machinations - Part 2: Plotting Revenge

Harry sat helplessly as he waited for Tommy's next move. The first thing he did was turn on the television which sat on the opposite side of the room facing the bed. Harry didn't recognise the show: one of the many American sitcoms he didn't really care for. The volume was turned up fairly high, conveniently loud enough to drown out any sounds that he might make whilst inside the room. He watched as Tommy drew a small feather out of the bag he'd forced Max to surrender to him. He grinned devilishly.

Harry was never the most ticklish person, so the feather didn't register all that much. He watched as Tommy gently ran it across his torso, down to his naval and back up over each nipple. It was a light tickling sensation, nothing too bothersome. Tommy tried to get at his armpits, although not much was exposed due to how his arms were tied. It was enough to elicit a small "mmph" from him, but not much else.
"Enjoying it so far?" Tommy asked sarcastically.
"Mmmphh-mmphhh mphhh," Harry responded, letting his head wobble side-to-side.
"Don't worry," he said, grinning, "this is just the warm up."
He moved the feather to Harry's nose and started trying to tickle his face, stroking his nose and ears, even trying to push it inside his ears. This was annoying, and Harry jerked his head away from the feather as best he could. This continued for about fifteen minutes, until Tommy was bored.

"What to do next?" Tommy pondered aloud. "Oh, I know!" He pulled out an electric toothbrush. "Why didn't I think of this sooner?"
"Mmmphh-mmpphh!" Harry said, shaking his head. He knew this would not be easy to resist.
Tommy grinned and gently lowered it until the head was lightly touching his naval. Then, he turned it on. Instantly, the tickling sensation spread across Harry's whole body. He squirmed in an effort to get away, forgetting the rope attached to his wrists for a moment, and pulling it tightly, giving him an uncomfortable wedgie. "MMPPHH!" he cried at both sensations.
"Don't tell me you've had enough already?" Tommy said playfully. "I'm just getting started."
He began running the toothbrush all over Harry's torso, never pressing down hard, but never releasing the pressure either. Harry squealed into his gag as the brush passed over his nipples. The tickling sensation seemed to remain on them after the brush had moved away as well. Each time the brush passed over them, he involuntarily jerked his wrists reflexively, thus ensuring that the wedgie wouldn't be coming out any time soon.
"Let's not forget the feet!" Tommy shouted, which was covered up by the sound of the TV.
"MMMPPHHHH!" Harry screamed, as Tommy grabbed his ankle and lifted his foot up to expose the underside. The toothbrush made short work of his resistance. He was able to yank his foot from Tommy's grip for a moment, but the ropes tying him meant it took little effort for Tommy to grab it again. This went on for what felt like hours, as Tommy switched feet repeatedly, before going back to his chest and stomach whenever he felt like it.

By the time it was over, Harry had lost all sense of time. Tears were streaming down his cheeks, his throat felt as dry as sand and his limbs and backside were sore from all the thrashing around. He never knew a wedgie could be this uncomfortable until now.
"Mmmm... mmmm... mmmn," he panted, getting his breath back.
"Bored now," Tommy said. "I'm gonna play some games. You can watch." He patter Harry lightly on the cheek and picked up a controller, switching the TV over to his PS4.
Harry was forced to watch him play for the next several hours. He really needed a drink, but the worst part was having to sit next to Tommy. He made a point of wrapping his arms around Harry's shoulders whilst holding the controller to keep him still, which made him play really badly as he fumbled the controls. He even had the temerity to blame Harry whenever he made a mistake, thrusting the controller into Harry's chest whilst shouting about how stupid and unfair the game was.
"MMMPPHH! Mmmmphhh-mmmphhh-mmmphhh!" Harry tried to say, to no avail every time.

Eventually, Tommy turned to him. "Well, I guess I'll be merciful and let you go."
"Mmph," Harry grunted.
"Sound more grateful, worm!" he snapped. "Or perhaps I'll treat you like you deserve and keep you here all night too."
Harry took a long breath, before putting on his best pleading eyes. "MMMMPPPHHH!" he said as desperately as he could. "MMMMPPPHHH! MMMMMPPPPPPHHHHH!"
"Very well, slave, I will show mercy."
It took several minutes for Harry to be untied. Tommy deliberately left his hands until last so he couldn't remove the wedgie until he was free. Humiliating, but the relief at getting it out was enough motivation for Harry not to complain. True to his word, Tommy showed himself deleting one of the photos, which Harry was certain was a miracle.
"You can have your clothes back on one condition," Tommy said.
"Don't be stupid; give them to me."
"Silence! You can either check on my idiot brother or walk home like that."
"Fine, I'll do it." He reached out a hand for his clothes.
"Not until you check on him. Now go; I've already missed too much of my game."
"Bastard," Harry whispered under his breath.

As he approached the door, Harry could hear a television. It drowned out any sound from inside, meaning knocking first wouldn't help. He pushed it open slowly.
"MMMPHHH! MMMPPHHH!" came a high-pitched squeal.
"Hey, hey," Harry said, trying to sound calm. "I'm not going to do anything." He stepped inside the room and quickly closed the door behind him so that Tommy wouldn't hear. Mind you, he was pretty zombified when he played his game, so he was unlikely to hear anyway. Tommy's brother was the average height for a nine year-old. Like his brother, he had blond hair, which he styled short. He was better looking than Tommy, which probably explained why Tommy found him so annoying. He was tied almost identically to how Harry had been: hands tied behind back with elbows tied together and attached to the headboard of the bed, and legs tied in a frogtie and attached to the headboard as well. Somewhat mercifully, Tommy had not given him a wedgie rope like he had to Harry, and he had been permitted to keep his clothes on. He wore shorts and a t-shirt, although the shirt had been pulled up over his head - no doubt for some tickling purposes. His socks were still on his feet but his slightly bulging cheeks confirmed that something had been stuffed in his mouth, before several layers of tape had been applied.
He stared at Harry for a moment, unsure of what to do.
"It's alright," Harry said gently. "I'll get you out of here."
"MMPHHH! MMMPHHH!" the boy cried and shook his head. He looked afraid, and the reddish circles around his eyes confirmed he wasn't exactly enjoying being there.
"Don't worry, Tommy can't hear us. I'm just going to take this off." Harry gently removed the tape so that it wouldn't pull too hard.
The boy hesistated to spit out the bandanna in his mouth.
"It's okay. He can't hear you over that TV."
He spat it out. "Wh- who are you?" he spoke softly.
"My name is Harry. What's your name?"
"M-Mikey," he replied.
"Why are you tied up in here?"
"Tommy said he needed to practise his knots," Mikey said. "He said he'd buy me McDonald's if I let him practise on me."
"How long ago was that?"
"As soon as mum and dad left this morning. He's let me go once to use the toilet, but I've been tied up all day. Please, put the gag back in. He said that he wouldn't take me if I tried to escape."
"I'm not prepared to do that," Harry said.
"Please! I just want to be left alone. I'm fine watching the TV!" he pleaded.
"No," Harry said calmly. "What if you started to choke on that bandanna? Who would know to help you? I'm not doing that to you?"
"Please, you don't know what he will do to me!"
"I'm pretty sure I do," Harry said. "I'm not dressed like this by choice."
"Wait, you're the slave Tommy mentioned?"
"I'm afraid so,"
"Wow, you must be really brave to spend time with Tommy."
"I don't exactly have much of a choice right now," Harry said.
"He's blackmailing you," Mikey said. "Why else would anyone be his slave?"
"Smart kid," Harry said. "Look, I need time to come up with a plan to get out of his grip."
"Well, I can't help with that. You might as well go and leave me alone."
"Or maybe you can," Harry said, an idea coming to him.
"I need some leverage over him. I bet it wouldn't look good if word were to get out that Tommy treats you like this."
"Please, don't tell anyone! I don't want any trouble!"
"I won't have to," Harry said. "I'll need to wait for the right time, but I bet I can threaten to."
"No," Mikey said. "Just leave me alone, or persuade Tommy to let me go to McDonald's."

"He's fine - a real brat though," Harry said as he walked back into Tommy's room. "He needs to be kept like that as much as possible.
"I know, right!" Tommy said, not turning away from his TV. "He's alright when he's tied up and gagged."
"Can I have my clothes back?"
"Fine, I've got to take him to McDonald's anyway."
"You mean you've got to spend some time looking after him. Hard luck! That sounds like torture!" Harry tried to sound like he really didn't like the thought of spending any time with Mikey.
"Yeah, it's a real pain. Hey, wait," Tommy said, an idea coming to him. "How'd you like me to delete another picture today?"
"I'm listening," Harry said, pretending not to know where this was going.
"YOU can take him to McDonald's. Mum left cash for it by the door. Then I can stay here and have some peace and quiet."
"Oh, no, really?" Harry tried to sound annoyed.
"Well, fine, if you don't want me to delete a picture," Tommy started.
"Wait!" Harry said, trying to sound a little desperate. "Fine. I'll do it."
"That's a good boy!" Tommy said. "Keep him busy as long as possible. Maybe let him play in the park next door for a bit."
"Ugh, this is going to be hell," Harry said. "What's the brat's name, anyway?"
"Mikey, now get going!"

Harry knew he'd have to play the long game here. Mikey might just be his key to get out of this rotten arrangement. Still, he wasn't willing to be used as leverage against Tommy, at least not for a total stranger. Harry would have to earn his trust before raising the subject again. He had no idea how long it would take, but it was a more reliable solution than waiting for Tommy to release him by choice. First things first, he had to untie him and take him for dinner at McDonald's. Not how he would have wanted to spend his evening, but it was all part of the plan.
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Post by Killua »

As always a really great part. I love you stories and I'm always happy when I spot another chapter of you.

The way Harry was tied is great and I'm sure he would've had a lot of fun if Max had tied him like that... but Tommy is always taking it too far. He doesn't care for his needs at all like the thing with not giving him water... and only one bathroom break for his poor little brother. That kid is totally scared of him.

They really should consider building a great little cell in someones basement to lock Tommy in there and torture the hell out of him to show him what he did to them. No water for a day... no toilet breaks... so he hopefully becomes a better person.
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Post by 1960gerson »

I'm thrilled at your return . I'd like to see Tommy kidnap Max and hold him hostage. Maybe have Tommy concoct a ransom note.
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Post by harveygasson »

Amazing as always!
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Right, it has been far too long since I updated this story. I hope you are all well and that you enjoy this new part. I'm going to try to finish the next part before the end of the week as well:

Tommy's Conspiracies - Part 1: Spoiling the Swimming Contest

"Ugh, not now!" Harry groaned as he was awoken by text coming through on his phone. It was Saturday, which is never a day people like being woken up on anyway, but today was even worse. The Under 14s swimming competition was today, so it was a big day and being woken up two hours before he needed to get up did not put Harry in a good mood. Even worse was his mood when he saw who had sent the text: Tommy.
Good morning, slave...
"It's only been a week!" Harry moaned. "At least give me a break."
Be at the sports centre in an hour... or else.
Harry guessed that this was supposed to sound threatening. As annoying as Tommy was, he knew he would only have to put up with it until he could persuade Mikey to help him. They hadn't spoken much a McDonald's last week. Harry knew that earning his trust would have to be a long game. It made the thought of having another Saturday ruined by Tommy just a little bit more bearable.

Harry arrived at the sports centre as instructed. Tommy was waiting for him outside.
"Glad to see you made it," Tommy said.
"Why do we need to be here so early?" Harry asked. "Nobody else will get here for another couple of hours."
"Always asking stupid questions," Tommy said. "You really need to learn to keep your mouth shut."
Harry said nothing else, and followed Tommy inside. The centre had only just opened, so the only other person they passed was the receptionist, who had long since learned their faces and never bothered to question why they were there. Tommy led them past their usual changing room and into the visitor's changing room.
"This isn't our changing room," Harry said. "Ours is the other one."
"I know that, idiot," Tommy replied. "We're here on purpose. Now, are you ready for the competition?"
"Yes, we've trained for it together for the past several weeks."
"No, stupid, I mean are you wearing your swim briefs under your clothes?"
"Yes, like I always do."
"Perfect, then you're ready for my instructions. Take your clothes off and go and stand behind that bench."

Harry did as instructed, and removed his T-shirt, shorts, shoes and socks, leaving him in the team's standard black swim briefs. The bench Tommy referred to stood in the middle of the room, facing the door. It had been bolted down to the floor to stop it from moving, and had a row of pegs attached to it via three metal poles that were about as tall as Harry's shoulders. It only had a bench on one side, so the back of it allowed Harry to stand upright against the middle pole.
Tommy took his rucksack off his shoulders, and opened it to reveal the supplies he had 'acquired' from Harry and Max. "Right, slave, time to have a bit of fun," he said.
Harry rolled his eyes, but did not resist as Tommy began tying him to the back of the bench. He tied a rope around Harry's right wrist and pulled him until his arm was fully outstretched, tying the rope to the pole at the edge of the bench. He then repeated this with Harry's left arm. "Put your legs are far apart as you can," Tommy said, patting Harry on the cheek as he did so. Harry duly complied, and his ankles were also tied to the poles at either side of the bench, leaving him standing in an x-shape and unable to move.
"Are you done yet?" Harry asked impatiently. He wanted to assure Max that he wasn't scared of anything he tried to do.
"Not quite," he replied. "You can still twist your body a bit." With that, he took another couple of ropes and put them over each of Harry's shoulders and under his arms in an x-shape, tying them off at the back, securing Harry's back against the middle pole, which sat neatly between his shoulder blades. He then took another rope, which he tied around Harry's waist, looped tightly between his legs and tied off to the pole as well, leaving him firmly held in place.
"Well done," Harry said vaguely sarcastically, "I can't move."
"Which means you're ready for this!" Tommy said, holding up a red ballgag.
"Really?" Harry said. "You're not impre-mph." He tried to sound bored as Tommy forced the ballgag in and secured it tightly behind his head so that the ball was pulled back behind his teeth.
"Say that again?" Tommy said.
"Mph mph, Mph mph mph-mph-mph," Harry said calmly.
"I know you are, but what am I?" Tommy said, as he dug into the rucksack, pulling out a roll of black duct tape. He wrapped it five times around Harry's head, leaving a slight bulge where the ballgag sat.
"Mph mphh," Harry said, noticeably quieter than before. He figured he'd better at least pretend to struggle whilst Tommy was watching, and tried to twist his wrists free of their bindings.
"Act tough all you want," Tommy said. "But in two hours, the visiting team will be here, and it won't take them long to spot you. You might want to get out of here before then. I think they'll be quite glad to have you out of the competition."
"MMMPH!" Harry snarled at him.
"Right, I'd better go," Tommy said. "I promised my mum I'd take Mikey swimming before the competition. I'll be back later!" He left his rucksack on the floor, nudging it under the bench a bit so that it stuck out for someone to find, before heading out through the door, which was now behind Harry.
Well, this was a bit of a mess. Tommy was right about the other team being glad to have Harry out of the competition. He had to get out of there before they turned up, but the knots were all out of reach of his fingers and he couldn't exactly call for help. Think, Harry, he thought to himself. You've got two hours to get out of here. Think of something!
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Post by ducttape1 »

nice part because I'm up for a sequel
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Post by 1960gerson »

I'm really glad that you are back. More adventures.
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Post by harveygasson »

Glad to see the story continuing, another good post and looking forward to seeing what Harry will do next
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Post by 1960gerson »

I have an idea. Friend Harry manages to escape before the swimming competition. He does well. But after that, Tommy decides to play a little game with Harry. He takes a kidnapping of Harry. The whole 9 yards. Grab Harry. Make him strip down to his underwear. Also send a phony ransom note. (It's all a game of course).
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Hi, all, thank you for the kind comments. Here's the next part to the story. I'm at a bit of a loss for what could happen in part 3. I've deliberately left it open-ended, so I'd love to hear some ideas from you about what can happen next.

Tommy's Conspiracies - Part 2: Ruining the Day

Unfortunately, Harry was unable to think of a way out of his predicament: tied as he was in the changing room in his swim briefs, arms and legs stretched out, ballgagged with tape wrapped around his head on top. There's not a lot that you can do in this situation, except struggle, which Harry decided was his best option.
"Mmph!" he grunted as he tried to stretch his fingers towards the knots around his wrist. However, he couldn't get any closer to freeing himself. He tried shifting all of his weight to his left side and pulled in an effort to make the rope give. "MMPH!" he squeaked, as he discovered the hard way that the rope tied around his waist and threaded between his legs was designed to apply pressure to a particularly sensitive area if he tried to pull away from the changing bench. Where on Earth did Tommy get the idea for that from?
Just then, he heard quiet voices from the corridor. He was quite far away from the door, but this was his only hope. He started thrashing his arms about as best he could in the hope of making some noise, before taking a deep breath through his nose and shouting, "MMMPPHHH! MMMPPHHHHH! MMMPH-MMMMMPHHHHHH! MMMMMMMMMPHHHHH!" He tried to kick his legs for good measure as well. If only the bench weren't bolted to the floor, he could have tried to shift it and create a sound that way. "MMMMMPHHHHH! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHH! MMPH-MMPHHH!" he called again. The voices slowly grew quieter, before disappearing entirely. They hadn't heard him.
Harry spent the next few minutes in silent isolation as he came to terms with his predicament. He would still be stuck here when the opposing team arrived, and there was no telling how they would react. In the best-case scenario, he would walk away with a red face and be able to join the competition. In the worst-case... well, that didn't exactly bear thinking about, and surely wasn't that likely?

Fortunately for Harry, he didn't have to wait the remainder of the two hours to find out. After 45 minutes of being left there on his own, he heard the familiar voice of Tommy approaching the door.
"Look, you can go swimming in a bit. First, I want to show you something." He must've been talking to Mikey.
"Mmph," Harry sighed softly to himself. He decided the best way to endure Tommy's presence was by being as stoic as possible.
Sure enough, the door flew open and Tommy strode in confidently, dragging a sheepish-looking nine-year-old boy by the wrist. Mikey was already wearing his swimming trunks. "Why are we in here?" he whined. "The pool is the other way!"
"Because I left my stuff here and I need it," he said, walking around to bench to where Harry was. "Ah, there's my bag."
Tommy let go of Mikey's arm and bent down to look through 'his' bag. He had been blocking Mikey's view until then, as Harry saw his eyes widen with shock when he saw him bound and gagged there. Harry briefly made eye contact with him, before looking straight ahead blankly. "Um... uh," Mikey stammered softly. "I'm not... I don't..."
"What?" Tommy said flatly, as if there was nothing unusual about Harry being there. "Speak up."
"Is... is that... Harry?"
"Hmm?" Tommy said. Then he looked up. "Oh, Harry, I forgot you were there. Thanks for looking after my stuff!" He pulled a rope out of the bag as he said this.
Harry said nothing, refusing to acknowledge him.
Mikey stared, open-mouthed. "Did you do this?"
"Yeah," Tommy said, as he walked behind Mikey, still holding the rope. "He's pretty pathetic."
Mikey continued to stare. "But... how-"
"MMPHHH!" Harry tried to shout. He had seen what Tommy was up to.

"Arghhhhh!" Mikey could only groan as Tommy suddenly wrapped both arms around him from behind. He squeezed as tightly as he could, forcing all of the air out of Mikey's lungs, before lifting him up and lowering him down to lie on his stomach. Mikey was left gasping for air as Tommy sat over him and began tying his wrists together behind his back.
"MMPHHH! MMPHHH MMPPHHHH!" Harry protested. He felt a renewed fire inside him and started fighting furiously to escape, but only succeeded in causing himself discomfort as he wriggled his body side-to-side and pulled his arms.
"But..." Mikey stammered, as Tommy swivelled around and tied his ankles together. "You said we were going swimming."
"Yeah," Tommy said. "You are." He stood up to get more rope from his bag
"MMPHH!" Harry groaned, and tried to kick him as he bent down next to his foot.
Tommy stopped. He stood up and looked Harry straight in the eye. "Don't even try it, or I'll make you scream." He grabbed Harry's nipples with both hands, squeezed and twisted. Hard.
"MMPH! GNNH!" Harry groaned as he fought against his instinct to cry out, despite the pain.
"NO! Leave him alone!" Mikey said defiantly.
Tommy held onto Harry for another half second, before letting go. "Sorry, my idiot brother needs me. I just can't let him out of my sight."
"MMMPH!" Harry growled at Tommy.
"Right, let's be having you." Tommy said to Mikey. "Where were we?" He sat on Mikey again and forced his elbows together behind his back, tying them in place.
"You won't... get away with this," Mikey panted as Tommy tied his legs together just above his knees.
"Yeah, yeah," Tommy replied. "Because everyone will believe that the star athelete did this." He was clearly mocking Mikey. This must've been a line he'd used in the past. He lifted Mikey's ankles up and bent his legs fully, before tying them off so Mikey couldn't unbend his legs at all.
"They'll believe me. You'll see! Ow! Not to tight!" he cried as Tommy tied his wrists to his ankles, pulling them as close to his ankles as possible without injuring him.
Tommy had really learned his stuff. Mikey looked tightly trussed up. He would be uncomfortable after a while, but unharmed - physically, at least. He headed back over to grab one more bit of rope and another item.
"MPH!" Harry grunted and shook his head slowley, staring darkly at Tommy.
Tommy stared back as he walked over to Mikey and crouched down behind his head. "What are you gonna do about it?" With that, he whipped the ballgag over Mikey's face, and began slowly tightening it behind his head.
"Mph! GNH!" Mikey gasped as he tried to fight off the rubber ball, which was steadily forcing its way into his mouth.
"MMPHH!" Harry protested. There was no way Mikey would be able to fit that in his mouth.
Unfortunately, he had run out of energy, and had little choice but to let Tommy force the ball in. "Mmmphhh..." he sighed as Tommy fastened it behind his head.

"Right," Tommy said, scooping up his firmly trussed up brother, "let's get you in the water."
"MMPHH! MMPH-MMPHHH!" Harry protested again, as Tommy walked towards the showers.
The showers in this changing room were an open section just opposite where Harry was standing, it was a small step lower than the rest of the room so the changing area couldn't flood, and had open showers installed around the three walls.
Tommy placed Mikey down in the middle of the space, close to the back wall, and whipped out his last rope. He tied it around Mikey's waist, looping it between his legs for good measure, and then tied it as tightly as he could to one of the pipes, forcing Mikey to lie directly under the shower head.
Realising his intentions, Mikey began to struggle. "MMPH! MMPHHH!" He cried, his eyes welling up as he looked at his brother.
Harry tugged his wrists hard, trying to break free. Being forced to watch this was even worse than being left tied up. Tommy had always been a cocky jerk, but this was too much. Harry felt his own eyes welling up a bit as he thought about Mikey's situation. When he was little, he used to wish he had an older brother to guide him, play with him and stand up for him when he was in trouble. Mikey was living in a nightmare. It reminded Harry of Max. He missed him.
"MMMMPHHHH!" Mikey squealed as Tommy pressed the button to turn on the shower. They always started out cold, before warming up.
"Don't worry," Tommy said. "It won't be cold for long. I know you don't like the cold water." He walked around the showers and turned them all on.
"MPH! MPH!" Harry grunted as he tried tugging on his ropes again. He couldn't hear Mikey over the sound of the showers, but he saw the poor boy wriggling and trying to shake the cold water off himself.
The showers were the sort that would run for about a minute, before shutting off automatically. It took a couple of minutes for the water to start warming up, leaving Mikey to endure it.
"Ah, there we go!" Tommy said, once warm water started coming out of the showers. He walked back up to Harry. "Hey, you don't mind if I borrow these?" he asked, picking up his shorts and T-shirt.
Harry said nothing.
"Thought not!" Tommy said. He stepped back into the showers, and placed them over the drain, stamping on them to push them in slightly and plug it. "Ok, boys," he said theatrically, "looking at the clock, I'd say you've got a little under an hour until the other swimming team gets here and finds you both like this. I'm going to get ready for the competition. Mikey, buddy, enjoy your swim!" He pressed all the buttons to start the showers again and walked out, leaving his bag of rope out in the open next to Harry.

"MMMMMPPPHHHHHH!" Mikey wailed, barely audible to Harry over the sound of the showers.
"MPH! MMMPH! MPH!" Harry tried to call to him as calmly as he could. He had always been quite sensitive as a little boy, and his heart went out to Mikey.
"Mmmmphhh!" the boy groaned, as he could no longer hold back the tears. The shower block started to fill with water, which - while it made the showers quieter - didn't exactly help the situation. "MMPH! MMPHHH!" Mikey started to panic as he realised what was happening.
Harry, trying to stay as calm as possible, called to him again, "Mmmph!" Surely Tommy wasn't going to drown Mikey?
Fortunately, Tommy wasn't that callous. The showers cut out before they block could flood completely, but there was a pool of water about 2 inches deep around Mikey, who let out a sigh of relief.
Harry looked at the clock. It would probably take about fifty minutes for the other team to arrive. It was bad enough worrying about what they might do to him, but Mikey was in a very vulnerable position. It would only take a stupid kid holding his face down for a moment to make him panic. It seemed unlikely, but Harry was never one to take risks when the consequences were this dire. He had to get himself free so he could help Mikey. Forget whatever plans he had made about using Mikey to get back at Tommy somehow - before him was a vulnerable little boy who needed someone to treat him with some kindness.
Mikey was too embarrased by the situation to look at Harry properly, but for a moment the two of them made eye contact. Harry tried his best to look reasurring, Mikey seemed to appreciate the sentiment, but quckly looked away, his face turning red.
The minutes went by slowly, punctuated by the sounds of the boys muffled grunting as they fought against their ropes. Harry tried to put all his energy into freeing his right wrist. If he could just get that one part free, he could soon free himself fully. Mikey was less thoughtful in his approach, and tried jerking about and tugging wildly in an effort to free something, which quickly turned sour when he turned over onto his back and tugged at just the wrong rope the "MPH! he squeaked was unmistakable.
With about ten minutes left, Mikey finally gave up. The kid had a lot of energy, but not enough. Harry watched his head droop as the fight left him and he started sobbing quietly.
Defeated, Harry hung his head too. This wasn't fair. Tommy had too much power over him and he was a jerk to boot. He felt completely, utterly alone and useless. He felt the tears welling up inside him.

"Harry?" Came a familiar voice. It was Max! He must've come looking for him.
"MMMPH! MMMPPHH!" Harry shouted frantically.
"Oh crikey! Hang on!" Max hurried up to him and pulled the tape off his face as quickly as he could. He was wearing his swim briefs, and had his swimming goggles around his neck, ready for competition.
"MPHH!" Harry cried in pain.
"Sorry, pal," Max said, "but we don't have long." He undid the ballgag and pulled it out of Harry's mouth, letting it drop to the floor. "Let's get you out of here."
"No!" Harry said sharply. "There isn't time. I'll be fine, get Mikey out of here."
"Mikey? Who's..." Max started, before following Harry's gaze and turning around. The sight made him stop dead.
"He's Tommy's little brother. Guess why he's here."
Max stood there, frozen.
"Hey!" Harry said. "I know... I know, but there isn't time to talk about it now. Get him out of here!"
Max hurried over to Mikey and quickly undid the ballgag. "That was done up tightly," he remarked as he let it drop to the floor with a splash.
Mikey said nothing. He was too embarrassed to speak.
Max started by untying his elbows. "There you go. Try not to move too quickly. Let your muscles lossen up a bit." He undid the hogtie next. "Let your arms relax. I'll get you out of this."
"...Thanks," Mikey whispered.
"Sorry, this bit might be a bit uncomfortable," Max said as he undid the rope around his waist, leaving it to hang forlornly off the shower pipe.
"It's ok," he whispered.
Max undid the rope holding Mikey's legs in a bent position, so he could straighten them.
At this point, Harry heard distant voices coming down the corridor. "Max, you need to get out of here now! They're coming!"
"What about you? You'll miss your race if you're tied up here."
"I'm on last, maybe I'll get lucky and they'll let me out. Now take Mikey and get out. You can finish untying him somewhere out of sight."
"If you're sure..."
"Yes! Now go! And take that bag with you. I'll tell Tommy they took it, so we can at least keep it away from him.
Max helped Mikey to his feet, and guided him to hop out of the shower stall, as his ankles and knees were still tied together. "That's it, I'll just grab this, and we'll head out the door to the pool." He picked up the bag, causing a couple of bits of rope and two rolls of black duct tape to fall out.
"Leave it," Harry said quickly. "There's no time. I'll catch up with you."
"Catch you later!" Max said quickly.
"...Thank you," Mikey whimpered softly as they made it through the door, which closed behind them with seconds to spare.
Harry took a deep breath, and tried to look as calm and non-plussed as possible, as the door behind him flung open.


Right, how do you think the other swim team should react to finding Harry? Just to clarify, there is a ballgag on the floor by Harry's feet, and another in the shower stall, along with some additional lengths of rope and two rolls of duct tape. Harry's clothes are still blocking the drain. There's lots of potential here. I don't know which direction to go in. What do you all think?
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Post by 1960gerson »

I have a concept for the next adventure. Tommy and a friend also into bondage decide to stage a kidnapping prank. They grab either Maxx or Harry. Possibly at night. The boy is dressed in boxer briefs. Then they hold him for ransom. With a fake ransom note etc.
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Wow! Amazing part again and lots of options to go for haha I don't have a clue but I'm sure you'll think of something good
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Post by Killua »

I really wanted to read your new parts earlier, I even already put them in a seperate tab in my browser, but I got no time and then forgot it completely :oops:

Your stories are still great. And I still hate Tommy even more than Max's brother.

My idea would be that they find Harry, taunt him a lot and gag him again as before, maybe even make him more uncomfortable (e.g. making the rope between his legs even tighter) just because he is the enemy. Then since they got more stuff to tie someone up, they could kidnap one from Harrys team (not Max and not Tommy) and force him to see how they lightly torture him in the showers, maybe even a bit too dangerous so Harry freaks out completely?

For Harry this could be the point where it is too much since others got more and more involved (and hurt) and he and Max might decide to ask Nick and Joel for help to get Tommy back in a way he will never even think about doing such things to his ftiends or his brother. Joel is definetely quite an a....... but he like to torture others as well... so maybe he would like to torture Tommy for a while :lol:

Just an idea and I'm curious if something like is going to happen in the future. By the way... I'm quite late but it's already at least 1 month since the last part. Would be great to read another part from you soon ;) Don't make your readers wait as long as I did (and sadly still do) to mine in my main story :oops:
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Firstly, a big apology for the delay in writing this next part. I've been under a lot of scrutiny at work, which has made things very difficult. Fortunately, that's over now and I'm really enjoying my work again, so I'm more mentally checked into writing. I don't think keeping this story so open ended helped much either, as it can be difficult to start working when you don't know where it's going. I've got a lot of ideas for new stories forming in my head as well (look out for those in future), so it can be difficult to restrain myself and focus on this one too.

Secondly, a huge thank you to everyone for you kind comments and patience with me. I very much started writing for myself, but to see that you enjoy it as well is a huge factor in my continuing. I know you'll tell me that I don't owe anyone anything, but my gratitude for your support means a lot. Without further ado, here's the next part:

Tommy's Conspiracies - Part 3: Resolution

The room was instantly filled with the loud and unintelligible chatter of the opposing team. Harry had made a few predictions about how this would play out. First, they'd fan out to their various places to begin changing, before suddenly noticing that they weren't alone. In that moment, he'd have the opportunity to try and talk his way out. While he was largely correct in his prediction, this still didn't give him the time to think of a means to get out.
"Hey, guys, check this out!" one of the boys said. "We've got a present!"
Harry focused on staying calm and chose not to respond.
"Hmmm," said another boy, moving to the front, "that's new. Find out what he's doing here." This one was clearly the leader. He was about Harry's height, with his blond hair carefully gelled back.
Two other boys, both taller than Harry, came and stood either side of him, leaning against the bench. "Who're you?" the one on the right said into his ear.
"Harry," he said, trying his best to sound friendly, or at least non-hostile.
"Harry," said the boy on his left, with extra emphasis on the H. "Harry... Harry... Harry." He seemed to be pondering something. "And what is Harry doing here?"
"I've got myself into a bit of a bind," Harry replied, throwing in a nervous chuckle. "Would you be cool and help a guy out?"
"That depends," the leader chimed in again, "What do we get for helping you out?"
"Uhhh..." Harry began, trying to think of a good answer. "People around here will remember how cool you are?" It was not a good answer.
"We don't need to help you to show everyone around here who's the best. We could just win the contest."
"True, true!" Harry said quickly. "But... uhhh..."
"Hey, I know who you are!" The boy on his left interrupted. "Jason, he's the one who will be in your race."
Harry shifted uncomfortably. He could almost feel the tension in the air. These boys were good at acting tough.
Jason - the leader - leaned in towards him. "It looks like someone around here is looking out for me. If you're stuck here, that makes my job easier."
"Yes - well, maybe," Harry said. "But would you want to win a rigged race? You'll be the winner, but everyone will say that you only won because you had an open goal."
"Hmmmm... Don't care. Let's get ready boys. Leave him be."
"Hey, come on," Harry said, letting his frustration come through his voice. "Not cool. Let me out!"

The boys ignored him whilst they got themselves changed. Jason and his goons seemed to stick together, whilst the rest of the team spread out around the room. It was clear that Jason was the team's captain, and commanded their respect. He was the sort of person that Tommy probably aspired to be like. Now that he had established his dominance, he was relaxed and casual, laughing with the others like any normal boy his age. Harry knew he could still be reasoned with. He focused on trying to get his right wrist free, not that this had been very successful last time. Miraculously, they did not spot the things Max had dropped near the showers.

Once they had finished changing into their team's swimming briefs, which were navy blue, they walked over to the exit in front of Harry.
"Right, then, coach is waiting by the pool," Jason said. "Alex, you're up first."
Alex was one of the other boys, short in stature with black hair. He paused. "Do you really think we should leave him here like this?" he asked motioning towards Harry.
Jason paused for a moment. "You're right, we should make sure to tighten any knots so he can't get out. Boys, you know what to do." He motioned to his goons.
"Ummm..." They said, inspecting the ropes around each of Harry's wrists. "Sure... umm..."
"I don't know!" Jason interrupted, "Just pull until it gets tighter or something!"
"Hey, what's this?" one of them said, as he lifted his foot off the gound to reveal the ballgag.
The boys stared at it for a moment, befuddled. They looked at Harry, who was trying very hard to look like he had no idea.
"Looks like a dog collar," suggested Alex.
"Don't those usually have a tag on them?" another boy chimed in.
"What's it made out of?" said a third.
The goon handed it to Jason.
"I don't want it! Ewww, it's wet!" he cried.
"Well," Harry chimed in, "it has been on the floor. You know what these places are like." He was trying to deflect from the fact that it had been in his mouth.
Jason felt it. "Leather straps and a big rubber ball," he mused. "Definitely not a dog collar."
"Just leave it," Alex said. "We've got to go."
"You guys go," Jason said. "I'll get some answers."

They filed out, leaving Jason alone in the room with Harry. He walked up slowly, and strapped it loosely around Harry's neck, letting the ball drop onto his collarbone.
"I wonder..." he said, lifting the red ball up level with Harry's mouth.
Harry kept his mouth closed, but nodded to indicate that he was right.
"I've got a bit of a problem." Jason said. "If I go now, you can shout and yell for help and then we'll be blamed for this situation."
"Then let me go!" Harry pleaded. "Isn't it obvious what you can do? You're not responsible for this, and I can tell people that."
"I know I can't win the race against you," he continued. "Our coach has been scouting out the rival teams for a while, and he said that you were our biggest threat."
"But - if you leave me here, I could tell everyone you did this to me!"
"Not if you only get out AFTER everyone else has left. And I really can't afford to lose this race. And I can't afford to have you shouting for help."
"Look," Harry began. "I don't know what's going on with you, but that's not on me. The right thing to do here is to... MMPHHHH!" he was cut off as Jason shoved the ball into his mouth and tightened the strap behind his head as tightly as he could.
"I am sorry... really," Jason said. "It would take too long to explain." He walked around the back of the bench and tugged on the ropes. It was clear he had no idea how any of it worked.
"MMPHH!" Harry grunted as the rope running between his legs was tugged, squeezing him uncomfortably.
"Gotta run," Jason said. "Sit tight."

Harry pondered his situation. That could have gone a lot better. Of course, it could have gone a lot worse. His biggest problem was that, by this point, he was completely bored out of his mind. Being left alone to drool on a ballgag was so boring. The sound of the clock ticking was driving him nuts. The next fifteen minutes crawled by at a snail's pace.
"Harry...?" came a voice. Kyle's voice!
"MMPHH-MMPHH, MMMMPHHHH!" Harry shouted.
"Hold on," he said. He was surprisingly calm. He undid the ballgag and let it drop to the floor.
"Thanks," Harry said. "How did you know where to find me?"
"It was pretty obvious. You disappear and Tommy walks around puffing his chest out smugly. Max is left to babysit his little brother who's clearly been crying. It was easy enough to connect the dots. When I saw that team captain looking so guilty and agitated, it was clear that you were here." He started untying Harry's wrist.
"Was it?" Harry asked incredulously. "How could you have possibly worked that out?"
"Look," Kyle said. "You, Max and Tommy are terrible actors, and even worse friends. You and Max go together like fish and chips. You and Tommy go together like sugar and shite."
Harry laughed. "It's that obvious?"
"You and Max suddenly stop hanging out and refuse to talk about it, whilst you keep hanging out with Tommy? Something wasn't right and we all knew it."
"We fell out," Harry said unconvincingly, as Tommy had previously instructed him to say.
"Even if that were true," Kyle said, raising an eyebrow, "there's no way in hell anyone would willingly hang out with Tommy. He's been absolutely insufferable lately!"
"Tell me about it," Harry said as his wrist was freed. He tried to help Kyle with the other knots, but couldn't reach them from his position. "Wouldn't you want us to get along, oh wise sage? We are teammates, after all."
Kyle paused and looked at him like he'd just suggested that Adolf Hitler would make a good roommate. "No," he said flatly. "Tommy's a twat and a bully and needs to learn some respect."
"Finally, someone said it!" Harry laughed. By this time, both wrists were free, so he gently swung them around whilst Kyle worked on untying the rest of the rope.

When he was free, he walked over to the showers and collected his soaking wet clothes and the rope and tape off the floor.
"Has Tommy got something on you?" Kyle asked after looking at the aftermath of his work.
"Yeah, I can't touch him alone."
"We'll help," Kyle said. "The others won't be happy when they learn what he's done."
"You don't know the half of it, but he can't know that you know yet."
"I'll pretend that I believe the other team captured you for Tommy's benefit. Once he's gone, you're going to tell the rest of us what's going on."

Harry made it to the pool just in time. He gave Max the supplies he'd recovered. "You ok?" Max asked.
"Fine," Harry said, "just a bit stiff."
"Well, the good news is that you only need to win 3rd place or better and we win overall. That blond one over there, Jason, is your main threat, but otherwise this should be in the bag."
"Good," Harry said.

In the end, he could quite easily have won, but he did feel vaguely sorry for Jason. He settled for a close second place. Winning the race wasn't the biggest victory of the day. The pieces had fallen into place for a revenge scheme against Tommy, one which would hopefully end his problem permanently.
Back in their own changing room, Tommy made a weak excuse to get out of there as soon as he could, but the others stuck around.
Kyle put his arms around Harry's and Max's shoulders. "Right, guys, let's all go back to my place. It's been too long since we hung out as a team."
There was a knock at the door.
Harry opened it to see Jason on the other side. He quickly stepped out and closed the door behind him. "What are you doing here? That was pretty stupid of you back there!"
"You're right... I'm sorry... Sometimes I just do what I think'll impress the others. I just wanted to say thanks for giving me the win in the last race. That was pretty cool of you." He walked away before Harry could respond.
The door opened behind him. "Oi!" Joel snapped. "You're not walking away. You're coming back to mine for pizza. I'll get Max to kidnap you if you don't come willingly!" He had a joking tone to his voice, but his facial expression suggested he was deadly serious.
"I'm coming. I'm coming," Harry said. "But I still don't have any dry clothes."
"You can borrow Clive's jacket. It's not ideal, but you'll at least be decent until we get to mine. I've got some spare clothes you can borrow."
"Thanks," Harry said. Today was not such a bad day as he thought. He did worry for Mikey, though. Whatever plan they came up with needed to help him too. For now, Max had most of his supplies back, so Tommy's options were more limited, but they needed to act soon, for his benefit as well.
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Hallelujah. I've eagerly awaited your return.
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Post by BDBrit »

Thanks for the kind reply @1960gerson! I'm glad I was missed. I've had a bit more time to write a new part to this story this week so here it is:

Harry's Revenge - Part 1: Preparation and Planning

"No, you've got to cinch it," Harry said as he freed his wrists from their bindings. Otherwise, I can free myself relatively quickly.
"Right," Kyle said. "I'll try again. Hold your hands in front of you. We can work on positions once I've got the basics right." He wrapped Harry's wrists up tightly in the rope.
"Ok, now don't tie it off," Harry continued, "thread it through here," he gestured awkwardly with his fingers. "That's it! And pull it tight. Good and tie the knot - not like that, like I showed you before. Good! If these were tied behind me, it would be very hard to get loose."
Kyle nodded, smiling. "Sam, you're up!"
"Got it!" Sam said sharply. "I bet I'll get it faster than you!"
"No you won't," Clive butted in, "but I will!"
"Woah, guys," Max said, "it's not a competition. We're all working to the same goal."
"True," the others said simultaneously, "but that doesn't mean we can't compete to see who's the most useful to you."

The mood at Kyle's house was upbeat. Harry and Max had decided to focus entirely on celebrating their victory at the swimming competition, but Kyle had other ideas. He had this way with people; he could make you feel comfortable telling you anything. Harry was pretty certain that he could turn up on his doorstep with a bloody knife in his hand and Kyle would find a way to make him feel at ease. "Alright, Harry, Max," he had said, businesslike, "I need you to tell us what is going on between you two and Tommy."
"It's not pretty," Tommy had said.
"We're not going to judge," Kyle had replied. "It's not healthy and - in the words of my old babysitter Nick - it needs to stop."
As Harry and Max told them everything - from how their friendship had developed after Max taped Harry up in the changing rooms, to how they dealt with Joel together, to how Tommy had constantly belittled them before teaming up with Joel to trick them and get the embarrassing photos to how Harry's mum would pull him out of school and move if those got out and she found out - Kyle did not visibly react. Clive and Sam had exchanged looks and mouth words like, "Duuuude!"
When they had finished, Kyle blinked twice and said plainly,"He needs to go down. How can we help?"
There was no question that Sam and Clive agreed. "We'll give him a taste of his own medicine!" Clive had said.

They had spent the next half hour after that learning how to tie someone up. Max had demonstrated on Harry before the others practised in turn. They were surprisingly quick learners. The others were kind enough to say that Harry and Max were good teachers.
"Okay," Harry said as he was freed once everyone had had a go, "we need to practise this on an unwilling subject. I'll be Tommy, and you guys should work together to get me tied up so I can't get out."
"It's on!" Sam said, immediately jumping on Harry.
"Wait! Wait!" Harry shouted quickly.
"What?!" Sam asked.
"You can't just pounce!" Harry explained. "You've got to have a plan; know who's doing what. Make a plan first."
"Alright, Harry, go and stand over there with your back to us. When we're ready, we'll start but you have to act like Tommy would and try to fight us off," Max said. "Everyone else, let's huddle."
The four of them ducked together in a huddle.
"How should we do this?" Max asked.
"We need to stop him from being able to fight back," Kyle said. "It would make sense to go for his hands first."
"Agreed," Max said, "but we also need to stop him from shouting for help."
"Well," chimed in Clive, "there's four of us. Can't we all pounce at the same time?"
"Good point," said Max. "We could each focus on a different job to speed it up."
"We also need to ensure that he's properly humiliate," Sam said. "Remember what he did at halloween last year? We can't humiliate him properly if we tie him up too quickly."
"What are you saying?" Max asked. "We should take off his clothes first like he likes to do?"
Sam nodded.
Max baulked slightly. He looked at Kyle and Clive for their opinion.
"He's done it to Harry enough times," Clive chimed in.
"We don't have to like this, Max," Kyle added. "We just have to execute it."
"Fair enough," Max said, after taking a moment to consider it. "How's this plan? I'll grab him from behind and force him to the floor so I can gag him. Sam, you hold his legs down so he can't kick, whilst Clive and Kyle get his arms under control. We get his shirt off and tie his hands behind his back. That'll give us enough control to slow down after that."
"Good plan," Sam said.
"Are you sure you've never kidnapped someone against their will?" Clive asked jokingly.
"Should we tell Harry what they plan is?" Kyle asked.
"No," Max said. "We need him to simulate a genuine reaction. Let's grab a few things se we're not fumbling around."

Harry was getting bored of waiting. He supposed they were going to plan carefully, but did they need to be THIS careful. Still, it gave him time to think of a way to lure Tommy over. Perhaps Kyle would let them use his baasement. It was a secure place, and Tommy wouldn't suspect anything initially. If he wouldn't come willingly, perhaps they could grab his- "MMPHH!" Harry cried as a hand unexpectedly clamped over his mouth from behind. He tried to resist , but he felt one of the others leaning into him, forcing him onto his knees.
"Come on, guys," Max said, "help me out here!"
"MMMPHHHH! MMMMMPPPHHHH!" Harry shouted and wriggled as more weight came from behind, forcing him onto his front. He saw two hands grab his wrists and felt another weight sit on his legs. He couldn't move. Max was sitting on his back and pinning his arms to his sides with his knees as the others held him down.
"Sorry about this," Max said. "Now open wide!" He brought his other hand to Harry's face and quickly swapped them over, forcing a bandanna into Harry's mouth his practiced efficiency.
"MMMPPHHHHH!" Harry cried, fighting it with his tongue as Max's fingers forced it all the way in.
Max immediately grabbed a roll of black duct tape from his pocket and wrapped it over Harry's mouth. It was a quick job, but it did what it needed to do and effectively silenced him. "Okay!" Max said. "Let's get the shirt off!"
"MMPHH?!" Harry's eyes widened as he said this. He tried to wriggle and fight, which slowed the process down slightly but was ultimately futile; it was four against one, after all. Each of his wrists was relinquished for a moment so his shirt could be pulled off, but they were quickly held down again.
"Alright, get his hnds tied!" Max said.
"On it!" came Kyle's voice.
Instantly, Harry's arms were pulled behind his back. Max momentarily lifted his weight off him as he turned around to help. Harry felt his wrists being expertly lashed together and the rope cinched, just as he'd taught the others. He didn't know who had done it, but they did a good job.
"Ok," Max said, panting slightly, "roll him over."
Harry felt two paires of arms hold him on his left side and push. Max lifted himself off Harry's back, before turning around to sit on his chest and face him. He looked conflicted, but focused on the task at hand. "I'll explain when we're done," he said. "Get his shoes and trousers off!"
"MMPHHH! MMPHH!!!" Harry shook his head and tried to kick with his legs, which wasn't very helpful as two of the others were now sitting on them whilst the third pulled off his shoes. "MPPHH!" he cried as he felt his trousers being undone and yanked down his legs.
"Get his ankles first so he can't stand up!" Max called. He playfully slapped Harry gently on the cheeks to distract him.
"MPH!" Harry grunted. It didn't hurt, but was annoying. He felt his ankles being pulled tightly together as the ropes were tied off.
"Ok, pause!" Max shouted, as they stood up to admire their work.
Harry's hands were securely tied behind his back and his ankles were tied together. He was wearing just a pair of light blue boxer briefs. "Mph! MMPHH!" He grunted as he tried to free himself. He rolled over on his back.
"Are we done?" Kyle asked.
"No," Max said. "We need to finish the simulation, right Harry?"
"MMPHH!" Harry grunted in objection, before realising Max's point. He nodded.
"Keep struggling, then," Sam chimed in.
"Right, tie him there, there and there," Max said, pointing to Harry's struggling form.

Within a few minutes, Harry's arms had been secured to his torso, a rope had been tied around his waist, which was then tied to his wrists to secure them against his back. He legs had been tied together above and below his knees, and at his thighs, and he anlkes had been secured to his wrists in a tight hogtie. He was well and truly secured. Max had also removed the tape and reapplied many fresh layers to ensure it wouldn't come off.
"Do you think you can get out of that?" Clive asked.
"MMPHHH!" Harry grunted as loud as he could (which was not very loud at all) and shook his head.
"Good!" Sam said happily. "Time for more pizza! That was a lot of hard work!"
"Shouldn't we untie Harry?" Kyle asked.
"You can if you like, but I can't promise there'll be any pizza left for you!" Same added.
"Save some for Harry, maybe?" Max suggested.
"MPPPHHHH-MMPHHH!" Harry added.
"Fine," Sam said. "I'll save these slices for Harry. The rest, however, is mine if you don't have it."
Max looked at Harry apologetically. Harry tried to look understanding back. Max grabbed the remote and put the TV on. "We'll let you out when this is over," he said, sounding slightly unsure. "Until then, enjoy the show!"
Harry groaned and tried to swivel around to face the TV. Kyle's TV had a Netflix app, which Max had used to put on Avatar: the Last Airbender. 'Ok,' Harry thought. 'I can wait for an episode... or two.'


OK, I know how I want to continue this, but I'd like to hear your ideas. Some of you probably feel more strongly about Tommy than I do. How should they try to lure Tommy over? How should he be tied? Should be he left in that position all day or should they change it up a bit? How should he be punished? Keep in mind that none of the boys are going to be cruel, but Tommy needs a taste of his own medicine and to realise that his behaviour is abusive and bullying.
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Post by Killua »

Hey @BDBrit
Nice to have you back. Sorry, I'm a bit late. Got much to do at the moment. But I promised I would read it soon, and I just finished Tommy's Conspiracies - Part 3: Resolution right before going to bed. Honestly... with Max's brother you really created a character I don't like at all. But with Tommy... you created a character I hate so much, I would be just happy and laughing if he drowns in the pool. He is so mean and just a stupid bully. I feel nothing for him but hate. You really did a great job to create character who can raise so many emotions.

This 3rd part was great. I was just so immensely relieved and happy that Harry got out of it and even more that the team wants to help him and Max. I really hope they'll be fine again and the TuGs will be fun for them again and not torture. I do hope they get back at Tommy in a cruel and mean way he'll never forget and that he never dares to even think about bullying others. What he is doing to his brother is a absolute no-go. He is way too cruel. That's just not how to treat a family member and definitely not how to treat a friend or teammember. He should be locked in a straightjacket and padded cell for that and not be let out ever again. But since that seems unlikely I just hope the whole team is bullying him from now on in the meanest ways because that's what he truly deserves.

Also, even after a long time not posting you kept your characters personalies as great as they were before. Harry letting his opponent win because there was something bother him even though he left the poor boy tied up there is just the typical Harry as we all know and love him. And the way he and Max care for each other is as grear as always.

That was another great part. You are a great writer. I hope I find the time to read you next part soon because I just saw that posted another one. Please continue your great work!
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Post by Killua »

Okay... I WANTED to sleep... but I knew there was another part. And the title didn't help because I wanted to know how it would go on, so that made it even worse. It's all your fault that I don't get enough sleep now :lol:

I really liked that part. FINALLY Harry was tied up for fun again! That's so great to see him happy again... well... kind of happy. After all, he was surprised to be only in his boxer briefs now... and then left tied up while his friends ate pizza. But it was in good fun. And he wasn't scared. Max even put his favourite TV show on and Harry overall really likes to get tied up. And they promiswd to save him some pizza. I guess he enjoys his situation right now.

For your question at the end. I truly hate Tommy. I already had some ideas that would suit this cruel brat. I guess I'll think about it and send you a pm with an idea soon. In my opinion the best punishment for him who thinks he is the best and coolest and wants to show that everyone would be to humilate him in public. But it's Harry and Max after all... they wouldn't allow it I guess. But it should be, at least, a humilating pose because he did that all the time too. Better with all of the boys taking pictures of him to spread them all over the world if he would dare to publish even a single picture of Harry. An uncomfortable pose too... after all he really enjoyed to make it extra uncomfortable for Harry or his brother. And they better find a way to make sure he won't ever dare to touch his brother again.
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Post by 1960gerson »

I have an idea. After the current story is finished, why not have someone actually kidnap either Harry or Max and hold the boy for ransom.
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