Playing with my Step-Mom (M/F)

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Playing with my Step-Mom (M/F)

Post by Aris34 »

I would have never expected her to take such a fascination in what I had to offer.

My step-mother had had a very frustrating day. She'd failed a job interview (again) and was worrying about the state of the marriage. My father was out on a week-long business trip. Lately, they'd both been drifting apart and for me it had awoken memories of him and my mom before the divorce. That day, she'd come home from work and was sitting on the couch in the living room, reading a magazine.

At 35, she was 10 years younger than my dad was. Unlike the rest of my family, she was a brunette. She was also incredibly curvy, regularly visiting the gym. I had never really seen her as much of a mother. She was more of an acquaintance who happened to live with me because of family connections.

As for myself, I had just turned 18 at the time. I was a relatively skinny guy with messy blonde hair.

Watching her in the living room hurt me. I felt terrible for her, but there was very little I could do. I walked into the room and sat beside her, comfortingly. She quickly shifted her position on the couch, hiding the magazine behind her. She was too slow. I got a brief glimpse of the contents; a red-haired lady tied to a chair, completely naked.

We both went red.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have seen that," I said, laughing it off.

She smiled. "That's okay, Adam."

I tried to console her. "I could order a takeaway for dinner? I understand how stressful it's been."

"No, don't worry." She beamed at me. "You really are a total sweetie."

I blushed again. She was still in her business attire. She wore a tight, white, buttoned-up shirt; a formal black jacket; a short black skirt; heels and what I assumed were pantyhose. It felt weird to look at her in this way, but she looked really pretty.

We sat and chatted for a little while. We tried to avoid the subject of the job interview. Eventually the conversation made its way back to the contents of the magazine. She began talking about how she always had trouble with tying knots. I asked her, jokingly, if that was why she'd been reading through a bondage magazine.

"Well... no. I just had a passing interest, you know?"

I looked at her skeptically. "No one has just a passing interest in bondage."

"Well of course you'd know all about that," she said, mischievously. It was a poorly kept secret of mine that I enjoyed trying out bondage on myself. I had become surprisingly good at tying knot around my wrist and ankles. I remembered one time that I had managed to tie myself up so well that my older sister had found me and had to help me get free. That was a few years ago now and hadn't exactly been a very fine moment. My step-mom soon found out about that, though I had made her swear never to tell my Dad or anyone else.

I focused back on the subject at hand. "You're into bondage."

She sighed. "A passing interest, yes." She paused. "I've never done anything... exciting. As in, I've never explored myself in that way."

I nodded. I felt slightly uncomfortable talking about bondage with my step-mom so tried to change the subject. "We should probably sort out dinner."

She nodded and got up.

It was brief as we didn't have much to eat. However, we had both eaten a big lunch. A takeaway might have upset my already tingling stomach. An idea had hatched in my mind.

"I could tie you up," I offered as I finished the sandwiches on my plate.

She laughed but then noticed my expression. "You?... You would tie me?"

"Yeah, what's the harm? I have experience and you have an interest."

There was a moment of silence. I felt my heart slowly beginning to pound. I suddenly began to fear the worst. She was my step-mom after all. Even if we weren't related and didn't really see each other in such a way it still somehow sounded wrong. I felt the tension between us.

"Okay," she said.

I was stunned. "Really? Are you sure?"

"No, but I would like to try it out." She looked at me firmly. "Tie me up. Not too tight. Untie me immediately if I tell you to. And don't do anything... extreme."

I nodded, still in shock.

We finished eating and we both walked up into her bedroom. She brought the magazine with her and pointed to the page I'd seen before. It was the one with the red haired lady, naked and tied tightly to a wooden chair.

"Can you tie me like that?"

I nodded.

"Okay. Get whatever you need."

I wondered into my room, picking up the rope from underneath my bed. I returned to the room and picked up a sturdy wooden chair from the side of the room. She took off her jacket and sat down upon it.

I felt my racing heart quicken. A mixture of both excitement and terrified anticipation filling me at the same time. I told myself to calm down. I collected my feelings, breathing heavily. Then I looked down at the reference image that I had. I looked back at the woman sitting in the chair in front of me, expectant. She nodded in confirmation. Then I set to work.

I began by tying her hands behind her back, working behind the chair's support. I tightened and cinched the knot. Then I wrapped another around the elbows, looser this time. I did not want her to be in discomfort. I wrapped a rope round her body, running the line just below her breasts. She was now tightly fastened to the chair.

I worked my way down to her legs, tying her ankles together. I removed her heels to make the task a little easier. She squeaked when my hand brushed the sole of her left foot. I tied her knees together; rope rubbing against nylon. My eyes caught a glimpse up her skirt. I could see the welts of her stockings peaking out. She was wearing stockings. I felt my heart catch in my throat.

I finished by tying the rope around her thighs and the chair seat so she could not move her legs around. I stood back and looked at my handiwork.

"Wow, you really did do a good job," she murmured, testing the ropes.

"Thank you, but we're not quite done," I pointed to the magazine. "You need to be gagged."

She looked at the image skeptically and then back to me. "Well, you're the one in control now. It's your decision."

I felt a rush of excitement at this statement. I was in control. I could now do to her whatever I wanted and she couldn't do anything to stop me. I looked around her room. I went to her chest of drawers and opened the one where she kept her underwear. I looked back at her, struggling against her bonds. I turned to the drawer again and pulled out two pairs of panties.

"Open wide," I said. Surprisingly, she obeyed. I shoved them in. Then I used a roll of ductape to gag her. She mumbled through the gag incoherently.

I looked at her eyes. "Are you enjoying this?"

She nodded, struggling again. The ropes rubbed up against her as she twisted and turned.

I reached towards her shirt and undid the top button. She looked at me accusingly but could do nothing to stop me. I slowly undid all of the buttons on her shirt and pulled it back to expose her chest. Her hard nipples pressed against the thin fabric of her black bra. Her curvy thighs and large breasts were an amazing sight to behold. As she twisted her body against the back of the chair, her breasts pointed out beautifully.

I went down to her skirt. I unzipped it at the side and slowly pulled it off. She watched as I pulled it off and gasped at the site underneath. The garter belt and stockings looked amazing on her. Her lacy panties just peaked out between her quivering thighs.

I went back to her drawer and found a bandanna. I wrapped it around her head, working as a blindfold. She squirmed and moaned as I put it on. I stood back and looked at her again. My hot step-mom tied up and exposed; gagged and blindfolded. I never thought I would ever see something so sexy.

"I'm gonna leave you here for a while now," I said, soothingly. "And when I return I might untie you."

She nodded. Secretly, though, we both knew that that wasn't what was going to happen when I came back...

I'm probably gonna add a part 2 to this. Let me know what ya think!

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Post by RopingRingers »

Definitely need a part two, that was good :)

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Post by Switcher1313 »

Eagerly waiting for part 2!
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Post by slackywacky »

Still waiting for part 2... :lol:

Oh darn, the story was only 2 hours old. Okay, I'll wait a little longer. Good read, very enjoyable.
Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment.
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Post by Bandit666 »

Yep, have to admit, I’m still eagerly await part two as well, and see where that might lead, after all a weeks a long time in the world of bondage ;)

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Post by Bigballgag1 »

Very good story, cant eait for part 2 :)

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Post by Dpsiic »

Yarp looking forward to part 2

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Post by Risperdaltied »

Great story - would love a part 2!
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Post by RopemanSteve »

Really hot story....looking forward to part 2......

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